Concerning Ron DeSantis

This is the governor I wish I had. I wish my governor cared about accessible fair voting and districting for all Floridians. I wish my governor recognized that teachers go through an extensive amount of schooling to gain their degrees. As a retired teacher, I am stunned by the bills being promoted in education. I taught second grade for 17 years. I knew which questions to direct back to the home and which questions could be answered based on content. The same thing goes for teaching history. He doesn’t want things taught that may make someone feel "uncomfortable"? Either in the classroom or on the job? How then are we supposed to encourage critical thinking?

I wish my governor supported vaccines. My mother had polio. I still remember her joy at being able to get my brother and myself vaccinated against this terrible disease. I had rubella when I was eight years old, and it nearly killed me. I remember talking with mom about what a blessing it is to have the MMR vaccine for my own children. Trust the vaccines.

People, please look up DeSantis’ voting records, what he has and has not done. What about the environment? Parents, you have rights in the classroom already. Trust your teachers. Talk to them. And ask yourselves, do I really want this person in the governor’s office in our state again?

His political posturing has nothing to do with you and I. Only with his own aspirations.

"Last time I voted" agreement

Thank goodness for "Last Time I Voted..." They expressed my opinion exactly!

Northerners stop trying to New York our Florida! You voted and screwed up your states, (isn't that why your here?) leave Florida alone! Much of what Florida is today is due to our great Governor DeSantis.

The best thing about him, he governs using common sense. Not wokedness! Please stop whining about how you can't find good delis, pizza or bagels. You can always go back where you know you can find them. I grew up with the philosophy to enjoy what I had, not whine about what I didn't.

We don't care if your wife has a masters degree. Sure doesn't make you any kind of knowable expert. By the way, I have two Masters.

Public defender or duping the jury?

Imagine a career criminal is on trail for murder and distribution of controlled substance (fentanyl). The defendant is alleged to commit the crime and there is substantial evidence, witnesses and confidential informant testomy of the crime. The crime was selling the drug to a regular customer as cocaine. However, the drug is delivered and is lethal amounts of fetanyl that kills one person in give minutes and the other is pasted out and revived by narcan and EMS.

However, the jury can't know of criminal history with charges of armed robbery, multiple possession of lethal weapons, strangulation and the list goes on and on. The issue is the system is being duped into the clause beyond a reasonable doubt. Every bit of evidence is challenged and discussions with the judge and attorneys takes up 75% of the trail and the jury is not present. Even video obtained showing the defendant dealing drugs with cash and huge bags of white powder can only be viewed as for identification purposes only?

Needless to say the jury was a hung jury. The defendant is current awaiting trail for sale and distribution of fentanyl, ecstasy, cocaine and possession of multiple firearms. We the taxpayer continue to pick up the entire tab for the trails, judges, investigations paid witnesses and the jury process there were around 150 potential jurors for five days just to select the jury.

I believe the justice system has lost it's way.

Signs of racism?

This is to the white guy standing on the corner of SR 192 and A1A on April with the handmade sign “It’s OK to be white”.

What a brave soul! To stand on the corner in a neighborhood that is almost 100% white is one thing, but to cover your face so no one knows who you are is the ultimate act of courage.

I won’t go so far as to call you a hero but maybe “clueless racist” would cover it.

Manatees and sea grass

Manatees are a native species. Remains of manatees can be found in pre-Colombian native village midden mounds throughout Florida. Land modification (drainage, development and waste disposal) has caused the pollution of lagoon waters and loss of sea grass.

Look in the mirror for the cause of sea grass loss, destruction and direct environmental pollution.

RE: ‘Gas prices’ response

The economy under Joe Biden has risen significantly and there are over 400,000 new jobs while the unemployment rate has dwindled below 3.5%, but that doesn’t keep the illiterate dishonest right from telling stories.

A president has no direct effect on fuel prices and the millions of gallons of oil per day that has been promised by the President from our reserves may or may not have any effect on the crooked oil companies from seizing the opportunities to pad their pockets. Some people just don’t want to see the achievements of a real president after the previous fake administration.

As far as the Gay Bill, it is as crooked as the Governor who supports it. God forbid that your son or daughter or grandchild should be refused council by a teacher who is afraid of being crucified by an unconstitutional law.

Free speech is not a one-way street. If the racist haters are allowed free speech, then so are teachers and librarians.

Cigarettes on the beach

Beautiful sunrises and chirping sounds of the birds attract morning walkers to the beach. Usually on the weekends, the beach is extremely crowded with adults and children. When families plan for spending their day at the beach, they bring snacks, food, beverages whereas smokers carry cigarettes with them, but the sad part is that there is no place for the smokers to trash or recycle cigarette butts.

Cigarette butts are made of plastic fibers which can take up to 10 years to decompose. When a cigarette end is tossed into the surroundings, not only cellulose acetate but also nicotine and heavy metals are dumped into the environment. When these items get into the ocean, it becomes dangerous for marine life too.

One of the major hurdles for the smokers to discard cigarette butts is the fear of tossing them in a regular trash can which has the possibility to inflame existing trash in the trash cans. When cigarette butt trash cans are not seen around, it seems easier to toss the cigarette butts on the ground, in the sand and extinguish them with foot.

The simple solution to the problem is to put cigarette butt receptacles at various places at the beach to give smokers an opportunity to trash or recycle cigarette butts. Receptacles offer a safety feature as they are made in a way which help to extinguish accumulated cigarettes which lessens the risk of fire. To maintain the beauty of Cocoa Beach, it becomes the duty of the concerned authorities and residents to keep the beach clean.

Reply to misinformation

There are some obvious questions about the Jan. 6 committee being nothing more than a farce, allowing Speaker Pelosi to fabricate "possible compliant" excuse to remove the two strong Republicans that would ask real questions.

Ask yourself why the Speaker and Muriel Browser refused Pres. Trump's offer to supply National Guard support? Why can the Speaker and Capitol police hide behind being exempt from FOIA requests? Why won't the FBI and DOJ release all the videos?

It 's sad we don't have Judges that aren't afraid of being doxxed or cancelled!

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Cigs on the beach should be banned. Why encourage this nasty habit by providing receptacles ? And how do you keep all that smoke away from me?Those addicts can walk up to the dunes away from families to suck in their poison. Leave the beach clean!

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