Driver's observations

I recently had a strange situation where I went from driving two, maybe three times a week beach-side, to having to drive every day over the causeway. After reading all the rants, I was especially vigilant, and observant.

Everyone out there is crazy! Drivers in larger vehicles who must have their way are basically bullies.

What I saw: speeding; right turn on red – most people barely slow down much less come to a complete stop first; driving and parking where there are diagonal lines; some people are so married to the left (i.e. fast) lane, they endanger themselves and everyone else when they suddenly realize they have to make a right turn; using the bike lane as a right turn lane; most can’t properly navigate 2-lane turns (especially left turns); jaywalking everywhere; those with handicap hangers ignore the instructions to “remove before driving vehicle”; pedestrians in the road when a sidewalk exists – walking with traffic instead of against it – and usually with ear buds in – and a stroller; using that extra left-turn lane as a passing lane or travel lane; left turns out of driveways where it’s clearly marked right turn only.

It goes on.

Who's to blame for shootings?

Regarding Parkland shooting: does the Brevard school board participate in the Promise Program?

A book written by a father of one of the Parkland victims explains, after extensive research, guns are not the cause of this tragedy, the Promise Program is. I wonder how many gun control activists have read the grieving father's side of what actually happened.

Do you want to find the truth or do you just have an agenda. Please find all the facts before jumping to conclusions. It takes a little more time and research but facts may actually save lives in the future. Read about the Promise Program and make your own decision.

"Service dog owner unfairly treated" response

Perhaps it is not clear that you actually have what is classified as a "service" dog. What service does it perform for you?

According to the "National Network of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)" guide book section 2 it says, "Emotional support animals, comfort animals, and therapy dogs are not service animals under Title 2 and title 3 of the ADA.." Still quoting it says "It does not matter if a person has a note from a doctor that states that the person has a disability and needs to have the animal for emotional support. A doctor's letter does not turn an animal into a service animal."

And then in section three it says that "These support animals provide companionship, relieve loneliness, and sometimes help with depression, anxiety, and certain phobias, but do not have special training to perform tasks that assist people with disabilities...and therefore are not covered by federal laws protecting the use of service animals."

Further, in section 5-a, a business owners is allowed to ask two questions, 1) Is the animal required because of a disability? and 2) what sort of task has the animal been trained to perform?

Therefore, is your dog truly a "service dog" since you said "he would be in a carrier"?

More gyms in Palm Bay

How can Palm Bay be the most fit city? We don't have a Health First gym, Health First closed our gym.

Palm Bay needs a gym that is for senior residents that may need help to stay fit.

What's a service dog, really?

Is it a small dog that protects you from your own insecurities? Something you need in your shopping cart to tell you what groceries to buy? Or is it a flea-bitten mutt that needs your constant attention?

You people are carrying your false claims way too far and want the rest of us to sympathize with you and believe you have a legal right.

I have a 120 pound Rottweiler puppy who would love to go shopping with me. I choose to leave him at home when I go out. That's called public courtesy and respect for our neighbors.

No! You don't have the legal right to bring your personal problem into my home, place of business, or any public place and infect us all.

Where can we take our dogs anymore?

There was a time when we could take our dogs to the beach and bathe them in the salt water. Nobody complained.

The ocean water kills all the fleas, ticks and other bugs. I would taken them home and rinse them off with fresh water.

Those were the good old days before people became paranoid and didn't try to rule over their neighbors.

Keep dogs out of the stores

I agree with the service dog rant. Dogs have a place and its not in the supermarket, not on the beach and not in the Home Depot. I'm tired of going into stores and seeing dogs walking around. People are shopping. This is terrible. When does it stop?

I guess the owners of the stores can't say anything because they might hurt someone's feelings. Well, maybe sometimes feelings need to be made known and I'm so happy we have Hometown News that we can rant and rave about this. Keep your dogs at home. I don't want to buy my food knowing there could be be a dog that's smelled my meat.

More opinions of elderly drivers

For the past few weeks I have read comments about older drivers and this week I just couldn't keep silent. You want to talk about inconsiderate! How about the drivers who speed up behind you, tailgate, and then weave into the other lane driving way past the speed limit only to weave in front of you.

Or, let's talk about the "crotch rocket" riders, who weave in and out of traffic. Or let's talk about the impatient drivers who beep at you the second the light turns green. I could go on an on and furthermore, remember that someday you will be old too and will be one of those inconsiderate drivers. Also, as you complain about the old people who come to Florida without an 'invitation', 'clogging up our doctor offices", etc. they boost our economy in Brevard, they don't come here and expect to be handed things like the students who come here to only to be rude and inconsiderate of others. Respect is so lacking in our world today.

Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

"Older drivers are inconsiderate" response

I am a senior that drives a car that gets 34 mpg in the city, not a gas guzzler. I have been driving for 45 years and have never been in an accident nor caused one.

I am courteous when I drive, hopefully not self-centered, only use the passing lane when passing, and follow the rules of the road. I took a driving course and passed with a 98 out of 100 percent. Did the writer of the rant?

I also work and note all kinds of poor driving habits of others, not just seniors. I know that my doctor can't see me as quickly in the winter months because of snowbirds, of which I am not one, I am a Floridian and live here year-round. If I was a snowbird, I would know, as they should, that I wouldn't need an invitation to come to the South because it is America and we can travel anywhere without asking permission. I don't know your age, but would like to share a bit of my elder wisdom with you.

Don't lump everyone together as it isn't fair, live and let live, and make sure you hang up and drive and don't text as many younger people seem to think is OK.

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