VIERA ― A new and unique park is in development for the Viera area. The innovative “Natural Playground” will be designed in Woodside Park, located at 1703 Crane Creek Boulevard. The area is just east of I-95, adjacent to The Avenue Viera, off Murrell Road.

The Woodside Nature Park will incorporate natural activities in their playground including a seven-foot double slide off a hill, rock climb, tortoise tunnel, tortoise climb, spider web rope and more, according to the Viera East Community Development District (VECDD).

The property is owned by the VECDD and was chosen because it can accommodate the amount of space needed for the activities.

According to Jason Showe, VECDD district manager, much of the construction work is being done by Dave Bell Construction, located in Melbourne. Mr. Showe expects to have over 100 volunteers to help from previous Pieloch Dog Park builds, the Brevard Zoo and other local volunteers interested.

Funding was made possible by a large donation for the dog parks by, Mark Pieloch, owner of the Muscle Car Museum in Melbourne.

Most of the funding for the Woodside Nature Park was made through donations and volunteer efforts. The remaining portions were funded through the Viera East CDD Series 2020 Recreation Bonds.

Trucks have begun to haul dirt needed to form the hills, while dead trees are being utilized for log climbs and obstacle courses. The VECDD is utilizing existing trees and landscape for re-purposed activities.

Alongside Woodland Nature Park will also be the development of Pieloch Dog Park. Pieloch Dog Park will include several areas of play for dogs. Some of the amenities included in the design will be several dog houses, fire hydrants, tires and tunnel hills. Residents can also find adequate amounts of shaded seating areas along the perimeter of the dog park.

The VECDD was recently approved for donations for boulders and a rock garden which will start at $500. Benches can be purchased within the parks to memorialize a loved one. As of April 1, the cost of a bench will be $1,200 to offset cost increases for concrete pads and shipping fees.

Volunteers are being requested to help assemble the structures within the park. The VECDD is anticipating, with weather permitting as the construction takes place, for a mid-May to June opening.

Donation inquiries can be made by emailing

For opportunities on when volunteer help will begin, follow the VECDD’s Facebook page at

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