School lunch pickup appreciated

I have been picking up my daughter's school lunch and now her summer lunch from either Palm Bay Elementary or University Elementary (on different days).

I just want to give a shout out to those working at those schools. They greet us with kindness and care and smiles; in their eyes under their masks each day! This food has helped us.

We appreciate all of their hard work to feed the children of Brevard! Thank you.

Try to be helpful

It looks like Rants & Raves is devolving into a space for gibberish and stolid anecdotes.

Recently, there have been letters resembling the utterances of simple-minded people with signs of dementia.

This space would be much better served if the letters that are printed carried substance of which people might learn something and/or be useful.

Getting old and left behind

Not being able to understand or do any of the modern technology that is require to almost everything involved in life is unfair to the older generation.

At 83, I never had the training or education that it takes to be about to comprehend how to do it. I cannot afford the expensive equipment. No computer, no smart phone. Only what is simple, old-fashioned and not complicated. It's like living in a shrinking world.

Is there any hope for help, or help for home?

Where's the customer service?

My wife and went to Walmart to buy a laptop. When I found the one I wanted, I was told they don't have any in stock. I asked them to order it and I was told I had to order it online.

When I went to order it online I found out the price was a hundred dollars more than the advertised price at the store. I went back to the store hoping to get the laptop for the advertised price. I was told they had nothing to do with what the online price was. Numerous calls to Walmart resulted in a waste of time.

So much for customer service.

Respect for others during COVID-19

My husband and I had an appointment for the COVID-19 nasal and antibody test on June 5 in Melbourne and were instructed to wear masks.

After the nasal swab was taken while in our car, we were instructed to go inside of office complex for the antibody blood test. The waiting area had good seating, spaced six feet apart.

However, there were two people waiting without masks. No one from the medical staff including the check-in staff told these people to put a mask on, nor were the given one to wear.

We continue to wear ours in public to protect ourselves from others as well protecting others in case we were asymptomatic of the COVID-19 virus. What happened to the respect for others, as well as themselves especially during this pandemic?

I'm worried about society today as they seem to forget their actions speak louder than words in defining who they are.

Censoring accolades for correctness

Political correctness again? It sounds familiar like it was in 2008-16. They were doing the same bologna then. You've got to be kidding me? They want to cancel "Paw Patrol"? This is ridiculous.

Leave the kids cartoons alone. Stop telling people what to watch. I'll watch what I want to watch. HBO? I'm not signing up with them anymore. That poor, beautiful actress in Gone with the Wind won an award for that role. What's the matter with you people?

Maybe we should ban some of your programs.

Pines under power

Just drove by the construction site for the new Cumberland farms on Route 50 near the Lowes.

Why on earth are they planting pine trees and why under power lines?

RE: Back yards are the new front yards

I don’t reside in Melbourne but I’m sure that they have the same restrictions as Palm Bay.

Boats have to be parked behind the residence or fence that blocks them from view, cars cannot be parked in the front if they are not driveable. There is nothing unique about these restrictions, they are basically common to every community that we have lived in for many years. That nothing is done abut code violations goes to whose desk? Yes, the very politicians that we elect into office.

But what we don’t need a “curb appeal” code or special force, we simply need for those that are in authority to apply all the laws, regulations, and restrictions that they have decided we need to live under.

When it is time to do your patriotic duty and participate in the voting process every politician has a reason for the burden that we live under is someone’s fault other than the one where “the buck stops.”

We would not have the “trashy roads,” the streets that need to be repaired, the homeless on the streets, the drug problem we have, the protests on the streets currently about defunding police if the citizens would hold those politicians accountable.

RE: Shortage of mask worry shopper

I am nearly as old as this author but what other people do doesn’t concern me.

I know what I need to do to stay virus free and obviously what my wife and I have been doing has been successful as I am neither writing this from a hospital bed or the beyond.

We wear our masks, we both observe “social distancing” and if we see that we may be in closer confinement than we want to be we simply move, it is not important enough for us to lose our place in line or contest for articles on shelfs to contaminate ourselves and finally we wash our hands, even wear latex gloves when we exit our vehicle.

So, if the rate of infections rise, the hospitalization rate increases and the death rate increases whose fault is that? We cannot ensure that drivers wear their seat belts, use their turn signals so why should we concern ourselves that they are not following the standards that have been made public.

We don’t want health police, don’t believe that people need to be fined, our medical system will provide the care they will need if necessary as they do when a motorcyclist is injured and not wearing a helmet.

RE: Meat eating is another pandemic

There was a time not long ago that I would disagree with your sentiments, but now, at 76 years old, I've had many opportunities of "life learning" that have caused me to re-think my views on animal consumption.

I would have never thought that the cattle herds in New Mexico (to name one) awaiting slaughter would have any impact on our climate - evidently it does and not in a good way.

Alas, I did not learn about this on Facebook or any other social media, I actually read books by people so much smarter than me and yes, it took several readings by different authors in the scientific community to convince me.

So am I now a vegan? Nope, but I have dramatically changed my diet in a healthier direction than the previous 75 years.

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