Living in the past

I am a white southerner.

I grew up in the 1950s and witnessed all the ugliness against black citizens in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. It comes down to the fact that kidnapping, transporting, then extracting generations of free labor from other human beings was acceptable across the United States and built wealth most especially in the South.

Those who built this slave system were human traffickers. Today, trafficking humans is a severe crime with severe penalties. Those in this century who are so proud of that period in America have never truly delved into the tragic lives of slaves nor the demeaning low value white society Confederates created and continue to blindly reinforce as "heritage".

Cost of clarity

I can't believe how easy, and cheap we could save this nice life-ecosystem, in our waterways (the Indian River Lagoon).

I just got a quote of $1/foot, for 4' steel corrugated culvert pipe. With a pump, this could change the water annually, a 50% reduction in pollutants.

It could be out at the base, under the runway overrun area. That would be where we want to uphold and/or with federal grant money, maintain the Banana River, and Mosquito Lagoon.

Answer to “Hypocrisy”

I’m writing in response to the letter on Hypocrisy and how I could support the police and the Jan. 6 event. I fully support our officers in blue, but you are under the opinion that Jan. 6 was an “Insurrection”. It was not, it was a peaceful demonstration that got out of hand due to some instigators, not President Trump, that urged the group to descend on the Capital.

Before I lose you, bear with me. These people were NOT ARMED. The Capital Hill officer died the next day from natural causes of a stroke. The only person killed that day was an unarmed veteran, Ashli Babbitt, and we still don’t know the name of the officer that killed her.

What they did was not right and got out of hand.

The real hypocrisy here is the support by the left given to the ARMED BLM and Antifa riots that burned buildings and businesses, looted stores, took over city blocks, burned and looted police stations and Federal property. They support that. Those rioters aren’t locked up. But then they support keeping 100’s of Jan. 6 protesters in solitary confinement for months!

There's your hypocrisy!

You’re obviously listening to Socialist propaganda, not news!

Rave for essayist

Regarding the "Write Your Cancer Story" essay contest winner: Jamison Fleming. Dear friend, I just wanted to say your essay is truly a winner as are you.

Thank you for sharing your journey, your wisdom and encouraging others.

White privilege rebuttal

This is in response to the writer who argued that all white Americans have “white privilege”. How does the concept of white privilege explain why several historically marginalized groups out-perform whites today?

Japanese-Americans outperform whites by large margins in income statistics, education outcomes, test scores and incarceration rates. In addition, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Pakistani Americans, Sri Lankan Americans, Lebanese Americans, South African Americans, Filipino Americans and Iranian Americans out earn whites. Indians have almost double the household income of whites. Several black immigrant groups such as Nigerians, Barbadians, Ghanaians and Trinidadians and Tobagonians have a median household income well above the American average. Nigerian Americans are one of the most educated groups in America as one Rice University [student] showed. Today, 15.7M whites (almost twice as many blacks) live in poverty. The Center for Disease Prevention reports that African-Americans are less likely than whites to die of several health conditions such as bladder cancer, leukemia, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer and skin cancer, to take a few arbitrary examples.

These facts refute the prevailing Progressive notion that American institutions are built to universally favor whites and “oppress” minorities or blacks. On the whole, whatever “systemic racism” exists appears to incredibly ineffective or even nonexistent, given the multitude of groups who consistently eclipse whites.

To cohere as a multi-ethnic, pluralistic society we must treat each citizen as an individual with a unique set of circumstances and characteristics. We must collectively repudiate race-based stereotyping and fallacious, inflammatory generalizations.

Vacant Palm Bay seat

I was saddened to read that republican Palm Bay councilman Jeff Bailey resigned. He was the only councilman to vote against the highly unpopular twice-a-week trash pickup. His resignation leaves Mayor Medina as the only republican on the five-person council.

If an election is held to replace Mr. Bailey, regardless of who wins, democrats will remain unopposed to inflict additional financial burdens on residents and businesses. Therefore, I'd cancel the election and save the quarter million dollar cost. Let the intelligent voters of Palm Bay decide in the 2022 election whether they want the city to continue on its path of becoming another democrat-governed city of squalor!

Congratulations, white and straight

I can only assume you are young or ignorant of our nation's history. Anglo-Saxons stole the land from the Native Americans, rightful owners, with no compensation and forced them onto reservations. In the early 20th century, the Irish, Italians, Polish, Catholics all were shunned, mistreated, and suffered similar bigotry many encounter today. Surely that doesn't justify bigotry or biased treatment for any reason. It seems to be a flaw in human nature caused by the inability to understand or accept others as they are. Until we all realize we are one race, the human race, injustice will continue. Petty jealousy, resentment, ignorance and the lack of understanding overshadows righteousness, all of which is unacceptable.

As for the proud Southerner, the Civil War ended in 1865. If I interpret you correctly, enslaving Blacks would be OK with you. Slavery was a moral issue with economics being the main contributor to the start of the Civil War. With the abolition of slavery, rich plantation owners would be required to pay their field hands, no more free labor provided by Blacks kidnapped from their homelands and sold like cattle fodder. There is nothing to be proud about.

Contact your congressman (now a punchline)

Sending out countless surveys from politicians and giving a synopsis of the state of affairs with no plan to execute any change is of no value.

Prioritize the issues, there are certainly enough to choose from. I've just looked over survey from Bill Posey's and not one place did it mention Cuba. I'm not Cuban or Spanish but they have my respect and support.

Hell yes the government should cut all unnecessary spending, multiple, moronic visits to the southern border to understand it's a huge problem. Focus groups, conferences, committees, sessions, hearings, investigations, and my favorite expenditures for pet projects being fast-tracked are being sneaked through legislation. Provide more expedite mechanisms for change, that do not have conditions and remove bad people with bad ideas.

One last caveat, create a new bill for one term limit.

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