Endangered species

Hurrah to the man looking for White History Month and a heterosexual parade. White heterosexual males now seem to be an endangered species.

And don’t get me started on those who are tearing down statues of rebel heroes, its the destruction of our southern heritage.

Rockledge Drive Oaks

In regard to trash trucks experiencing difficulties on Rockledge Dr. I can sympathize.

I can imagine the frustration of navigating on Rockledge Dr.

Just envision the stress of having to swerve to avoid those pesky 100+ year old trees as they dart relentlessly in front of your truck!

Come on people! That thing between your ears wasn’t meant to house a vacuum!

If we have to accommodate every fruitcake cause in society, we can certainly address some stately oaks!

They have been patiently waiting their place in line for over a century. Sometimes the flora seems to possess more intelligence than the fauna.

Twisted values

A front page headline in last week’s issue is about an organization that requested the County Commission pass an ordinance that will “ban circuses from performing with exotic animals, especially elephants, in our county.” Their justification is “because the animals are forced to perform under physical coercion and abuse, and the extensive travel and prolonged confinement can be detrimental to their physical and psychological health and welfare!”

Perhaps a “justifiable concern”, but where was the empathy and concern of the council members for the physical and psychological health of pregnant women (of all ages), and their unborn babies. when Paul Zelno presented a request to establish an ordinance of guidelines to assure that safety measures and strict guidelines be followed by an abortion center if one were to choose to locate in our county??

AND, I wonder IF, among the animal “activists”, any are pro-life and also put some of time their energy into concern the well-being of moms and babies!!! What a twisted world, (county) we live in!

Re: two questions

A writer asks "Does anybody know when White History Month is"? I submit White History Month is every month of the year. Does the letter writer know that Blacks, (and women), were property not so much more than a century ago, they didn't have much of a hand in documenting history for us, hence the need for Black History month. Does the letter writer know about Jim Crow, did they teach him about American history?

Blacks not being allowed in White Universities led to the creation of Black universities in this country. Racism, discrimination, redlining, poor wages, failing schools and being denied housing loans led to blacks living in substandard conditions. Blacks fought and died in wars for freedoms they didn't enjoy even after returning home.

White Privilege is real, folks, always has been. The letter writer goes on to say other outrageous things, including bragging about never dating outside of his race, too bad for him, (doesn't mention sheep or goats though). Then laments that Gays, who have always been victims of vicious hatred, have taken over June and Hispanics have their own holidays (really, which ones)? I wish he or she would enlighten us on something other than his ignorance. He then answers an important question for us.

He says he's a confederate, the enemy of the The USA and wants to commemorate traitors to our nation with statues celebrating slavery, bondage, hatred and truly Unchristian principles instead. The biggest question here is, why so much hatred?

Being born into privilege shouldn't be something to complain about. Let us pray for people like this, it helps to explain the sins of our forefathers and hopefully God will spare our nation of His wrath as repentance is put into action in our nation. God Bless America!

Glad you're not my neighbor

This is in response to TWO QUESTIONS. I am a 74 yr. old white male. White people don’t need a special day or a special month. We should be thankful for what we have been able to accomplish in life. People of color, people of different sexual orientations have been persecuted for hundreds of year. It is great that they can celebrate their history and their way of life.

Your desires to maintain a Confederate heritage reeks of hate and bigotry. You do know that your ancestors fought a war because they firmly believed that black people weren’t really people, but property. All of their statues should be destroyed.

Really glad I don’t know you or live next door to you.

How about a pity party?

I think we should all chip in for a pity party for that poor white, heterosexual, confederate man who’s crying about not having parades and how statues of the United States enemies are being taken down all over the south.

By the way, the south succeeded and declared war on the north, we don’t honor and venerate traitors and that’s what the confederates were, traitors.

Bigots and racists have prevented people from celebrating their sexuality and race for centuries and it’s about time they’re allowed to express themselves. I just love a parade.

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