Dogs on the Beach

I like dogs but I don’t like rules that aren’t enforced. Either enforce them or do away with them.

I am on the beach every day and every day I see folks with dogs on leashes parading around. Rangers pass by with nothing being said.

But heaven forbid someone be seen with a glass bottle in their space!

Rangers swoop in, dump the contents, check the coolers, while a dog on a leash passes by.

It’s not like there aren’t signs at every beach entrance saying no animals allowed!

Oh well...hope you don’t step in something!

Can't get a shot!

My rant is about the problem with getting the COVID vaccination shot.

The system is so flawed it would be funny, if it wasn’t so serious.

I’m sure I’m not alone is feeling left out. Using a computer to make an appointment is not a problem.

I am 84 and have stage two of COPD (never smoked but my dad and husband both did). I have here lived here for 56 years, in my house 55 years.

Standing in line, either outside or inside is definitely not something I can do. I honestly feel I should have been in the first or second set eligible for a vaccination shot. But now I'll feel lucky if I ever get the shot.

There should be a way of using a big building like an auditorium where we could sit down to wait our turn. Chairs could be placed accordingly and as the line moved, we could move up one chair. I feel this would be a help to those in wheel chairs too. I wonder if any of the powers that be are really listening when people express their concerns.

RE: 'Come on People'

Perhaps you have been watching or listening to 'fake news' regarding mask wearing. Are you are one of the "sheeple" that blindly follow such reports?

I wasn't at the Food Fest, so I don't know if there was a 'mask mandate' or not, but it was outside, right?

Strangely I have not heard about any 'surge' as a result.

I have seen very few places that require masks, mostly medical facilities. As long as you are wearing a mask, you are protected, right? Have respect for those who do not think masks are effective or needed.

Mask Experts?

It’s amazing how many medical and public health experts we have out there.

To the writer who would be “very comfortable” if their child’s doctor refused to wear a mask: What if that doctor had unknowingly been exposed to the Coronavirus and didn’t know it yet? What if the doctor were asymptomatic? What if the doctor had no signs but was infectious?

Even if we were back to “normal”, I would not want my surgeon to be unmasked. You claim the mask protects only the wearer – that is an absurd supposition.

That mask protects me from you and all the others who have bought into pseudo-science and refuse to wear one. I am going to keep wearing mine.

Mask-less festivals

The festivals this past weekend were the worst in terms of the lack of Coronavirus protections!

People were packed into small spaces without masks for the most part. Booths were lined up side by side, but could have been spaced to encourage a little distancing.

These festivals will be ended if any authority witnesses what is going on.

Strap-in your dogs!

To those of you who love your dogs, please get a seat belt for them.

I have 2 small (under 10 lbs) dogs who would love to sit on my lap. Instead, they each has a seat belt that connects their harness to my car lap belt. They see out the window when they want. They can look at me or lay down.

I’m left to the business of driving and avoiding the crazy drivers who are weaving in and out of traffic to beat me to the traffic light.

Have you considered what would happen to your beautiful fur baby if you were involved in an accident and the airbags activated?

Seatbelts save lives, even dog lives.

More on masks

I read the rants weekly and there is almost always something about wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Many of these rants make points that are just not true. The latest I saw was a rebuttal to someone rightfully making the case to wear a mask when one is out in the public space. This person said the doctors wear N95 masks during surgery (surgeons). They made this claim since the N95 mask is primarily used to protect the wearer and provides little protection for others from the wearer. Surgeons do not wear N95 masks but they do wear, wait for it, a surgical mask. This is to protect not only the surgeon from bodily fluids from the patient but also to protect the patient from the doctor. This is why the recommendation from the CDC is for the public to use either a surgical mask or a cloth mask with 3 layers or better yet both. They do not recommend n95.

Wearing a mask no more infringes on one’s freedom any more than wearing clothes does when in public. Both instance protect yourself and others. Wear your darn mask. Pretend it’s just another piece of clothing needed to be a good citizen.

Note from a busy body

You state you have been living in Florida since 83 and yet you still leave a dog in your car ? You should not be allowed to own a Dog. Try sitting in your car with the A/C off , even if it's 60 degrees outside, a car can still reach temperatures over 110 degrees inside. Cars can heat up 20 degrees in 10 minutes, and rolling down the windows or parking in the shade does little to keep a car interior cool on a hot day." Use a little common sense and leave the dog home.

Dollar store blues

I work in a Dollar store, some people ask (rant) for more cashiers. I jokingly say, if we had more cashiers it would be the buck 50 store. They should realize that if there are 3 customers in front of them, they may only have 4-10 items each. Go to Walmart, Publix. or Winn Dixie the customers in front of them has 20 plus items. If you only want to spend a dollar on an item and do not like to wait on line, perhaps you should leave your home earlier! We are doing our best. We are not machines, and we do not drag our butts, a bit of patience goes a long way. We do have regulars. that we do engage in conversation. What are you all in rush for? Set your alarm earlier. The people working in every store are trying to pay their bills and living some sort of life. STOP TRYING TO MESS OUR DAY UP! We also have our own problems in life!

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