Dismayed by rezoning decision

We were very dismayed after attending the recent Palm Bay city council meeting during which the council approved a developers re-zoning request in our neighborhood.

It didn’t matter that over 30 people had valid reasons for the property to NOT be rezoned to include multifamily housing. Over 15 people had to wait outside due to COVID spacing.

It didn't matter that an agreement was already in place from 2015 from an earlier city council stating the zoning was RS1, single family.

After speaking with my neighbors across the street, I found that they had no idea the property they are facing is being rezoned to include a multifamily development and lot sizes will be half as wide as what we currently have. They weren't notified because their property doesn't about the defunct Port Malabar golf course.

As a neighbor, I received my notice on Saturday - 3 days before the planned Tuesday meeting. What kind of notice was that? To imply that only 30 people had interest and attended the meeting was ridiculous considering the timing, location & lack of prior notice!

Councilman Foster was the only council member who listened to the impact it would have on the current residents of the existing community abutting this PUD. He said if this is passed, he will be praying for the residents, they will need it.

Unfair Change in Zoning

Regarding last week's Palm Bay City Council meeting.

I think the council’s density calculation was mathematically incorrect. They divided total acreage by the number of housing units.

The engineer stated the green space is 36% of the acreage. That takes the acreage down to under 6 acres.

If they are planning on streets, parking, playground, waterways now the available land for lot usage has decreased considerably.

Divide that by the number of units, and the density is way more than the adjacent developments.

It should have been the terra firma land left, divided by the number of units.

It also seems unfair to me that the applicant was allowed to address concerns, but when the Bimini Bay HOA president wanted to address the council the public wasn't allowed to speak anymore and the Bimini Bay representative was asked to sit down.

The approval for this unfair change in zoning was done before any "facts" were in, like traffic studies, environmental impact data, etc.)

Also, no mention was made about where the children will attend schools since they are already over capacity.

Councilman Foster said he wouldn't want to live here. His heartfelt concern and prayers are appreciated and needed since the rest of council sided with the developer.

RE: Free Speech

It is evident that the writer of this rant has no idea what free speech is.

What do you mean by "the progressive playbook"? Of course you can take a stand against it and you won't be canceled.

The first amendment forbids the government to make laws restricting speech. No where does it say that there will never be consequences for what you say.

We have the constitution and laws to protect all of us. But we have responsibilities to protect our freedom of speech, also.

Don’t keep electing officials who try to erode this or any of our other freedoms.

Defend our freedoms when it is the hardest to do so. But first and foremost, recognize what is and isn’t constitutionally protected free speech.

Re: “Free Speech”

To the writer of "free speech", you DO NOT get to pick and choose what speech is allowed! That is why the 1st Amendment was written!

Stop mask littering

It is estimated that 1.1 billion masks will enter the ocean this year.

Stop throwing masks on the ground and on the beach!

Keep them on your face. Please - stop mask littering!

Re: Masks

Someone asked how would you feel if your child's doctor refused to wear a mask during surgery?

I personally would feel very comfortable.

The child's doctor is wearing an N95 mask. An N95 mask protects the wearer, not other people.

Do nurses and doctors wear the piece of cloth that is mostly used by the public? No!

Why is that?

Obviously those the piece of cloth must not work or they would!

Too late to prevent the spread

My friend and I went to lunch at a local golf club here in Brevard County. When we walked into the dining room we noticed the place was crowded with golfers. It had rained hard earlier, which chased all the golfers off the links and into the lunch area. Except for the bartender and waitress, not one of these golfers had a mask on; I repeat, not one.

My friend and I had our “shots” and were wearing masks but we still sat as far away as we could from the rest of this crowd.

They were talking to each other inches apart.

Then, when these golfers began to leave and say good-bye to each other, none of them shook hands. Every one of them either touched elbows or did the fist pump.

What good would that do for not spreading the virus?

Would you yell “fore” after you bounced your golf ball off someone’s head?

Leave your politics behind

To all the "refugees" from the north - Welcome to the Sunshine State! But please take a moment to consider why you came here. You may have left states that raised your taxes and over-regulated your businesses.

None of that has happened in Florida yet.

If you come down here to stay, please leave your state's politics behind.

Re: Distracted driving

Someone claimed that dogs are such a distraction in the car they might should just stay home.

Dogs have to go to the vet and many to the groomers. How is the dog supposed to get there?

Yup, mine sits in my lap as I drive and she does not distract me at all.

She has sat in my lap for almost 17 years now. People should mind their own business instead of telling others what to do.

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MY COMMENT RE: Masks People with masks, don't smile, they don't look at anyone, they walk across intersections as if they are not there, and never say excuse me or thank you because it might be catching....

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