Why keep daylight savings time?

Years ago all you had to do to adjust the time was pull out the stem of your watch and turn the hand on the dial. Done.

Today, let’s see,  I have to adjust the four buttons on my digital watch. Now where did I put the instructions?

Next, the stove clock, microwave, coffee maker, irrigation timer and digital alarm clock.

Oh, and the car. Time to consult the 400 page manual.

Hey, at least it keeps me busy.

Lock the clock

Here we go again with the spring forward time change! I prefer year round standard time.

I work construction and I’d like as much sunlight and coolness in the a.m. as I can get.

I’m sure this is true for lawn maintenance and agriculture worker, school kids and others.

After a day of work I don't need to have daylight until 9 p.m.

Every year I malfunction and lose an hour of work because of this abhorrent, man made Daylight Savings Time!

It galls me to think that the Congressional elite are trying to pass a bill to make DST permanent. I think that something of this importance should be put to a popular vote, during a presidential election.

Only the government can cut the end off a blanket, add it to the opposite end and say it is longer.

Definition of Crosswalk

A crosswalk is a place in the street where you stop your car while waiting to pull into traffic or waiting for the light to change thereby causing walkers and bikers to go around you to reach the next sidewalk.

Drivers are often looking away from you to see if they can get going right away.

Solution: if you are able, simply walk across the hood of the car thereby getting the driver’s attention.

If not able, open the door closest to you, slide across the seat and exit on the other side leaving both doors open.

Alternate solution: stare intently at the driver in an effort to make him/her feel bad. LOL.

Signs that serve no function

This past Sunday, I watched in envy, as four cars in succession made a right turn off of Culver Dr., onto Palm Bay Road, totally ignoring the sign beside the Red Light saying “No Turn on Red”.

Of course this is not the only time I have observed this infraction. I see it almost every time I am at that intersection.

I’m not sure if people are blatantly breaking the law, or just have “tunnel vision”, and the sign directly in front of them does not register.

I too get anxious when sitting at the light for no apparent reason when there is no other traffic to impede that right hand turn.

It seems an eternity just setting there, but I just can’t bring myself to break the law. This intersection is but one of many throughout Palm Bay, and the county, that impede the flow of traffic, rather than keeping it moving in an orderly and safe manner.

If the Police Department has no intention of enforcing the “law”, and making a considerable amount of “fines” for their coffers, then why not remove the signs which serve no function but to keep honest people honest, and allow traffic to flow more smoothly.

There are multiple opportunities throughout the county for our “Traffic Engineers” to vastly improve the traffic flow and reduce the anxiety of drivers awaiting a senseless delay.

Incompetent Engineering

A recent contributor claiming to be an engineer disputed the effectiveness of N95 masks in "preventing contamination by the coronavirus". They argued that the nano-scale size of the virus made it too small to be blocked by these masks.

As another life-long career engineer, this is an example of incompetent engineering.

A truly accurate and thorough analysis of the mechanism by which the virus is transmitted would quickly clarify the effectiveness of N95 masks.

The coronavirus is actually spread from person to person via airborne transmission, and the vehicle for this transmission is droplets of moisture that are exhaled with our breaths, coughs, sneezes, etc.

Individual viruses do not float in the air by themselves but are carried within these droplets of moisture. And guess what... those droplets are well within the dimensions that are effectively filtered by N95 masks.

By trapping the droplets, the masks prevent the transmission of the viruses carried within.

That's why surgeons, other operating room personnel, doctors treating people with contagious infections, hazardous material handlers, and the highly trained members of many other technical professions depend on their masks and use them without fail.

Engineer doesn't get it

An engineer last week claimed that N95 masks can't be effective in preventing coronavirus transmission because the virus is too small to be effectively removed. He compared it to trying to keep mosquitoes out with a chain link fence.

The claim by this "engineer" flies in the face of numerous scientific studies and reflects a failure to grasp fundamental principles of how viruses behave and how face masks work.

Virus particles seldom float around by themselves when released by people. They are normally attached to water droplets or aerosols that are generated by breathing, talking, coughing, etc.

The result is a particle larger than 1 micron in size, a size that will be collected by an N95 mask, thus being an effective barrier in preventing the transmission of the virus.

To use the writer's overly simplified analogy, if those mosquitoes are inside a tennis ball, they will be stopped by the chain link fence.

Unsafe sidewalks

I been yelled at an run off the walkways by bicycle riders, especially those electric bikes that have no light at night, and give you no warning.

Pedestrians have the right way on sidewalks!

If you need to speed on you bicycle or electric bike, ride the road!

Move Over!

Who complained last week that people keep trying to “kiss their butt” by tailgating?

Does “Keep your Distance” know there’s a law that says if someone is driving “up you're butt” it’s because you are driving TOO SLOW and you need to move the heck over!

We drive on I-95 a lot and notice that it is very common. When People drive slower in the left lane and cars are piled up behind them It causes road rage because these obnoxious drivers refuse to move over.

When cars have to drive around you, it creates unnecessary lane changes for the people wanting to pass. Just move over because believe me we don’t want to “kiss your butt”!

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