Botched COVID signup

Why am I not surprised? All the government agencies had months to figure out how to distribute the new vaccines in an orderly, thoughtful manner and they still botched it up! The process is like buying a lottery ticket. I have wasted hours trying to get into slow and overloaded websites to sign-up. Typical government process!

Create a standby list!

Signing up for a vaccination should not stop when the supply runs out. They should create a standby list so there is not a “Black Friday’ panic every time there is a hint of a new supply of vaccines.

There is no reason to wait until a new supply comes in, just start with the standby list. Anyone with an injection site can do this NOW.

The list can be incorporated with a larger list when DOH gets their act together.

A unique number could be assigned to each applicant to avoid posting names. The list should include a zip code so the vaccine could go to the most needed location, not to the most favored vendor. And the list should include age, and other factors, so it could be sorted by priorities.

Input to the list should be from any reasonable source to include phone, email, text, notes or pony express.

Access to the list should readily be available on bulletin boards, newspapers, TV etc., with the master on a website.

With a single list per jurisdiction, the distribution could be managed fairly.

The gov should have done this from the start - before the vaccine was even available.

More Pain Coming

In response to the ranter who saw their home insurance rate increase $483, more pain may be coming.

The trend in the insurance industry in order to continue with or obtain new insurance coverage is to perform a 'health evaluation' on your home.

How it works is an evaluator will take photos of the inside and outside of your home and test for mold. Photos will be taken of the roof, plumbing, electrical and air cooling system, along with the floor, ceiling and walls in every room.

If a 'pre-existing condition' (defect) is found, your premiums could increase or your coverage could be denied or canceled.

Examples: If mold is detected behind your walls, your coverage could be denied or canceled if you fail to remove the mold. If your roof shingles are over 10 years old, your premiums may increase.

Re: COVID & Computers

It's interesting to see raves from those seniors who never took the time to learn a computer but insist on equality of outcome with their peers who did take the time to learn computers and got priority on COVID vaccines.

After years of hearing older people say, "I don't need computers", "I have no interest" now we finally see the result of such obstinance.

One writer opined, "We did not grow up with computers." No they didn't, this generation did better than that. They invented the modern computer in the 1970s so it's fair for Florida Dept of Health to assume that in the 2020s after 50 years of widespread use of computers, everyone would have taken the time to get the basic skills and go use a computer, a public computer if needed. For those that did learn, they are better equipped for survival and they are getting all the vaccines.

Those who did not prepare themselves with basic skills and tools of modern life, and now find themselves without vaccine access, really now provide a case study in support of adult learning and personal responsibility.

Too often we see people asking for equality of outcomes when they did not provide the level of effort needed to compete with their peers. This is just one example which shows it's not only younger people with the entitlement attitude, it's all throughout our society.

Seniors & Computers

The Covid situation has accelerated the existing difficulties for senior citizens when it comes to computers and phones. The writer last week is so right that most seniors lack a background with computer technology and we're duly warned of the many scams and fraud directed at us by phone and computer.

I live in an elder HUD facility and we are blessed with a staff social worker who assists us with obtaining insurance and community access. Some residents have children and grandchildren who also help, but for those without these assets, the situation is bleak. Medical, insurance and dental offices want internet or phone contact. I know so many seniors with no computer and they do not answer any phone call if they don't recognize the number. Processes like explaining how to add a contact to their cell phone or doing it for them can be a bewildering, soon forgotten exercise. Not because they are dumb but because it’s too new, too unfamiliar and too scary.

Be patient and try to help if you are lucky enough to be asked. Remember we laid the groundwork for you, we raised you, we love you and we want to be included in what's going on, especially in getting a vaccination! Thank you.

A real true southerner

Okay, listen. I’m a real true southerner, born and raised in the south. I’m not one of these snow birds with a college education who move to the south and live here for a couple of years then claim to be a southerner. I have to laugh when I go to Publix and watch these foreigners in the restroom and of course in the store. In the store you have to watch them because they're always in a hurry and believe me they will run you over with their shopping cart. I'm thinking they must have a spouse and they have to hurry home to see them, like who even needs a spouse? Now for the restroom I’ve been inside both male and female restrooms and I can tell you that they have no sense of courtesy. They’ll see someone using a urinal and if they want the urinal they'll sit and wait, but if not they'll “honk” you. When these snow birds pack up and come south for our nice, skin cancer-giving warm weather and our trash-filled beaches you would think they would know in the south we take things slow, laid back and enjoy life. It's not good to be in such a rush and be productive. So please don't be so rude and unfriendly… respect us southern folks. Just lay back and enjoy our warm weather and of course, the slow thinking southerners.

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