Waste removal problems

The town has contracted with Republic Services of Florida for garbage collection. This was done just before Memorial Day weekend on May 28. They will get a 91% increase over Waste Management that we've had for a decade, and they can raise the cost 3% a year on top of it. The survey was not included in my monthly bill which would make sense, but was on the town website and social media instead.

Like many seniors, I do neither regularly. Forty-seven % wanted twice a week pickup, and 43% were okay with the once a week. If you have a "Brady Bunch" household, you could get another can for the princely sum of $.50 a month from Waste Management! However, Republic is asking $9.79/month for an extra can. What a bargain.

I wrote to the mayor and asked a simple question. Did anyone on the committee take the time to check Republic's reviews? I did, but no one answered my question. It took only a few minutes to find out that Republic has 3,992 reviews, most all of which are negative, on the Better Business Bureau, and they get a "one star" rating with some folks saying they're not worth even that. The website complaintsboard.com had 70 complaints with a whole one complaint resolved at present. And they got a mighty one star rating here as well.

Let me summarize: A 91% increase each month with an added 3% increase each year, an extra container for only about 19 times what Waste Management charged, and reviews that smelled worse than my July 4 garbage.

If I didn't know better, I'd say "Folks, we've been sold down the Tillman Canal by the town."

Wawa needs to step up

I just want to Rant and Rave about a local Wawa allowing people to walk in without a mask and even some of the staff. I know for a fact that several Wawa employees in Sarasota tested positive for this virus.

The Wawa I'm referring to has signs up but are not enforcing it. How about leaning on them a little bit more, people? We're not above dealing with corporations. Let's see if we can all be on the same page.

To open or not open schools

Just a suggestion; is to open with teachers at their desks (for students aged 12 and up) and live streamed to those affluent with broad band internet, at home. In the classroom, would be the less fortunate without computers or internet, who could use the extra attention. Having fewer affluent students in the building makes more room for social distancing. Consistent teaching would include hygiene and a lot of hand washing. Hopefully, the teaching will be practiced at home, by everyone. Masks could be optional while seated, 6’ apart. Proper sleep, exercise and a healthy gut (vegan is a less expensive lunch) may help to keep the doctor away. The art of mindfulness, awareness and consideration of others could be the best lessons learned. Learn how to learn and learn how to live.

For social distancing, maybe Grade Schools could have a truncated year, such as half of a class attending in the a.m. and the other half in the afternoon. After all, some school is better than none. Work it out with the parents and their work schedules. Personally, I drifted through school as many do. The cream will still rise to the top. Nature has its ways.

These are extraordinary times during Covid-19. Like being caught in a rip tide; relax, (Stay home – with a hobby, home or self improvement) don’t struggle and float your way out of it. Rejecting the overblown politics and media, this will eventually pass.

Perhaps, Florida or America should emulate other cities, counties, states or countries that have good working models. As an example is; Florida’s dreadful unemployment benefits program. Why try to re-invent the wheel, when you are derailed and in the ditch?

"De-gun, not defund" response

In response to "de-gun, not defund", I would agree that there are many fine police officers who deserve respect and compliance. For that, I would be first to thank them all. Thank you, police officers!

Stereotyping all of one political party is propaganda. Several types of propaganda are used: name-calling, bandwagon, and glittering generality. Review your government and civics class, please.

Many of us want a good and kind America. How to achieve that is the work for the lawmakers and enforcers. So keep the guns to protect yourself, and be kind, officers and citizens.

May God protect all of you dear people in this time in America and may our great country be kind to each other and honest to one another as Jesus asked us. Kindness is better than greatness.

In conclusion, love one another above all.

Public responsibility

I am frankly quite astounded at the way Americans in general are responding to so many issues these days that I don't know where to begin. Is it so important to cling to your individual rights at the risk of actually killing someone else?

I have heard many opinions about the need to take steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19. That there is no certainty of how it is spread and we have no clear direction . But, I disagree. From the start everyone has known that it is a virus easily transmitted by close contact. We have been told that the best way to stop the spread of this virus is to keep our distance, wash our hands and wear a mask to protect the people around us. It's simple! Have we become so self-centered that we can not do a simple thing like wear a mask to help control this plague? What's the big deal? Is it vanity? It blows me away honestly.

In closing I just want this thing to end like everyone else. We all have a responsibility in making that happen. Please people do what needs to be done. It's not a joke, hoax, or a conspiracy. It's real so please do your part.

More on BJs customer service

To the senior citizen that ranted about BJ's Wholesale Club's new policy on coupons available exclusively via electronic clipping or their app: You do not have to wait until renewal to discontinue your membership. Just go back to the customer service desk and tell them you want to cancel. You'll get a full refund on your membership.

How do I know? Because even though I have the technology, I found this new policy time-consuming and ridiculous. I sent them feedback via e-mail and a Facebook post. Never got any response so they don't care.

Join Sam's or Costco where a paid member automatically gets the benefit of any additional coupon discount.

BJ's needs to step up and follow suit.

To the Brevard school board

I just want to know what is wrong with the Brevard County School system/board, the people that make the important decisions for teachers and students? Why is it that people didn't start planning three months ago at the possibility of reopening schools? Why is it that we can't delay our school start time another two weeks form Aug. 17?

It doesn't sound like they have a plan for how high schoolers are going to go back. I understand changes in this county in the past 25 years and it sounds like the "good ol' boys" network is still very active.

What are we doing? We don't pay our teachers enough, our police enough. We don't speak up about the corruption and let the "good ol' boys" and their friends in the private sector to get richer and hide more.

Please do something better, Brevard County.

More refuse problems

Why not go county wide bids for refuse collection to eliminate lame duck voting by elected mayor and city council? Or even postpone till after election so they can suffer like everyone else.

Ninety-three % increase is only needed once a week. I am a senior citizen. Brevard county offers senior tax breaks, but greed conquers all. I believe Cocoa is the only city that gets it. We need more honor in our positions. Our political system is being corrupted; code enforcement, building codes and inspectors, and, lastly, stormwater assessment.

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