Blue lives matter

Every time I see police officers getting bashed, cussed at and humiliated, my heart breaks. When are people going to understand that cops are not the problem? When are they going to see that we need them in our lives?

I was inspired to write this rant because of something I saw in the newspaper a couple issues ago. It was titled “Stick up for law enforcement” and as I read it, I agreed with every single thing the person said.

I was relieved that somebody out there was for our cops, like I am. I’m only a 14-year-old girl writing this. There’s not much I can do to change people’s minds about police officers, but I will say this: Cops are not all bad. In fact, they are incredibly amazing. To be that brave and to risk their lives every single day for us? That takes a certain amount of guts. I have two really good friends whose dads are both cops, as well as my female cousin, and they are all outstanding humans.

Yes, there are some bad and crooked cops out there, like the idiot who killed George Floyd. I’m not denying that. I’m just saying that the fact that people are wanting to defund cops everywhere just because of a couple of sick ones is ridiculous.

Who do you think is going to protect us? As a result, lawlessness has skyrocketed. Why do you think that is? Like that wonderful soul said, stick up for law enforcement. They did nothing to deserve this.

More trash complaints

I also would like the names of the four people who voted for twice a week trash pick up so I can vote them out!

How dare you? First of all many older people do not have computers or use computers so apparently your 'on line' survey was an excuse to raise fees. I use a computer some and never received an online survey neither did my husband.

Did you ever give a thought to the elderly on 'fixed' incomes and how much an extra $130 plus a year would hurt them financially?

I know of some who only put their recycling out once a month and only put in one garbage bag of garbage each week. My own garbage can is rarely half full each week!

People that need more should get extra cans for themselves and not put the burden of extra cost on those that don't need that much garbage pick up.

This should be put on the ballot in the next election!

It's anarchy!

Anarchy is the state of society without government and laws. Look around at what is happening these days!

We have rioting, and state governments are not putting forth the power force to stop it. They refuse help from our government. Do they think it will just end?

There are many that want to take away law enforcement that is needed for our protection law and order. They suggest a social worker should respond to various calls not the police. Would you go? Instead of the police doing traffic stops it has been suggested having a special unit to stop offenders. How many stops have ended with the cop being attacked, being shot and killed? Would you be a member of this special unit?

Police are being killed just because of being a cop! I have often said, one can be book smart and have no common sense. That appear to be true! At some point this will come to a end even if government doesn't end it, we the people will stop it.

More on the masks

Mandatory masking is a gross over reach of government as well as detrimental to healthy individuals.

Masking decimates your immune system in many ways - restricting oxygen, forcing in too much CO2, creating rashes and fungal infections from the excess moisture, etc.

Take a look at Sweden and Japan where they never mandated masks just social distancing and smaller group settings. Many scientists believe Swedes may end up with much higher immunity levels compared with those living under stricter regulations. The staggering reports of erroneous testing results and the weakening of the virus is what should be reported but hysteria sells, good news never has.

It's time to turn off television news and go back to real science and medicine!

Lessons from NY

I read the Rant & Rave "Seeking some answers". My opinion is that it's a virus and easily spread. FL became one of the hot spots. N.Y was the hot spot, and they took all the precautions and they have everything under control.

We need to take a page from their book!

Voting on judges tip

I have an election red flag for voters. Don't presume that the candidates listed on your election ballot for a judgeship position belong to the part of your choice. They must run bipartisan which means neither party.

Check them out if you are either conservative or liberal and do your homework.

Stick and tired of these ugly masks

I'd like to know how long we have to wear a mask? I'm getting tired of wearing these ugly masks! They make people look like ducks or mummies and I'm getting tired of it. I don't know how long we have to keep wearing these. I know there's a virus out there, but I might try and do what Nancy Pelosi's doing and wearing something elegant and not something that makes you look like an ugly mummy.

This is ridiculous. I don't know how long we have to keep doing this. Please stop requiring people to where these ugly masks. What happened when Obama was president and we had SARS, H1N1, and Ebola and we didn't have to wear any masks when he was president. I can see what's going on here and I don't know how long we have to keep doing this. It's like the Twilight Zone and I'm never going to accept this as the new normal.

Boycott Blue Cross

We should all be outraged that Blue Cross will not pay for the needed physical and occupational therapy the little 15 year old girl needs due to an accident that broke her spine. Insurance is supposed to make us whole. It is the reason we are financially responsible and pay premiums, co pays, deductibles and co insurance throughout years and years - And, then, when something catastrophic happens and we've met our annual out of pocket max - And, insurance companies are 100% responsible for the bill - they decide that they don't have to make us whole and deny the coverage - meaning that they take our money with a promise to help us when we need it the most and then leave us to fend for ourselves. If you are an employer who covers your employee health plan with Blue Cross you should cancel the contract. If you are an individual with Blue Cross you should insure with another company. We need to send a message to Blue Cross that their actions are cruel and inhuman. I wonder if coverage would have been denied if this little 15 year old girl was a Blue Cross administrator's daughter.

More trash complaints

Amen to the person who wrote saying that people who want trash pickup twice a week should get a second bin. Increasing the cost of service 91% for something we don't need is despicable. Many will find this increase a hardship.

Of all the people I know, not one was a part of any "study". The only council member voting against this action is Jeff Bailey. Remember this situation in the coming election.

Hyping up the weather

Stop hyping up the weather! The weather people are acting like Tropical Storm Isaias was a Category 4 hurricane. They need to stop hyping up the weather, people are already stressed enough of the virus and you have to wear a mask everywhere. It's already stressful.

I'm not gonna believe anything they say when they do this. A lot of this stuff is political.

R&R on masks

Rant: I feel less safe shopping at higher end stores like Publix where they don’t enforce wearing masks than at discount stores that do enforce wearing masks so I have adjusted my shopping requirements accordingly.

Rave: Kudos to Walmart and other stores who do enforce wearing masks and have self checkouts where no one else handles my items!

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I've been reading the posts regarding trash pick up. We were not aware of this vote, or survey whatever it was, at all either. Our son told us that bills are going up $130 per year, which IS outrageous. Especially for mediocre service. We also only have one or two bags of trash a week, but our yard waste bin is nearly not enough for us. Trimming a few shrubs fills it up, and I've been doing a lot of yard work lately with this "pandemic". The workers keep throwing my bins onto plants and crushing them even though I've called to complain, and they won't pick up in our cul de sac if anyone is parked on the street, which is pretty much all the time. Not us, but neighbors. We now have to put our bins out almost in the middle of the circle and we put ours over by another neighbor's house with their bins. Recently, the workers dropped or slammed our bin down and broke a wheel off. I called, they said to leave it out by the curb for 1-7 days and they'd replace it. 3 weeks later, and 3 calls later, they finally came and it took them about 5 minutes to put a new axle and wheel on! I have never been happy with Western Waste anymore than I like Spectrum, but don't get me started on that!


Masks.!! Please people. Be considerate of those around you. Really??? Is it that much of an inconvenience. It's not like you have to wear it all day/night. What's a few minutes at the grocer's,Dr.'s, or other places of business. Then GO HOME and stay there. That ridiculous claim about getting sick from your masks is just that..ridiculous. Wash the darned thing!! What has happened to " All for one and one for all" ?? Do your part so WE can ALL come out of this together.

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