A Rave for a change

Thank you all for your incredible rants and raves.

I’ve been in Florida for the winter and the best part of my week is reading Friday’s Rants & Raves in Hometown News.

From driving, to mask wearing, and so much more!

The opinions of Brevard County have been incredibly entertaining. Thanks for the smiles!

Please stop littering!

There is a real problem with trash being thrown from cars onto the street and yards of Palm Bay.

The three empty lots across from me in SE Palm Bay are starting to look like a landfill.

I've been cleaning it up every week before the weekly trash pickup, but no more!

We should not have to be the garbage pickup for the lazy people in Palm Bay who won't take their trash home with them after eating in their cars.

I have lived here for 37 years and I have never seen it as bad as it has been the past six months.

Please stop littering my street!

Put the trash where it belongs

I’m always amazed at how much trash there is left along 528.

I saw the inmates picking up the trash the other day and was amazed at all the trash bags.

It makes me wonder how much trash goes into the river.

There are 'No Littering' signs posted along these areas but they're not enforced. Why not? Come on people don't litter!

There are good cops too

There is no doubt that some mothers must tell their kids about the bad cops, but they should also teach their kids about appreciating the good cops.

Yes there are bad cops, but a good cop can end up using bad judgment when a person resists, runs away, or appears to be pulling out a gun.

If you have never had a gun aimed at you, as I have, you know what fear it brings.

Cops often fear for their lives, and many die while trying to make an arrest.

There's always two sides to every incident. We need to stop putting all the blame on cops.

Lower the trash bill for old folks

I wish the company that now picks up our trash would consider us older folk in 55 and over parks.

I only put out a can once a week, yet we have to pay the higher rates. Just now fair is that?

Our incomes don't increase, but the bills do!

Don't be upset

In response to the individual upset by the Lift the Mask Mandate Rant:

1) "left me upset"- You are responsible for your own emotions, you were upset because you chose to be upset about something someone said. Your choice. They did not do it to you.

2) "Comments...do not belong"- so now you want to censor people? Remember the 1st amendment right to free speech? So it's free unless you don't like what's being said?

3) "We are not in Nazi Germany"- The Nazi's were Fascists- in short, the government-mandated the way their citizens lived every aspect of their lives. Who knew our government would exercise the power to mandate us to wear masks and stay in our homes. They also forced many businesses to close, ask Jewish people if that reminds them of anything.

4) "For all...life of others will improve"- so after blaming an article for your emotions, wanting to censor people, and inappropriately using Nazi in a sentence, you ask for tolerance? Typical. Tolerance only when it conforms to your opinion and desires.

Hope I didn't upset you too much.

Leaving my Trump sign up

To the person who thinks the Trump signs should come down, I'm leaving my Trump sign up!

Last time I looked this is still a free country and we still have our First Amendment Rights.

Where were you last 4 years when the liberals said Trump "is not my President"? That did not bother you. Suck it up buttercup.

We didn't wear masks pre-covid!

The writer of a rant in the March 26 edition wrote "A mask worn by an infected person will reduce the distance contaminated droplets travel ...That is why you wear a mask."

I have a simple question for this writer, if the mask stops the spread of the coronavirus and other viruses, why weren't we wearing a mask pre-covid?

If masks really work why are there so many deaths??

Did The CDC and Dr. Fauci not care about flu deaths pre-Covid?

It sure appears that way.

I agree with my fellow engineer 100%....individual thinking vs covid group think is better!

Ripping off Medicare

Recently I went to an Orthopedic doctor. After the exam, he gave me a over the counter wrist brace to wear.

Later I received a copy of the bill sent to Medicare. He charged $915. Keep in mind that was only for the brace. Exam and x-ray was additional.

I understand Medicare only paid $245.83 and Tricare paid $61.36. That's $307.19 for a over the counter wrist brace that costs retail $37.95 at my local pharmacy. SAME BRACE.

That tells you how medical costs are out of control. Someone needs to take control. Something needs to be done.

Shopping cart crash

I understand that some people don't want to shop because they're afraid of Covid or they think its just a hassle. So they call on store employees to fill their orders instead.

But the problem with that is that store employees race around the aisles to fill the orders for those folks who don't want to come in.

It's a nightmare when they zoom around swinging their carts, not paying attention to the other shoppers in the aisles.

I need to use a motorized cart to get around and I have almost been crashed into about four or five times.

Seems like they don't care about older people who have a disability. What a shame.

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