I-95 is scary

Speeding is a real issue on I-95. It is almost scary to drive. We set our cruise control for 70 and cars are flying past us.

Police just seem to disregard the violators. It is dangerous and unlawful.

Drive the limit

In Italy on some highways there is a different speed limit for each lane but in the U.S. all the lanes have the same speed limit.

I emphasize limit. That is an UPPER limit.

Going faster than that limit is technically breaking the law.

If you are riding someone’s butt that is doing the limit, you are in violation.

You have every right to drive in the left lane … at the posted speed limit.

A conversation with a son

After many years of volunteer service at the hospital I came to know an employee there rather well.

One evening she told me about a conversation she and her husband recently had with their 13 year old son.

I smiled thinking it was the same conversation my husband and I had with our son.

But she said no, no, not the birds and the bees conversation. She said it was about what her black son should do in case he was stopped by the police.

Never did my husband and have that kind of conversation with our son.

When I got home that night I thought about how I was only 15 miles from that hospital employee's home, but a million miles from her concern about keeping her son alive in this color divided universe.

Trump Lost

Enough Already. The election is over and its time to take down the flags that say, "Biden is not my President" or "Pro America, Anti Biden."

No, you are not "Pro America" if you cannot accept the well documented outcome of our election.

I tend to believe the quote often attributed to Mark Twain, "It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they've been fooled."

Re: Lift the mask mandate

The recent 'Lift the mask mandate' rant left me upset. Comments like "do not wear your mask because mother nature is trying to increase the I.Q. of the gene pool", do not belong.

We are not in Nazi Germany and comments like that have no place in a newspaper.

For all the other ranter and ravers: take a deep breath and become a little more tolerant, your life and the life of others will improve.

Don't lift the mask mandate

Oh please, please, do not lift the face covering mandate.

Mother Nature has taken over 530,00 life’s in one year, and masks do work, check the science!

So anybody who thinks Masks don’t work has a IQ too low to register.

Two different attitudes

I recently attended Melbourne's St. Paddies day festivities and then went to the Vero Beaches Art Show Under the Oaks.

Seemed as though I was in two entirely different attitude zones.

At the Melbourne event more than 90% of the “good old boy” attendees, and their children, chose not to wear any sort of COVID protective face mask.

(Although there was a person taking your temperature prior to entering the festivities! What was all that about?)Maybe they haven't heard about the pandemic? Or maybe they just didn't care about their own health, or the health of the other people around them.

While attending the Art Show, approximately 30 miles from Melbourne, it was apparent that about 90% of a more sophisticated attendee not only cared about their health but others health by wearing protective masks.

Maybe denial is the best approach to a pandemic, right Melbourne?

Re: Dog On Your Lap

To the one who said an accident could cause my dog to die if an airbag opened up while it was sitting on my lap. That may be true. But I believe in God!

In the Bible God says he knows the day and the time of everyone's death, just not how.

Therefore if my dog were to die due to an air bag the dog would have died anyway with no car crash the same day and time because it was her time to go.

I will keep letting my dog sit on my lap. She has pulmonary hypertension and a seat belt would stress her out. I'll keep her happy!

A fact without context

To my fellow engineer who wrote that the N95 mask is not effective due to the nanometer size of the coronavirus.

Your statement about the size of the virus body is true. But that has nothing to do with the way a mask reduces the spread of the virus.

The coronavirus (and the influenza virus) are spread primarily through larger respiratory droplets expelled from the mouth or nose of an infected person when they talk, sneeze or cough.

Those droplets then land in the mouth or nose of another person.

These droplets may travel many feet before falling to the ground and that is why the CDC recommends a minimum of 6 feet of social distance.

A mask worn by an infected person will reduce the distance contaminated droplets travel if that person coughs or sneezes.

And if a large droplet containing the coronavirus does happen to reach another person their mask provides some protection against the chance that the infected droplet reaches their airways.

That is why you wear a mask. It protects you and others.

Of course, wearing a mask does not fully eliminate the risk of transmission, but the effectiveness of masks at reducing spread is proven.

As engineers or scientists we should understand how virus spread occurs, instead of offering one interesting fact, without putting it into context.

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