Equal coverage in tragedy

Just about everywhere I heard about the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant and 8 others they mention Kobe and his daughter, but I think it is bad manners not to mention the names of the others who died.

Maybe they are not famous like Kobe, but is who they are and their death any less important that their names and who they were less important? I don't care if its a homeless person or a movie star who died but I guess news is news. Even when the Chaplin for the senate gave his opening blessing he mentioned Kobe and his daughter and "others".

There was another human being in the crash who had a young daughter that died; are they less a person not to take the time to mention their names.

'Kids take to the streets' rebuttal

Sounds like you are living in the wrong type of community. Perhaps you should move to an over 55 community where there are fewer kids. However, there will still be some kids around while visiting their grandparents. Forcing the kids to play only in their yard won't work for you because you just don't like to be around kids, period.

You said "Who wants to hear a bunch of kids screaming and hoopla when you are in your family room watching TV? Not to mention seeing a playground on the street when you look out your window?" Guess what, even in their yards you will "see and hear kids screaming and playing". NEWS FLASH, that's what kids do, and more power to them. We already have an epidemic of lazy overweight kids glued to the TV and video games. We should be glad when they go out to play. Pull up a chair and watch them instead of the TV. Maybe you should join them for your own health, or move.

'Virgin train not ideal' response

The Virgin Trains route is from Miami to OIA. Station stops above West Palm Beach have not been finalized.

Cocoa may or may not get one. Passenger traffic from OIA to the Port is cruise passengers and bus service is already provided by the hotels and theme parks and tour services. Virgin Trains was meant to reduce highway traffic.

If the Port couldn’t get a freight line built, and they tried, they’re certainly not going to get a passenger line.

Re: "Wellness not wanted"

To the author of this article, they sure didn’t provide much other than they are a senior as the majority of the population of Brevard is.

As for me, I happen to receive my flu and pneumonia shot every year and I’m thankful that Medicare picks up the tab. I know a lot of people are going to stick up their nose at this and I know that it is a personal preference.

It is your body, and you have the right to destroy it if you want, however you should not then be entitled to demand that the taxpayer stand for the bills to repair it That’s a stretch because old age will bring on enough problems without you adding to them.

Vision is an age problem; dental can be due to neglect or as you casually comment what you want to put in your mouth. Medicare covers 80% as every senior knows so most have additional insurance for health and prescription. A lot of these health policies have no monthly premiums and do include vision care and dental care. Vision will provide eye test and glasses at no cost and dental will provide exams and fillings. The rest is on you.

If you are presuming that Bernie Sanders or the like will be voted in and socialized medicine will appear and everything will magically appear you may just as well assume that the new Star Force will take you to Mars for a new refit.

STARBASE Academy feedback

Having read your excellent article and what it will mean as it relates to the annual economic impact of 1.1 billion, is truly a great thing.

Isn’t it a great thing for the children of Brevard County that they have something to stimulate their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math?

But aren’t there children in charter schools, in catholic schools or other denomination schools or home schooled that would benefit from Patrick Space Force Base, STARBASE Academy?

Why are we discriminating and saying that only children participating in Brevard Public Schools may attend a grant from the Department of Defense funding?

“The school district is required to provide transportation”, and this is all well and good but who pays for this? The tax payers do, the same one’s whose children are in the schools in paragraph four so I don’t have to repeat.

If they are already paying for the transportation why can’t there be a logistical net established to transport all the students that “qualify” for this grant to be provided transportation?

All the 5th graders regardless of where they are being schooled in Brevard County can be tested for qualification, and then transported with taxpayer expense and it would be equitable. Otherwise it is just another scam pulled on the taxpayer.

More on substitute teaching

To the individual who disparaged substitute teachers: your mean spirited diatribe did not go unnoticed, but it did contain a variety of factual errors.

I suspect from the tone of your writing that these will not matter much to you, but for others they might, I will correct them.

First, you state that substitute teachers who endure abuse by students 'know what they signed up for.' Incorrect. No substitute I have ever met (and I have met hundreds) has entered that pool thinking knowing they could be verbally assaulted, physically attacked and left unsupported.

Second, you implied that the DOE and the teacher's unions are somehow in support of allowing murderous children like the one in Parkland back into the classroom. That statement was ignorant.

We do not want those kids in the classrooms. I cannot speak for the DOE, but I can tell you that their leaders have been appointed by govenors Bush, Scott and Desantis. If you have a problem with they way that department runs, I suggest you reach out to those individuals.

Finally, you implied two things simultaneously that were in conflict: One, that out of control children are the fault of parents (and union members by default, perhaps?), yet also admitted your own bad behavior as a child towards subs.

Perhaps these were not statements in conflict, however. Perhaps you were simply admitting your own poor upbringing and behavior?

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The upcoming presidential election November 2020 would make me feel more secure that my vote was counted if I got a receipt from the voting machines for my picks because I may cross party lines for some office holders. I get a receipt when I pump gas so at least when they take office I can hold them to their promises instead of listening to their gassy excuses.

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