RE: "Blue Lives Matter"

To the 14 year-old who wrote "Blue Lives Matter": you have wisdom beyond your years.

What needs to be done is weed out the bad cops and give incentives to the good ones.

You don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

Tropical Storm Isaias: “Much Ado About Nothing”

This was our first “hurricane” since moving to Florida three months ago.

While watching the “most trusted” local news and weather last Thursday, we were astonished to learn that Brevard County was placed in some sort of Disaster Condition in anticipation of high winds and rain expected to arrive Saturday; Hurricane Isaias (barely a Category 1) was then somewhere far south of the Bahamas! On the same report, these Prophesiers of Catastrophe, with hopefulness in their voice, informed us that the hurricane could very likely be upgraded to a Category 2.

Taking them seriously, we spent Friday bringing garden furniture inside, securing anything outside that could move, and postponing our invitation to have a neighbor over for drinks on Saturday evening. On the TV, a reporter, all dressed in LL Bean’s finest foul-weather kit, stood at ocean’s edge with a flag flapping beside him informing us that the humidity was increasing, a sure sign of a storm in the offing. A jogger ran by with his dog.

Saturday was a bluebird day — gentle winds, some clouds, yet still the Diviners of Doom on the local weather channels admonished us to not be complacent — it was coming, even though it had been down-graded to a Tropical Storm. BUT — they told us —it could very likely regenerate overnight with strong winds and much rain.

Sunday morning, I went for a most enjoyable bike ride; it was cool, sunny, folks were out walking their dogs. Hey, this Florida hurricane is not entirely an unpleasant thing! A nice, gentle breeze (at one point Jupiter recorded 21 knots of wind!!), an occasional rain shower, and for those who cannot make it on their own in such horrific weather conditions, Brevard Emergency Management was opening a shelter in Viera — bring your own mask!!

That was it!

One cry of “wolf” after another. So the next time these Augurs of impending Armageddon come peddling their clap-trap prefaced now with, “This time we are serious!”, I will just open another can of beer and check my radar app.

Don't go backwards

Shameful to ridicule anyone for wearing a mask. It protects not only the wearer, but everyone around them.

People throughout the ages have struggled through disease. Good hygiene and germ theory was unknown, finally people started covering their mouths, nose and hands. Time passed, one hard one battle after another, common sense prevailed and science.

People protect themselves with masks in countries that have air pollution; particularly in Asian. Sunscreen, umbrellas and hats are used by sensible people for sun damage. Why do people want to go backwards with ignorance?

Shopping is a pleasure

On Thursday, June 30 something good happened. I was shopping a local Publix in Cocoa Beach and when I was being checked out I noticed I had lost my credit card.

I had enough enough cash to cover half of the amount. The young woman who was assisting me said don't worry, I will cover it for you. I couldn't believe it. She said don't worry about it.

Respect the beach

To the group that left their trash (two Pepsi plastic bottles, three clear plastic bottles, onw aluminum can and half a dozen cigarette butts) on the beach at 4th Street North in Cocoa Beach on or around Aug. 4, don’t come back! If you do, I only wish you’d get a $250 fine for littering for leaving your trash on the beach.

Better yet perhaps, maybe someone would catch you and make you put your trash in one of the three trash cans that are located at the beach end street, and in doing so give you a lesson in self-respect and respect for others’ property. Obviously, your parents never taught you.

Just remember: you reap what you sow and may karma find you.

Fluctuating bank hours

On Aug 5, I went to Bank of America (BOA) on Lake Washington. When I drove in I thought wow no line at the drive through like last month when I waited in the car for 50 min. Reason no line?? Closed on Wed and Sat. So drove to BOA on Nasa Boulevard where a sign said "temporarily closed".

Then went to BOA in Suntree they were open but drive through closed. They by the way will be closed on Tuesdays. This is very poor customer service. The one at Lake Washington will not allow you to enter the building, all transactions through the drive thru hence the 50 min wait last month

I would suggest keep the facility open but maybe modify the hours of operation. Not everyone, especially me feels comfortable using an ATM machine. I did call 3 other banks and they were operating as usual, but some did have reduced hours.

Do hope you print this so somebody else does not wind up driving all over to find a BOA that is open.

Stop complaining

I live and Palm Bay and I am tired of people complaining about other people not wearing masks.

There are people who can't wear one and they have to go out and do their shopping. They could either have COPD or asthma or some form of lung problems. I don't appreciate people downsizing our president and Gov. DeSantis is doing a fine job. You don't want government control; the government telling you what to do every week.

The government is supposed to protect you, not take care of you. Don't worry about other peoples masks and if you're worried then don't go out.

To the official for expensive trash hauls

Only one council member voted against the huge increase in the trash pick-up price, which is about to double; Jeff Bailey was the only one who voted against it.

All the other council members, and the mayor as well, should be voted out. I am a senior on a fixed-income, and this is a hardship on many of us!

Masks are not muzzles

I was at Publix in Satellite Beach a few weeks ago and there were two 30-something men at the deli getting subs – neither had on a mask. Publix has a mask requirement for all its locations, and the City of Satellite Beach specifically named this Publix in its mask mandate.

Do the anti-maskers truly believe being forced to wear a mask is a violation of their civil rights, or are they just looking for their 15 minutes of fame? Do they really not care if they do get sick? The bullying and threats and brandishing of guns if asked to wear a mask is just plain sad.

People have tried comparisons to traffic laws: speed limits and red lights. Or traffic-related public safety laws: seat belts, babies in car seats, no DUI, no texting and driving. It's not working. Folks have tried to appeal the qualities of common sense, common courtesy and/or common decency. That doesn’t work because those traits aren’t all that common.

Let’s try another tack: basic logic.

We don’t know exactly how the virus is transmitted. We don’t when or how long a person is contagious. 35 to 40% of positive cases are asymptomatic. Since that word has more than two syllables, let me explain: a person can have the coronavirus and show no symptoms at all – no fever, no cough, no shortness of breath, no extreme fatigue. And yet those people can be out in public breathing, laughing, talking, probably yelling – spreading the virus they don’t know they have. The mask is so you do not share with the rest of us.

Think about it, again.

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If "35 to 40% of positive cases are asymptomatic", how do we know these are real cases and not "False Positives"?

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