TV Commercials, Really?

Being from out of state, I am not used to being bombarded by commercial after commercial advertising how much money one law firm or another can get me if I use their services following an accident.

What really frosts me is the claim (pun intended) the payments are not from the party at fault but rather from those big ole nasty insurance companies that are loaded with money. Where do those attorneys think that money comes from? It comes from thousands of other policy holders who are so happy to see their premiums go up when these attorneys get hundreds of thousands of dollars for their clients.

I’d like to see in the commercials what percentage of the collected payments are retained by the lawyers and how much did the victim really receive? Why not advertise ‘we keep only x% of your settlement!’ Probably won’t be seeing that advertisement any time soon!

Wind Woes

My rant might sound crazy, but it’s against the wind.

I have lived in Florida for 65 years. I’ve rarely seen wind like we’ve had this year so far.

Nonstop wind blowing so many days. So many boating and beach days have been ruined.

What can we do? Who could I complain to?

It’s Not Just Seniors vs Computers

There have been rants about seniors with limited computer skills not being able to make vaccine appointments. But the way a website handles appointments is also a problem for everyone, not just seniors.

One prominent website makes you sit there and watch this stupid “recycle” process happen over and over again, hoping that maybe you’ll get the chance to schedule an appointment. I’ve sat there for an hour and a half and ended up very disappointed.

The appointments are supposed to be for Health-Care workers and Seniors over 65.

How is a Health-Care worker expected to sit there for an hour and a half, only to be left holding the bag?

There should be a separate website for Health-Care workers to sign-up on a first come, first served website.

I am 73 and I’ve been working with computers since 1970. A real website written by a real programmer would have a button open up when the site was ready to start taking appointments. When you click on the button, you would be assigned a digital date-time-sequence identifier that would place you in first come, first serve order.

While we wait, people of all ages and all colors are dying.

Hats Off

Hats off to Brevard County Department of Health for their excellent service with Covid 19 vaccinations.

A few phone calls a month ago got us on their list, and since then their process has been efficient, speedy, pleasant, and easy.

We pulled in at the appointed time, there was no line, staff were universally friendly and well organized, and within twenty minutes we were done.

We have now had both vaccinations, and are feeling relieved and thankful.

Amid all the confusion and angst in the country around this issue, it is gratifying to see that at least one organization has ‘got it together’. Many thanks to Brevard County Department of Health.

You Can End the Pandemic

Here is what YOU can do that will reduce the transmission of the Coronavirus, and help our desperately struggling healthcare workers.

1) Wear a good quality mask (or two) properly — over both your mouth and nose — every time that you leave your home in the presence of others.

2) Seriously practice social distancing. The minimum distances are the bare minimums — even outdoors.

3) Minimize your family’s exposure to other people as much as you possibly can for the next few months. Shopping — yes. Bike Week — NO!

4) Wash your hands for at least two minutes in hot, soapy water when you come home, or after exposure to public-contact surfaces and objects.

5) Get whatever vaccine is made available to you, as soon as you possible can, when you are eligible.

6) Even after you get vaccinated, commit to continue to do items 1-5 above until the CDC gives us the “ALL CLEAR”.

This virus is real. It travels primarily with human hosts. That’s you. That’s all of us. When we stay home, the virus stops spreading. When the virus stops spreading, it stops mutating.

When the virus stops spreading all over the world, and it stops mutating, this horrible pandemic will end. YOU can make the pandemic end.

Who is a Patriot?

I do not think one's measure of patriotism can be made by how loudly you yell or how big the flag is behind your truck.

Rather, the measure of a patriot is this: someone who believes in liberal democracy. Liberal in this context refers not to socialism, but to laws ruling rather than the mob.

Groups who claim the high ground by force are not patriots.

I personally find people aggressively claiming their patriotism to be more angry than patriotic.

Free Speech

Just try to publicly take a stand that is in opposition to the current Progressive playbook. You can expect to be “canceled”.

If you are gainfully employed, you may lose your job. You will certainly be labeled as a “racist”. This country is in trouble, folks.

If we don’t start demanding that Congress pass laws to protect the free-speech rights of political minorities, especially as they apply to the major Social Media corporations, we can kiss our freedom goodbye.

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