On the recent shootings...

The recent massacres in Buffalo and Uvalde, Texas are further examples of the evil that exists in our world. The immediate response of politicians and the media: gun control! But the weapon is not the problem, it's the person using the weapon.

People have been killing people since the beginning of time. Before the gun, there was the bow and arrow; before that it was swords and spears; before that it was rocks, etc. If a person wants to kill another human being, there is always a means available! People ask: how could someone resort to such atrocities? Maybe the Bible can give us a clue when it says: "the heart (our human nature) is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked...." Jesus said: "Out of the heart proceeds evil thoughts, lies, murder etc etc."

It seems to me that the "heart of the matter" is the human heart. We humans need a change of heart.

A thanks for park maintenance

Brevard County Parks and Recreation maintains some of the nicest parks we have ever seen. The employees that maintain Mitchell Ellington Park in North Merritt Island work tirelessly to keep the fields beautiful and the playground filled with fresh woodchips.

The restrooms are very clean and well stocked. The tennis courts have new nets and freshly painted lines. The ponds are filled with ducks, and the woods are filled with a variety of birds and rabbits. We walk there every morning and enjoy the company of respectful dog walkers and bikers. It is a wonderful neighborhood park to meet friends and have picnics.

Many weekends there are ballgames and food trucks, not to mention movies and parties in the many pavilions. Thank you for keeping these vast parks maintained in all kinds of weather. Parents, please monitor your kids at these beautiful parks, often the workers have to clean up graffiti and broken bottles, not to mention the destruction of green fields when trucks go off road.

Again, many thanks to these tireless workers.

Home insurance woes

Home insurance is becoming a big headache to Brevard residents. Insurance companies have thrown us to the gutter because they see their profit imperiled from windstorm claims.

Yet they take funding from Tallahassee to keep doing what they do best, discriminate not segment good clients from the rest. Wind should be an option and many would self insure and save a bundle.

Should you have to rely on insurance to pay a loss? You will have a different headache we can discuss another day.

Scrub Sanctuary fences should go

Is everyone aware that the Brevard County Commissioners voted to lock citizens out of public land at the Malabar Scrub Sanctuary?

There have been months of lost time and usage of the Sanctuary for no reason other than to punish the Town of Malabar and Brevard Citizens! We resist the Environmentally Endangered Lands (EEL) Programs plans to Cut down thousands of trees to "restore" Scrub Jay Habitat. The Brevard Mountain Bike Association as well as "Friends of Malabar Scrub Sanctuary" have provided proven alternatives to clear cutting but the EELs leadership as well as the Brevard County Commissioners refuse to seek compromise. In retaliation we the people are being denied access to a beautiful tract of land. The majority of users are hikers, bicyclists and equestrians. Also homeowners bordering the area are impacted.

With over-development occurring everywhere around us it is more important now than ever before to protect and allow access to our amazing public wooded areas.

Brevard County and EEL it is way past time to take the fences down! They should never have appeared in the first place!

Reply to recent gun violence

Yes, it was a horrible tragedy as any mass murder is, but no gun laws are going to stop a mentally ill criminal. When 9/11 happened, they did not ban airplanes. They secured the cockpits, trained the crew, and added air marshals.

We need to do the same today with soft, easy targets like schools. A couple armed retired law enforcement officers or military, a few armed school employees and double gate the limited entrances would be a start.

Dogs in public places

Are there laws that prohibit any human family members from pooping, spitting, and etc. in public places?

I believe so. Why then are some dogs allowed to poop in public places even if I pick it up?

Equally obscene; after observing two dogs in a Walmart shopping cart, I asked an employee why this was allowed. I was informed that they were not to question this very insanitary situation.

This was the last time I will shop at Walmart. Why are dog privileges prioritized over sanity and health conditions. Something is very wrong here.

Critical Race Theory and parenting

For those concerned about Critical Race Theory, it is not being taught to kindergartners. It’s an elective taught in law schools. If your 5-year-old is smart enough to go to law school, your kid is evidently intelligent enough to decide what courses to take or not take.

Why are some parents allowed to dictate what is/isn’t taught in schools? It’s because DeSantis agrees with their agenda. Therefore, all students must adhere to whatever DeSantis and ultra-conservative parents decide. All students are forbidden from reading books that some parents find objectionable.

Communication is vital between parents and children. Instead of demanding that your child learn (or not learn) a topic or read a certain book, talk with your child. Answer your child’s questions.

You don’t want anyone forcing their beliefs on your children, but you have no right to force your beliefs and prejudices on other people’s children.

Manatee history

Initially it was reported that manatees were native to the West Indies, not Florida.

Granted some may have made their way to this state, but that hardly makes them “native.” Our sea grass has long served as a nursery for immature sea life. It was never meant to be a buffet line for the voracious manatees. Many factors have contributed to the decline of our sea grass and overeating by manatees is certainly one factor. Between lush sea grass and warm water discharge from power plants, Florida’s waterways look like a 24-hour Denny’s to these beasts.

Let’s not sacrifice all of our sea critters for the state poster child. Our coddling has definitely caused an overpopulation. Even restaurants have a limited seating. Additionally, it is wise to question both the biased news reporting and research. After all, even National Geographic admitted to lying about the polar bears for the “greater good.” Common sense needs to prevail, not revisionist history. We see already how much that camp has screwed up our society.

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