RE: "Who’s to blame for shootings?"

To the author, yes Brevard School District is a participant in the “Promise Program”, even if they deny this.

This program is a part of an Obama-era civil rights law.

Nationwide, the school systems were involved in surveys to identify those students that had been suspended, 2.6 million. The findings: black boys suspended 3x more than white, black girls suspended 6x more than whites, students with disabilities 2x more than their peers.

The Parkland killer, Cruz, of course was identified in the 3rd group.

The Promise Program stands for: Preventing Recidivism through Opportunities, Mentoring, Interventions, Supports & Education.

By establishing these standards the Federal Govt. actually incentivized schools to not report troubled students to law enforcement.

Broward was one of the 1st to embrace “restorative justice” discipline programs and became one of the Obama administration’s darlings for its efforts to focus on equity in discipline.

At a Congressional hearing it was reported that the efforts to fix the school-to-prison pipeline had amplified it and they were on a very dangerous road.

Articles have been submitted by substitute teachers and a major complaint, lack of discipline in the classroom. It is obvious with “identity politics” programs like this that violence, even to the degree we seen from the Parkland killer is a result. Regardless of ethnicity/race a dangerous student is still dangerous and there should never be quotas.

But until the voters stand up and hold those accountable, resist the influence of the Teachers Union.

Constant updates creates panic

That you for your lovely paper. It makes my week.

They say on the TV not to panic, yet they have five or six people on and each one giving their two-cents worth. This doesn't go on as a five minute update. It is on for hours.

If they don't want to scare people they should just give a brief update daily.

Another Palm Bay resident vents

It’s not just the residents on the south end of Babcock St. that are frustrated. How about everyone south of Malabar?

If you're planning to transit I-95 south, the new interchange is a huge timesaver. In the Editor's response, I think they got smoked by someone in the city manager’s office for the explanation they got. I was told there was an agreement between the city and the county on how to rectify the problems that remained. Specifically, the location of a traffic light and some paving to be done before the county would issue a permit.

Several days later the city managers office reneged on their part of the bargain. As a result the county has refused the permit. Did the city change their mind because of incompetence or did the city council reject the agreement? Who knows?

Bottom line, the $9 million - 1.67 mile segment of the parkway that was supposed to be paid for by the developer, was paid by the citizens of Palm Bay and it's still closed.

Indeed it is too bad that, thanks to Kenny Johnson, one hour on his new job, the council fired top-notch businessman Gregg Lynk - who no doubt would have had this intersection open months ago.

Editors note: The following response was issued by the city of Palm Bay.

"The City and County had a conference call to discuss the terms of an agreement regarding the St. Johns Heritage Parkway on Friday March 6, 2020. As a result, City staff sent a revised draft Interlocal Agreement to the County on Sunday March 8, 2020.

A follow-up discussion held on Wednesday, March 18th, was cut short due to COVID-19 planning and response efforts. City and County officials spoke briefly between emergency management conference calls and determined to hold a meeting next Wednesday, March 25th, to continue discussions on the Parkway project."

No mention of wearing face masks?

The Coronavirus is an air-born virus carried by persons with or without symptoms.

On February 20, 2020, in the New York Times, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, was quoted as saying "I don't think there's any question that someone who is without symptoms and carrying the virus can transmit the virus to somebody else."

Wouldn't it make more sense to be mass producing face masks so all could be wearing one before spending billions of dollars on too late vaccines, too few tests and closing down America as we know it? Common sense dictates that if all persons in the United States were required (fines if not heeded) to wear face masks away from home, the air-born Coronavirus could be far more effectively stopped than with the present, unsuccessful interventions.

“Who’s to blame for shootings?” reply

I don’t need to be a genius to know that the answer to this question is obviously, the shooter.

The shooter is defined as an idiot, filled with hate, with an automatic or semi-automatic weapon. I also don’t need to be a genius to know that, in everyone of these cases, if the person had not been carrying a GUN, he would not have been able to create the havoc that he created by having a gun. If he had been carrying a knife or a baseball bat, fewer, if any, people would have died. People say “Don’t blame it on the gun!” and I don’t. I blame it on the idiot that was allowed to possess such a weapon because of the ridiculous ease of buying guns in this country, especially in this state. I blame the NRA.

I am a gun owner and I say it is time to ban weapons that were only invented for mass killings (assault rifles) and make all the rest of the guns more difficult for children, criminals, and totally disturbed people to obtain. You need a license to drive, to get married, to fish, and to run a business. Why in the world would a law-abiding American citizen think that requiring gun registering and licensing is against the constitution? Normal, sensible American people would still be allowed to own and carry guns, not the morons that think taking the life of children, people in nightclubs, and people at a concert is a way to spend their last day on earth. Let’s make hate illegal again.

Dog owners worse than smokers?

Public cigarette smokers, in the past, were the most inconsiderate people on this planet.

Not all of them, but the majority thought it was their given right to share their smoke, ashes and butts with the rest of the world. Well, my smoking friends, move over. You have been replaced.

Dog owners have taken over. Dogs do not own our sidewalks. I run/walk daily and encounter each day dogs and their owners who think the entire sidewalk is their domain.

Dog on one side, owner on other, leash in between. When I request save passage, I'm the bad guy. They in grocery stores, department outlets, liquor stores, airports, etc.

Everywhere and anywhere: dogs. For the sake of mankind, dog owners smarten up.

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Rich Larson

o the individual spouting about the "Promise Program:" Sir (I assume you are male) - you made some valid points. Where you went astray was in focusing on the Obama era (please move on, you won), and in blaming the teacher's union. I am a union member and am NOT in favor of discipline limitations based on race or any other criteria. Neither is anyone else in the union. We are often the TARGETS of those dangerous students, you fool! Such programs are the darlings of the upper tiers of administration and the school board members.

A common motive for maintaining such 'programs' is to avoid law suits. Their decisions are driven by that fear, certainly not by the wishes of us educators in the front lines. Both of those cadres are political types. If you do not like their politics. then vote. But please refrain from ignorant statements such as 'resist the Teacher's union." The only thing we want is to be able to educate children, and get support when ineducable or difficult children are placed in regular classroom environments. Instead of venting nasty messages about those of us who work hard to care for the children of this community, do something constructive with your time.[offtopic]

Indian Harbor Beach Resident

I'm with you.... responsible dog owners are in decline. My dog, My space! that is the thinking. You forgot to mention the beaches. Children play in the sand and there are different diseases transmitted. Who deserves the beaches more Children or Dogs? Her is site for Foot and Mouth that is occurring more


Parents need to check themselves and children using the beaches because it is spreading because people are taking their dogs to all the beaches now! If other beach goers would call out dog owners this would change. Those that don't speak up allow the breaking of the law! get involved and tell dog owners they are breaking the law and you don't appreciate them putting you and children at risk!!!

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