Political Ploy

Just to be clear about the impact of the recent Colonial pipeline shutdown.

Desantis’s state of emergency was just a political ploy that misinformed and panicked people.

If DeSantis had been nearly as expeditious in his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic maybe more Floridians would still be alive.

USDA fresh eggs joke, not

The best before buy dates on a carton of egg is based on when the eggs were packaged.

The USDA can keep eggs refrigerated for up to 21 days before packaging. And the

sell by date can be up to 30 days beyond the date the eggs were packaged. The best buy date can be 45 days after packaging. Funny, it ain't.

You don't know what's best

I have to ask the recent ranter who equated continued mask wearing with stupidity why they think they know what's best for everyone given the different medical histories and immune strengths we all have?

My brother has only 50% breathing / lung capacity. He has a very compromised immune system. For him, catching the virus is a death sentence.

Others are in the same boat. And many still choose to wear a mask out of respect for service industry workers.

Also, being vaccinated is not a 100% guarantee against catching COVID.

It’s quite obvious that the person who wrote that rant doesn't need to wear a sign announcing his own ignorance. They only have to open their mouth, or write a rant.

No work ethic

To the person who wrote about panhandlers having a legal right to panhandle.

While panhandlers have the legal right to panhandle, my argument against supporting panhandlers is that many of them have no work ethic. Most of the stores in our area are begging for help. But panhandlers have learned the philosophy of the government handout – If you can get paid for doing nothing, why work?

Not the way I was raised!

In support of Brightline

A lot of people question the practicality and cost of Brightline, the rail route between Miami and West Palm Beach that is now being extended to Orlando.

Who will ride it, they ask.

Have you ever driven to Miami on 95?

If Brightline puts a station in Rockledge or Cocoa with ample safe parking, I’d ride it.

It would be a nice day trip with no stress or exhaustion from driving on I-95.

Children can catch covid

Contrary to an irresponsible rant in last week's paper, children CAN be infected with the COVID-19 virus, and they CAN spread it. I'm not sure why people keep insisting on spreading false and misleading information, but it is reprehensible. Trolls exist everywhere,.

According to the CDC, "While fewer children have been sick with COVID-19 compared to adults, children can be infected with the virus that causes C-19, can get sick from C-19, and can spread the virus that causes C-19."

Most kids may have mild symptoms, but they can still spread it!

However, some kids can and have become seriously ill, especially if they have an underlying medical condition.

Since it has been proven that children can indeed be infected and spread C-19, the CDC recommends that all children over the age of 2 wear a mask, unless there is a legitimate reason why they can't. Wearing a mask is one of the responsible things to do to try to control the spread of this virus.

People can believe what they want, but I prefer to heed the advice of the infectious disease scientists and medical experts. Certainly not the ramblings of the trolls or the conspiracy theorists who spread nothing but fake news.

Get your own life

I am growing angrier about all of this hate of other races and their sexuality.

Stop opposing black people and LGBTQ+.

We all bleed red. If my life has no effect on your life, why do you want to cause issues in mine?

For the people with attitudes toward those who are different, who actually is the sinner?

Why do you people spend so much time thinking about what other people do in their bedrooms?

Mind your own damned business. Get your own life in order.

A response to the 'most printed rants'

I just read another edition of your rants. Let’s see, first it was “Cashier wages” then “I give to church”. Then it was about the flag being disrespected. Do you only print these opinions? I live in a gated community and it appears that they all get to have their opinions printed. And they are all the same. Hate filled, Judge-Judy and God fearing people who have zero empathy for anyone. They are pro-life but have no problem watching Mr Floyd murdered ( we know, he had drugs in his system) and then they trash unemployment? Um, hello, how can anyone live on what this state pays for minimum wage? And the comment about “Cashier” get a degree? Really? Then go to St Bernadettes Church and act like you're better. I live among you. Your children don’t visit you, you barely tolerate each other. The minute one of you walks away, the ones left trash you and yours And it’s hateful. You're afraid to go to Walmart. You're scared of anything that isn’t Lily- white. To the man who supposedly tried to pay the sign guy to work for him? Yeah, right! And as for Police. Let’s start taking all the money we pay for their crimes and legal settlements and train them better. How about they have the same standards as me. If I break a rule or do a bad job I’m held accountable. Instead of all my co-workers lying for me. Change starts by acknowledging we need it. My community is huge and sadly they are more upset about our pool being closed. I’m serious. And now I know why you never see your grown adult children. They don’t come visit. I know I wouldn’t. I can barely walk by you. Now God Bless Ya'll ( wink, sarcasm).

We created the gas panic

Although perplexing, it was not a surprise to see the rabid panic that caused gas shortages in our state where none existed. Florida residents caused the shortage by ignoring the facts presented to them by our officials, resulting in long lines at the pump, stations being forced to close over supply issues, and the complete abandonment of common sense witnessed by the hoarding and storage of gasoline, which we all know to be highly flammable, and explosive when the right conditions are met. When our officials need to remind people to refrain from putting gas into plastic bags, it is time to look around you and be aware of the portion of the population which puts our lives at risk. Hopefully, in the future, these people will rely on hard facts regarding these situations and not get their information from social media or other uninformed sources. Had they done that, they would have known that except for a very small portion of the Panhandle, Florida’s gas supply does not come from the Colonial Pipeline.

Regarding panhandlers

To the person who said they've never experienced a beggar stating they make more money panhandling. I am a supporter of providing money to anyone asking for it. It's not my responsibility to wonder how they use it. It's my responsibility to help if possible. The rest is up to them. But I have a personal friend who becomes a panhandler once every couple of years due to addiction and he has specifically told me that he makes roughly $90-$100 and that's why he prefers to do that as opposed to a lot of jobs out there.

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The editor of this rant should move to mexico. Ill buy your one way ticket.

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