I agree with the person who wrote - "What happened to common sense ". They put it well and thankfully the "defund the police" position has lost steam.

However, I would add that it is ironic that many people who claim to support our law enforcement also, oddly, support the insurrection on January 6th, including two of our neighbors right here in Melbourne.

How can someone say they support our police, but then say they also support the attack on the Capitol that injured many police and killed one officer?

Traffic violators should have their cars impounded

If you are driving a vehicle in Chicago and you're stopped for a routine moving violation the police will ask for proof of insurance, and frequently will call the agent to verify that the policy is still valid.

If they learn you don't have insurance then your vehicle is impounded on the spot. It's $150 for the tow to the pound, and $30 a day for storage.

Do this in Palm Bay and Melbourne and the streets will be safer, and maybe some of the profits could go out as extra perks for teachers and first responders.

Some of us are handicapped

To the 'You're Not Handicapped!' ranter.

Not all handicapped and disabled people are bedridden or in wheelchairs, that's why we have handicapped license plate tags.

A handicapped plate doesn't mean you can't walk.

It could be the vehicle owner needs it for a person in their family that they are a caregiver for or their doctor wants them to walk to prevent stiffness in their limbs from a medical condition.

They do not hand out handicapped plates at the mall, a doctor needs to prove you need it.

We should all be more kind and understanding.

Money Pits

Are you a resident of Martin County? If so, you probably pay Martin County taxes. You should be aware that the Parks & Recreation follies continue to drain our tax dollars. They have and will spend millions of tax dollars on businesses which should be owned and operated by the private sector.

One that comes to mind is Sailfish Splash which is more like an amusement park. We already have some of the best beaches to serve our community.

Speaking of beaches, Martin County has taken over and completely redone two privately run snack bars.

Another example is the old Martin County Golf Course. A few renovations would have brought it up to date. Instead the fantasy of a Top Golf like business with a multi-million dollar clubhouse has ensued.

In brief, our tax dollars are not being used to provide recreational services to our taxpayers. Instead they are being spent on glamour projects which the private sector should determine the need for and fund. 

Invisible disabilities

In response to the rant about handicap plates. It's worthwhile to google some information about who qualifies before ranting about it, which is what I did. I have a handicap plate for the visible limited mobility I have.

Remember, not all disabilities are visible. Some disabilities are invisible disabilities. These disabilities also qualify someone to get a handicap plate.

Here are some of the kinds of disabilities that people have that qualify them for handicapped plates.

* Epilepsy or other seizure disorders

* A person who has received an organ transplant.

* Someone who suffers from fibromyalgia or short-term memory loss.

* Those who have chronic pain or fatigue.

Those who have had brain injuries or have brain tumors.

Sometimes we forget compassion for someone's invisible disability.

What about the deputies?

Over the last several months I have read about Red Light runners and people that do not stop for right turns on red and stop signs. It is a serious problem that people choose not to obey the traffic laws. However how can they be forced to obey the traffic laws when the police who are paid by the city and county do not observe them?

The police are the ones that should be obeying the law just like everyone else unless on a call. Several times a day I watch deputy officers pull up to stop signs and roll right thru them, they coast up to red lights and make a right turn without stopping first.

I have several times followed police officers and sheriff’s speeding in excess of 15 mph over the posted speed limit not on a call but mostly going home. People need to wake up and obey the laws, and Law enforcement should take the lead.

Regarding minimum wage

I don't presume to know all the reasons for setting the minimum wage. I do believe it should be called the unskilled wage. That’s what it really is.

It rises as your skills surface. Higher pay correlates to responsibility, reliability, curiosity, talent, conscientiousness, physical demands, degree of difficulty, etc. How high can the wage go before food stamps, phones and subsidized housing is lost? It a fact a large number are teenagers.

It’s called entry level work. We've all done it. It was never intended for 30 year olds to raise a family. The next raise will surely lead to demands for another increase . That’s fine, I'm all for it . I also suspect the business now paying $ 40 per hour for its five staffers will soon have four staffers earning the $40. That’s great if you're one of the four; not so good if you're the fifth and still looking.

Briefly, from the age of 12 thru high school, I was a caddy, shoveled snow, paper deliverer, paint sprayer in a dog collar plant, warehouse sweeper, bowling alley pinsetter [before automatics] and maybe one other. I never settled for the $ .75/hour minimum. I still found time to finish high school and graduate from a great college.

My point in all of this to hustle, apply yourself and hustle some more. Before you know it you'll be retiring. I suspect my experience is not unique among your readers.

Young singles without children are very different from struggling single mothers. The latter, fortunately, are fewer in number and require an enhanced income. Somehow their children need a better childhood.

Raise minimum wage!

We are way overdue, as it is time to raise the minimum wage in Florida. Other states have successfully done this.

I specifically call out to big box companies, like Wal-Mart and fast food companies like McDonalds, who can more than afford to pay their employees a living wage.

Instead, they pay the bare minimum that they can get away with and leave taxpayers footing the bill for the food stamps and welfare, since they make so little.

I am not singling out small employers with a handful of employees. I’m specifically referring to the large-chain employers that simply need to keep their pay up with the cost of living. For employees to simply be able to buy groceries to feed their families, pay rent, bare necessities, etc.

If you don’t know what a “living wage” is, look it up and educate yourself.

Nearly 2/3 of minimum wage workers are women, many who are raising families alone. Many minimum wage workers are educated and cannot find a job in their field.

If we raise the minimum wage, we help women, families and the economy. Many minimum wage workers are hard-working folks – both liberals and conservatives – paying poverty wages does not discriminate.

Why does it always come down to conservative cheap corporate greed?

Now, let me guess, someone who is completely clueless about poverty wages and the working poor will respond to this rant.

TV content is lousy

Florida has lousy TV. I would like to know how some Florida TV stations can continue to play those same, lousy un-American-made, cheap-production movies over and over and over again, sometimes twice in the same night, back-to-back.

Where do they get all these untalented never-before-released in the United States junk movies?

There should be some kind of a law, regulating how many times a movie is repeated monthly.

After all, this not only cheats the viewer from seeing something on TV, but also rips off the advertiser, because no one is going to watch the same movie 20 times. 

It’s the same on antenna or cable.

What a rip off!

No deaths, just life

I would like to know what is the difference between career criminals and terrorists. For your information, our judges hand out life sentences instead of death sentences.

Still texting and talking

Hey you drivers out there. Is texting while driving hazardous to your health? I still see texting or talking on the phone — mostly women.

Autos as dangerous as firearms

What’s the difference between a firearm and an automobile? How about 5,000 pounds? Both can cause life long injuries.

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