In regards to Palm Bay

In a letter in today's Hometown News, referring to the road built to connect to the new I-95 interchange in Palm Bay, someone said that, "council fired top-notch businessman Gregg Lynk - who no doubt would have had this intersection open months ago." Of course, this can never be proven. But who would say that? It sounds like Bill Mick, who said that Council fired "a professional CEO" in the city manager’s job, referring to Lynk. Bill has said, on air, that Gregg is a friend of his. The descriptions of Gregg are very similar. But Gregg had no City Manager experience, had filed for bankruptcy, got the job through a friend, who he then hired, and wasn't even considered by Palm Bay’s search firm or by the Town of Indian River Shores who didn't bother to interview him after Palm Bay fired him. At least Lisa Morrell has Director experience in City government, intelligence, and integrity.

If Gregg was such a great businessman, why didn't he get the developers to pay for it? Or why didn’t he apply for the permit before the road construction began? Who begins a project without getting the permits? He might have had a chance at getting it through the County’s obstruction via the Isnardi connection. Lisa came in towards the end of this mess. As a "professional CEO" and "top-notch businessman", why did he leave such a mess, and many more, as evidenced by the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee?

RE: "Who's to blame for shootings?"

This is a follow up to the author identifying the Promise program as being a significant causal factor in the Parkland shootings.

Not only was Brevard County School District an advocate of this program's goals, but the Sun-Sentinel reported that the author of the Promise program's strategy, and guidance for Broward School District, was none other than our former School Superintendent, Desmond Blackburn.

He was hired by BCSD after installing the program in Broward and managed to resign soon after the Parkland shootings.

For Brevard County School District to deny that they were a participant in the Promise program is disingenuous at best.

Exceptional Individuals

The entire problem with our laws are those that think the rules and laws are for everyone else but them. No Animals on the Beach is for others not my dog. I'm not using the dog beach, there are to many dogs there. People don't care if I have my dog on the "No Dog" beaches. This is exactly why we are losing control of our Country. The "Me" generation who feel they are "Special" is the problem. This new generation has been taught "You Are Special". Get this you are not more special than everyone else. This has resulted in selfishness, elitism and disrespect for the law. Laws and rules are made for the benefit of everyone! By not obeying the Laws or Rules you are the problem. If someone does not agree with a rule or law take it upon yourself to get involved and change the law or rule don't just break it because you don't agree with it or you don't like it! The law was created because of problems!! that is why it exists.

I do not have any one gripe. My gripe encompasses all the gripes on this site. Stop and ask? am I following the law? are others following the law? If everyone worked together under the same laws and rules we could all live in peace and serenity. Lets all live in a congenial society and follow rules and laws then all these gripes would not be valid.

Mask should be mandatory in stores

Isn't it time that the county required all shoppers to cover their faces or not to be allowed in any stores for the safety and protection of everyone. What are they waiting for?

Stay safe everyone.

County elect not showing leadership

This is to address some problems that seem to exist in Brevard County.

Brevard County officials don't seem to want to update the public in a normal fashion. They seem to not really understand anything that is going on and they argue amongst each other. The county's emergenmy manager was someone I thought would be doing most of the talking about COVID-19, not people with political agendas or no experience. The county commission is screwed up and there's only about one person that I would revote in, the rest will be voted out.

Who let the dogs out?

A couple of months ago, we stopped along the Indiatlantic Dog Beach to try the steak sandwich at the portable eatery. Since we had our dog and beach chairs in the car, we thought we’d eat on the beach. So we spent a couple minutes reading all the rules; dogs on leash, cleaning up after the dog, and then proceeded to walk over the wooden bridge between the parking lot and the beach. When we were able to see the beach, you’d think we stepped into a different planet. Every dog, big and small was running around loose like it was a big free-for-all.

We literally saw no other dog out of about 30 dogs on leash. No wonder they limit dogs on the beach, it's too bad the Indiatlantic Police don’t enforce any of these laws at this beach.

Typical Florida.

How long will it last?

The country is currently taking sides regarding the re-opening of our economy. It might help us all to try to understand the perspective of those we differ with.

I happen to be in an “at risk” category due to my age (older than dirt). I am very careful to follow the social distancing rules. I wash my hands thoroughly quite often. If I plan to go shopping, I will wear a mask. My wife and I live alone and we do not expect or welcome any visitors. On the bright side, we live on a fixed income. Our Social Security checks and my pension check are direct deposited into our checking account once a month. The shutdown of the economy has not affected our income in the least.

On the other hand, millions of my fellow citizens have seen their incomes slashed or eliminated. These people are responsible for feeding their families and providing the other necessities of life. Some have worked all their lives to accumulate a small nest egg, only to see it vanish. When it comes down to the decision to re-open the economy, I say re-open as soon as possible with common sense guidelines.

I am responsible for my health. I will continue to follow the sensible guidelines issued by the government to minimize my exposure to life-threatening conditions. I support the gradual re-opening of our economy, even in the absence of an effective vaccine.

Give these people back their dignity.

Masking a problem?

Wearing a mask and gloves in this uncertain time can actually be counterproductive. Wear a mask if it makes you feel safer, but in all likelihood, if you are not sick it will probably not protect you very much.

If you are sick, by all means wear one to alert others around you that you are ill. Wearing gloves, like I see many doing, can actually be harmful. If you happen to touch a contaminated surface while wearing gloves, your skin is initially protected, but now the glove is contaminated and anything you touch will become contaminated (phone, face, car steering wheel, etc.) Unless you constantly change your gloves after every suspected contamination (which I suspect few, if any do), you may actually be unknowingly making the problem worse. Healthcare workers know this.

Why do you think they have boxes of these things scattered around and they are constantly changing them? Consistently washing and sanitizing your hands and keeping at least six feet between yourself and others are the most prudent actions you can take.

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Rich Larson

To the writer who discussed our County Commission, you are right on. A bunch of arguing, do nothing clowns. Not sure which of the five you might keep, bu hoping we are on the same page that it would NOT be one of the ideologues who care more for limelight than about decent governance.

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