What happened to common sense?

Each Thursday, I read the “Arrest Reports” in our Hometown News and never cease to be in awe at the number and types of crimes people commit and the critical role played by our police departments in getting these people off the streets.

Then I read the national news and listen to T.V. reports about people who are advocating defunding and disarming the police.

I have to wonder what has happened to “common sense”?

Defund and disarm sounds like a good idea if you’re referring to enemies who pose an ongoing threat your safety.

It's not a good idea when it comes to police officers who are protecting all of us.

If we handicap our law enforcement agencies by withholding necessary funding, then how do you control crime?

Illegal golf carts

Indian Harbor Beach regulates the operation of golf carts on its street and bans the use of some carts altogether.

Yet I see illegal golf carts and golf carts violating city ordinances all the time.

Residents should read the Indian Harbour Beach newsletter which has repeatedly reminded us what type of golf carts are allowed and where. Bottom line, don't drive golf carts in violation of city ordinances!

Take your garbage home

There is too much trash on the roads and beaches in Brevard County. This has got to stop. Our welfare depends in no small part on our beautiful beaches, and scenic parks and recreation areas. Take your garbage home! Let's all work together to keep Brevard County beautiful!

You're not handicapped!

When a person walks their dog, 2 to 3 times a day, for a mile or more, explain why they have a HANDICAP license on their automobile ??? This is wrong !

Cashiers are making $15

A ranter made the claim that Target and Walmart pay their cashiers under $10 an hour. CNBC has reported that Target raised their minimum wage to $15 an hour and Walmart raised theirs to $15.25. Kroger and Amazon also pay $15 an hour.

Food prices are going up because the businesses need to make a profit. Since they have to pay workers more, they're raising their food prices, which raises the cost of living and hurts all Americans Mom and pop stores either have to raise their prices and hope people will still buy their products or use their services or go out of business when paying people for first time jobs a ridiculous amount. I personally know many 15 to 18 year olds working cashier jobs! My first job was as bag boy and at least half of the cashiers and bag boys were 15 to 22 year olds working their first job. The older ones working as cashiers don't have a degree, which is their own problem.

The trouble is in us

As a regular purveyor of Hometown News’ Rants & Raves it’s obviously too easy to critique the behavior of another from behind a keyboard...always in safety, anonymous and absent the messiness of real, in-your-face human interaction. The opportunity to weigh-in, adjudicate, disparage, In its pages, varied dialogues unfold between folks without faces, decidedly unknown to one another.

Perhaps, it might serve, if we could take pause, just long enough to hear our inner whisper. A voice which rightfully asks that we self-examine first and then let our conscience be our guide - a conscience, born in, or influenced by, American values and experience - as we collectively reach, I’ll trust, toward becoming our best selves. I know, this begs, have we still a shared American reality?

As has been the case in these pages, with no one to stop me, I’m compelled to share, in paraphrase, words of an insightful American observer, James Baldwin: “The trouble we’re in is deeper than we thought because the trouble is in us.” Elsewhere, he further reminds: “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

Another Left Driving Lane rant

To the drivers who say “slower” traffic should stay out of the left lane: Are you suggesting that the drivers in the left lane permitted to drive any speed they wish? To heck with the posted speed limit?

The last I heard, exceeding the posted speed limit is still a traffic infraction.

I can understand the frustration if a driver in the left lane is driving below the posted speed limit but the same goes for drivers exceeding the posted speed limit.

If you have a medical emergency, you should call an ambulance. That doesn’t give you an exemption to disobey the laws of the road.

Cancel your trash pickup

I'm the person who suggested that a "Red" covered trash can be used for 'once a week pickup'.

This was suggested because one senior indicated that she did not

produce enough trash to warrant twice-weekly pick up.

Another reader stated that we were in a way "stuck" with the twice weekly higher-priced pickup.

My answer which is directed to the senior tiny-trash producer is as follows - If there is a neighbor on either side of you, to whom you are friends with cancel your trash pickup and return your cans to the Palm Bay or Melbourne City Hall.

Then give your next door neighbor $12.50 a month in return for your being able to put 1 bag or so of trash into their can. Give it a try. It can't hurt.

How to get better service

I'm certain that many of us have, at times, experienced very poor service at a restaurant.

Now, no one wants to 'cause a scene' to get arrested for disorderly conduct, but I have found this one "ditty" to work miracles.

I stand up on my chair or stand up in my booth and wave my arms frantically, like I was signaling a rescue plane.

Believe me, it'll turn heads and get you a waiter/waitress very fast.

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"You're not handicap". Just to inform you: not everyone has a physical or visible disability. Just stop by the VA clinic where there are plenty of tags and many patriots will walk from their car for care to deal with their non-visible disabilities.


To: "better service" Perhaps if you'd behave like a grown up you'd get better service.Acting like the fool will get you nothing but avoidance. And I would guess that you don't tip very well,hence poor service. Poor tipper= poor service. Get it? Oh and learn to behave yourself when away from home.


Cocoa Village / Indian River Dr * Bike Riders, Please learn what Red Lights / Stop Signs / One Way St. / Double Yellow Lines are for & leave your Phone Home ~

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