Seasons greetings for all

This is supposed to be the season of goodwill towards all men.

Over the years I have worked as a cashier in a variety of stores in different parts of the country. No one has ever instructed me to not say “Merry Christmas”. Unless I see a cross indicating you are Christian I am going to say “Happy Holiday” because the good will, and the spirit of the season extends to everyone.

There is no war on Christmas. What there is, is a an effort to include all people of all faiths in the goodwill of the season. This includes Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, Ramadan, and many other holidays that take place during the winter months.

Please accept the fact that the world has a variety of people who worship God by a variety of names and traditions. No one is trying to take Christmas away from you. There is no reason to be angry with me. I’m just wishing you happiness!

Landfill deposit problems

I have just been made aware that the Sarno Road landfill no longer receives 20 lb antiquated propane tanks for grills. They gave my husband a paper with two local names on it. I called the Titusville number and was nicely informed “no way”. They would notify landfills again. Then I called AmeriGas and got a person in the Philipines who informed me I could return empty tanks to Bravo or 7/11.

Fortunately I was smart enough to go to Bravo minus two rusty tanks. They said absolutely not. 7/11 was the same response.

I called Sarno landfill to see if they had a better contact number for AmeriGas. She told me to call their customer service number. Since that was the same number I got when I called Rockledge office, I gave up.

Now I see AmeriGas trucks on the road and want to chase them down. Although BJ's sold me our new tank they won’t take our old ones. They have a date on them that says they can not be refilled. I have thought of various ways to dispose of them but none legal so they sit behind our shed.

Can anyone help?

Port needs a makeover

Great news for Brevard getting another big cruise ship! State Road 528 over the rivers should get a big makeover. A fence on the railings on the bridges will cut down on sea bird road kills. Landscaping along 528 would help, I suggest royal palms.

Going into the port is like going into a jail. Ugly fences and little to make it look like someone going on a vacation of a lifetime.

Strange the people that run the port keep voting themselves pay raises.. The port should connect more with the beach town next door.

A tip for phone scammer ire

I would like to respond to the Rants and Raves about the Phone Scams and how to stop them.

This won't exactly stop them but it will help you from hearing the ring all day long!

I'm not sure how to do it on an Android, it's probably the same way, but they can go into...


Scroll down to


Click on phone


That's it!

You're phone will tell you you had an unknown caller. If they are not in your "CONTACTS", they will not be able to bother you.

Re: Take pandemic seriously

I have read both sides of the ‘taking the pandemic seriously’ debate and I believe the person who wrote about the inappropriateness of the sheriff taking an official stand, in uniform with anti vaxxers, hit the nail on the head.

The follow up writer, obviously a far right winger, needs to climb out of his Fox hole once in awhile and look at the really serious problems we’re having with COVID-19 instead of just willy-nilly attacking rational people who are stating facts.

This virus is a killer. The vaccines have been proven safe and effective. If a fully vaccinated person contracts a breakthrough case, symptoms are usually mild with no hospitalization and little, if any, burden on our healthcare system. Unvaccinated people, barring those with legitimate health reasons, are just plain stupid and playing Russian roulette with their lives and needlessly costing millions to all tax payers.

This is not political, despite how those on the right try to spin it.

How you can help honor veterans

Wreaths Across America was Saturday, Dec. 18, and my husband and I were at the Melbourne cemetery.

We had 400 wreaths, not enough for all veterans there, but fundraising will be starting in February for next year. Contact the American Legion Post 81 on Babcock for fundraising events. We had enough volunteers, but not enough wreaths. Jan. 8 will be the day to remove the wreaths.

I hope to see just as many helping pick up the wreaths. Check out for info on this event. Usually week before Christmas. You can sponsor a wreath for your veteran across the US. There are approximately 22,000 cemeteries participating. See if the one where your loved ones are buried if they participate.

Your body, your choice

I'm surprised and not surprised the views on masking and vaccines. I am fully vaccinated and think everyone should be.

If someone doesn't want to be, I don't care anymore. You have a choice to protect yourself (just like polio and smallpox), but if you don't, it's your health. I could be asymptomatic and got COVID from someone and pass it to someone else who is not vaccinated. They're in the hospital on life support. President Biden tried to make everyone get it but can't help someone who won't help themselves. I'll be alive for the next election. Many supporters of GOP will not be able to vote because they're stubborn.

You don't know what's in hot dogs, beer, chips. But you don't care. Making the argument you don't know what's in COVID vaccine is hollow.

Hope all anti-vaxxers have health and life insurance. Your family will need the financial support when you're gone.

RE: "Book Banning is not the answer"

Moms for Liberty is not out to "ban books" as the writer stated. However, there are books that have been discovered in our school libraries that are completely inappropriate for children and therefore should be removed.

A book was recently pulled from a local high school library when it was found to contain images of sexual acts so graphic that Hometown News would probably censor me if I tried to describe the images here.

We have never allowed children to have access to magazines such as Playboy or Penthouse in the school libraries. Why is that? Because some material is inappropriate for children and does not belong in a school library. For the writer to state that the Bible contains similar content is absurd.

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Thank you for all of this information, but especially for the section on how you can honor Veterans. Wreaths Across America is an amazing project, and as you stated there are over 20,000 cemeteries across the country that participate. I do want to make one side note, American Legion Post 81 is on US-1 just north of University, not Babcock.

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