Old drivers critiqued by young

I assume that the writer is young. You trash older snowbirds. You say they should not be on the road because they stay in the passing lane with their blinker on. At least they are moving. I cannot count the number of times I have missed a light because the young person in front of me is texting and not paying attention. I am a full time resident, but we should remember that these "Snowbirds" also own homes here and pay more taxes than we do because they cannot homestead. They pay for our children's education, highway taxes City and County taxes for a place where they only live 4 months of the year, I know several local business's that could not survive without them. Our taxes would drastically increase without them.

Obviously you do not travel or you would understand how it is to be driving in a unfamiliar place. There are as many things we can all say about both young and old drivers do or do not do. The 10 seconds you save by driving slower may save your life. Do not be so quick to judge older people. One day you "will" be in their shoes. That is inevitable.

More and more on service dogs

It was good to see the readers’ letters in the February 28 Rants & Raves section concerning so-called Service Animals. It appears most people do, in fact, have common sense. There are dogs in about every public place you go now. Some people actually had a large dog spread out on a blanket in the lane section of a local bowling alley. And, I do not really appreciate that a dog has been sitting in the grocery basket were I am putting my food. If you are so emotionally insecure that you cannot go out in public without your dog, you may need to seek psychiatric help and have your groceries delivered to your home. There are many places where it is appropriate to walk your dog, but grocery stores, restaurants, airplanes, doctor’s offices, etc., are not among them.

Differences in service animals

The author is absolutely correct that we need to make a difference between “service animal” because those (mostly if not all dogs of different breeds) are highly trained to provide the service to their owner.

However, there is another category that may not be identified but is widely known in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities and that category is “emotional support dog” and goes far beyond your generic term of “pet”.

Not all dogs can fulfill this category of “emotional support dog” and not because they are not trained, they simply are like people and have different personalities, not all dogs are mutually friendly to every person that they come into contact with.

Most people are probably not familiar that what you protest is in fact daily life in virtually every country in Europe. Yes, people can and do take their “emotional support dogs” into restaurants, stores of every kind, grocery shopping etc. and this is because their society has understood, these animals are far more than “just a pet”, they are their companions just as you have your friends they have their “emotional support dog”.

Unfortunately we still have a society that believes that “dogs” need to be chained outside beside their doghouses and do not belong in a home and have no understanding of the millions of pet owners that consider their pet a part of the family.

Regulations and the short-term rentals

My parents moved to Indialantic in 1950 and we live in a single-family zoned neighborhood in Melbourne Beach.

I'm disappointed to see Florida state lawmakers misrepresent proposed legislation that is seeking to take away local regulations on short-term rentals.

These bills, backed by vacation rental companies, Airbnb and VRBO, will undo the regulations and ordinances that have been enacted by local governments to protect neighborhoods the negative impacts: traffic, parties, drugs and violence. These bills are meant to enhance the vacation rental industry. This legislation does nothing to bring forward the consumer protections, inspections and regulations that hotels and bed and breakfasts must adhere to. This is no longer home-sharing. As the bill sponsors have stated, this is a billion-dollar industry welcoming over six million guests to Florida each year. Out-of-state commercial investors and operators with multiple vacation rental properties are seizing on this opportunity to turn residential homes into commercial rentals. Similar legislation that passed in Arizona to remove local vacation rental oversight has allowed investors to take even further advantage of the industry, pushing out residents and devastating communities.

If Florida lawmakers want to protect the best interests of homeowners and communities, they should oppose SB 1128 and HB 1011.

More Chic-fil-a in Melbourne

I would like to get in touch with Chic-fil-a and ask if they can open one in Melbourne. There's so many mother and grandmothers who would like to take their children to the ones with play area.

I know there is one inside the college but we can't use it. So please, I've left all kinds of comments but they don't listen. We would love it if they could build one here in Melbourne.

Old driver's too slow??

Could it be that others are going too fast? Granted, the tourists of all ages may be sight-seeing or just plain lost. Or, it could b e they are the only ones who can read a traffic sign and understand the numbers that go with mph.

A report shows that Florida students are way behind the rest of the country in both reading and mathematics.

If you are worries about getting to work on time, I would suggest you try driving the posted speed limit signs and adjust your departure to allow for the unexpected. Being a little early is better than not getting there at all! Remember the slogans "Speed kills" or "Arrive Alive".

Perhaps if they did that, pedestrians, cyclists and everyone else will live long enough to enjoy being older drivers.

"More gyms in Palm Bay" response

The senior who submitted a rants claiming there aren't enough gyms in Palm Bay is out of their mind.

First of all, if they're a senior and have health insurance she wouldn't have to pay for a gym. I go to the gym four days a week and there are two Anytime Fitness in Palm Bay, there's another gym in the Publix shopping center on Malabar Road, and there's a Planet Fitness and an L.A. Fitness.

I don't know what they're talking about. They must live on another world.

Homeless, panhandlers a blunder

I respect, appreciate the local police departments and understand they have more serious things to do than disperse people begging at intersections, sleeping on benches downtown, taking up sitting spaces in fast food restaurants.

I don't know what the solution is, but I do believe that if people would quit giving money to them when stopped at a light when they walk by to stare into your car, it might help. Oh, and don't forget how the libraries are used as there private washrooms, and air conditioned, study rooms for a nice break. Why do you think a police car is always at Fee Street library?

There are food banks, places to take a shower and sleep, if that helps. Some have been seen downtown, panhandling, then get in their car and drive away at the end of their time panhandling. Let's not forget when they stand directly under the "No Soliciting Sign" at the Club 52 entrance on Wickham Road.

Melbourne could bring in the old Florida history and tourism downtown. If they aren't rewarded, they will move on. Melbourne could be so much more

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