RE: Stop supporting Panhandlers

What an outrageous rant! You make me ashamed to be an American.

What kind of person thinks that being “dependent” on other’s donations is “enabled” by their kindness?

Is this person so cold that they think these people have chosen this as a CAREER?

I’m sure the mother that was out there with her child would be happy to have a different path to wealth.

If you think that they are getting rich then you should try it someday and see how much you make. You get no bonus for the humiliation you feel out there when people don’t stop.

To the kind hearted people who occasionally help someone, I say “God Bless You”, you are the heart of this Nation. A true patriot. Jesus would applaud you because he did the same when he was alive.

Low wages = No cashiers & no service

A previous rant suggested that there are fewer cashiers in stores these days because they're getting pandemic unemployment checks and making more money staying at home then they are working.

If that's true then retail businesses should be asking why they pay their cashiers so little? Florida pays the lowest wages of any state I have ever been to.

Toll roads are a disaster

Do you know that it costs a guy who drives a $500 1980 Chevy the same amount as a guy in a NEW $300,000 Lamborghini to drive on toll roads?

Florida needs to get rid of toll roads.

In defense of train whistles

It's annoying when trains whiz through a neighborhood in the wee hours of the night, blaring a whistle at a crossing, frequently waking up people in the neighborhood. Engineers refer to it as a "Jerk Whistle," as it's supposed to get the "jerks" off of the tracks because a speeding train is coming through.

Go to YouTube and type in "trains hitting cars" in the subject line.

You'll see some pretty gory and stupid things people have done at railway crossings when a train is approaching.

A train going 50 to 60 mph needs one mile to come to a complete stop, so it's not the engineer's fault.

If these "jerk whistles" help save a life, and hopefully they have, it's worth the annoyance.

The future of shopping is scary

I was in my local big-box store and there were no cashier's available. If you wanted to pay for your items, you had to use self service check-out. Not wanting to help store management lay-off more cashiers, I left the store and went home.

That night I had a dream I was back in the store in the same situation. I started complaining, asking to speak to a manager.

I was led to a small room. The back of the manager's swivel chair was facing me. I could see his bald head, which appeared to be ceramic. It spun around, and only then did the horror grip me.

Its head opened its eyes, they were burning red. It pointed a long stainless steel finger at me. Then it spoke.

"I am Borg, the manager. If you continue to complain, you will be assimilated!”

I woke up from my nightmare, hoping it would not be a sign of things to come!

Country in distress

To the veteran who complained about the American flag flying upside down.

Our country is in distress, we are losing all our freedoms and when they are done we will have no rights.

If we continue on this path you and all other veterans of this great country will have fought for nothing.

Voting reform

Every citizen should automatically be registered to vote. We need to prevent any restrictions from the voting process that prevents anyone from voting. We also have to end gerrymandering. Rep. Posey, Sen. Rubio and Sen. Scott are my voices. I hope they use it to get true voting reform.

Ex-cons should be allowed to vote

Ex-cons who've served their time and found tax paying jobs should be allowed to vote in Florida. To deny them the vote is "taxation without representation”.

It should also be pointed out that the census counts inmates. The prison population numbers are included in the census which determines political representation. So if they're counted as citizens, they should have a say in who represents them.

Dugout deterioration

I was at my Grandson’s Little League T-Ball game last Saturday at the McLarty Park in Rockledge and I could not believe how badly the chain linked fence inside the first base dugout looked.

It was terribly upsetting that children ages 4 to 8 play baseball on a ball field that has broken and rusty chain link fencing.

I can only envision a child standing on the dugout bench reaching through this fence and ripping a finger or arm open, needing stitches and a Tetanus shot or worse.

This is an avoidable accident waiting to happen.

Chain link fencing is not so expensive that Brevard County cannot afford to fix this problem. I would be happy to contribute to keep our children safe.

Time for a pardon

Recreational marijuana has become legal in a growing number of states. Even in Florida, which lags behind much of the nation, its no longer a felony to possess less than 20 grams of marijuana.

That's why we need to get marijuana off the Feds Schedule 1 list and pardon anyone in prison on marijuana charges, (provided they're not serving time on other violent charges).

In addition everyone who was ever convicted and served time on a marijuana possession charge in the past should have their record expunged.

Some state governments and individuals elsewhere in the nation are now making millions off growing and selling marijuana. Yet we still have thousands in jail for doing the same?!?

Its time for justice. All those who are in or out of jail who are doing or have done time for this bogus crime should be freed.

Flawed logic

For the ranter who tried to blame the lack of cashiers at the large superstores on people just staying home and collecting unemployment, your logic is flawed for two reasons:

1. Self checkout machines were in operation long before the pandemic and cashiers were taken from their normal registers to "supervise" the machine area.

2. I go to at least three other chain supermarkets. and they have many lanes with cashiers open. They don't seem to have a problem getting help who make our shopping a pleasure rather than an ordeal.

But, I agree the bottom line is that some corporations are greedy and worry more about the bottom line than trying to actually provide "customer service," except for lip-service of course.

One final point: I have written this corporation's management four times asking a simple question "is this corporate policy or that of the individual store"? Six months later, I'm still waiting for a reply.

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Rich Larson

Upside down flag OK in your mind? Then the BLM and native Americans who also fly it upside down are in the right. So for you right wingers who think since Trump lost it's OK to disrespect our flag, sounds like you have joined with antifa and other protestors. Congrats on your newfound wisdom.


to the person that said felons that pay taxes should be able to vote you apparently where not here in 2016 or you are just uninformed they can vote they do have to pay any restitution they owe but they can vote.

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