Logic Anyone?

I have a question for Liberty Mom and others of her ilk. Do you think masks work only in hospitals?

How would you feel if your child's doctor refused to wear a mask during surgery? Okay with you?

If masks work, they work everywhere.

Oh, and for you "libertarian" Christians out there: distancing, mask-wearing, and quarantine have been used against infectious disease since biblical times (Lev.13:45).

Follow the Rules!

During a recent visit to a local library where social distancing, mask wearing and the cleaning of computers after use was required, a person who was unmasked, coughing, and sneezing walked in a began using the computers?!?!

Why Aren’t Traffic Signals Smart?

It’s never been more obvious than during this pandemic when many businesses are closed, and traffic is at an all-time low, yet traffic signals still operated as though there was rush hour traffic on the roads.

Why is that?

If you’re caught in a traffic jam that is actually created by a poorly placed or poorly timed traffic signal, it’s frustrating.

With today’s technology traffic lights could be timed correctly to the changing volume of traffic and controlled by a device no more complicated than a regular cell phone.

There are numerous types of sensors that can detect the amount of traffic on a street. That sensor information, when linked to a computer, can be used to control the signals and the crosswalks. For example, they could signal a turning lane only when a vehicle was in that lane and thereby increase or decrease traffic flow in all directions.​

If you have ever been sitting at a red light, at an intersection, and you are the only car at the intersection at 3 o’clock in the morning, you understand the need to upgrade traffic signals.

Re: Wind Woes

Who should you complain to about the wind?  

I believe you can send your complaints to Mother Nature C/O Santa Claus at the North Pole.

 I understand that his Elves will then forward all of Mother Nature’s mail to her.

Come on people!

We are all anxious to get things back to as close to normal as possible. And we have been bombarded over the last year with the importance of wearing a mask.

Visited the Food Fest yesterday and I understand how anxious everyone is to finally be able to enjoy festivities such as this. Masks required when social distancing wasn't possible. I’ll bet not 5% had on masks! People standing in lines heel to toe, no masks. People crowded into the pavilion not eating or drinking, no masks. People serving food, no masks or pulled down below the chin.

It will take only one event like this that results in a surge to shut down any others being considered!

We left because it just wasn’t safe. Let’s see if we can do better at the Strawberry Festival next week!

Re: Free Speech

Demanding that congress pass laws to protect free speech does not mean:

*Speaking out about overthrowing the government.

*Parading around against wearing masks in the middle of a horrible pandemic.

*Slapping workers that follow the orders of their employers and tell you to put on a mask or leave the establishment.

*Suppressing the right of American Citizens to vote.

People that demand those kind of rights deserve to be ‘canceled’.

Isn't it a shame what people will do for the love of money?

Money is power, which I find shameful. The people who let money control their lives, we feel sorry for you.

Yes, we work to earn money, but beyond that, money should not be used to intimidate or buy a person. Unfortunately, there are people out there who can be bought, and I feel sorry for them.

(It is) just like selling drugs. The drug dealers are laughing with all the money they are making, and the drug users are just wasting their lives.

Even if you stand alone, stand up to the principle.

'No Dogs Allowed' sign does not mean anything

Thank you for your lovely, informative, nice paper. Thank you very much.

People wonder why everyone is allowed, whether they are allowed or not, to carry their pets in the store. It is grocery stores and things like that.

They want the money, regardless. That is why they do not enforce it.

The library cannot enforce it. I even reported it to a cop, and he asked me if it was bothering me. The sign plainly said, "No Dogs Allowed," except the ones for the handicapped.

It is more trouble to be bothered nowadays than to let them go in.

A note from a busy body

A few days ago, I left my dog in my SUV at Sam's Club .  It was 79 degrees. When I returned, some nosy busybody had left me a note, lecturing me about leaving my dog in a hot car.  She informed  me that this is Florida and that heat builds up in cars.  (I have only been in here since 1983.  How am I to know that heat builds up in cars?) That lady could see that my windows were rolled up but she could NOT see that the moon roof was WIDE OPEN.  When I was in school, I was taught that hot air rises, and, therefore, heat, rather than build up in the vehicle, would exit through the moon roof.   But it has been many, many years since I was in school, and I don’t know what they teach now.

About the distracted drivers

I have noticed there has been several NEWS stories that Florida is considering a Distracted Driving Law.

The issues appears to be a concern about people driving and texting or talking on their Mobil phones.

An issue that I would think should also be included is driving with a dog on your lap.

I have seen numerous people driving with a dog, or dogs, hanging out the drivers window, some are large dogs.

Nothing can be more distracting then having a dog standing on your private parts while trying to drive a car.

What also makes me wonder is why does the person driving the car have a big smile on their face ?

There are doggie car seats, or maybe the dog should stay at home.

Old people and old cars on the road

I'm going to start by saying no one wants their license to drive taken away just for getting old.

Here are the facts as I see them, though.

First off, there are people behind the wheel that have no right driving a vehicle any longer, they are dangerous to themselves and me.

Secondly, why do you have to drive a car that is a half a block long? Why the huge Cadillac, Lincoln, Buick or Grand Marquis?

Get yourselves something you can handle, like a Sentra or Corolla or anything smaller. Try one out, they are comfortable and reliable and easier to park.

If you can't even turn your head to see what's next to you, then get something that will lessen the crash and save a life. Besides, your gas and insurance bills will go down, and you will have more room in the garage.

Thank you to anyone who listens.

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