Crosswalk and speed limits

Well, I ran my first crosswalk flashing sign due to the fact that the lights were being blocked from view.

Why are the flashing lights so low? Any taller vehicle will obstruct your view. Our exit street stop and crosswalk signs also block the view of the lights that are so low to the ground.

Can the city ever get this right? I think that better median barriers and a maybe a 40 mph speed limit would keep pedestrians on higher awareness and safer.

I also walk or bike to the beach a couple times a day.

"Who's really in need?" response

This is a direct reply to who's really in need and others. Years ago, I worked at a local food pantry. Day one we were told that if we made a home visit we were not to judge.

They may have big screen TV, a nice car, kids on computers, and six months ago all was well. Then, the father lost his job, or sickness took his income. The still have many payments to meet, and I can say the two or three kids still like to eat regularly.

It' not our job to judge them, offer a hand instead. It could be us.

User errors on crosswalks

I was looking on Facebook and saw someone posting about the barriers and the crosswalks that they put on A1A. They showed how people were slamming on their brakes and they hasn't even pushed the button yet to cross. They also went on to say that what they needed to do was that, when the button was pushed, there should be a five second flash of yellow lights and then go to red lights.

Now, to me, that makes sense, because the problem we are having is people are pushing the button and figuring that they should cross right then instead of waiting for traffic to stop.

I myself I have seen people push the button, start crossing the street, and they're playing with their cell phones.

Excuse me. those people have no business even trying to cross the road. What is more important on their cell phone then crossing the street safely?

A message from a first responder

I wasn't going to post, but this is my reality and I know I have some friends that may be able to relate.

The past two days I have felt an array of emotions at work. Mostly, defeated which is not a feeling I get very often, and it hurts. Life is so precious; literally every moment.

People who aren't seeing the repercussions of this virus face to face, and holding it in their arms can never truly understand this fight. For those of you beside me, I am so proud of you and I wonder how well you are sleeping at night, because I'm not. I wonder how we're all doing this. In the moments of fear and defeat, we have to carry on and continue to be strong. I am thankful for my team. I am thankful I have support, and am here to give support to whoever needs it.

I am so sorry for the loss of life at this time and the family that cannot be around during such a pivotal moment. Let's appreciate who we have in our lives, and love them as hard as we can.

We are all in this together.

Park cleanup appreciated

To the city of Melbourne: you're doing a great job cleaning up Jimmy Moore Park, located at Wickham and Sarno Road in Melbourne, but please cut don't don't cut down the cat-tails around the pond. The blue herons, ducks and other wildlife congregate there.

I've talked to someone a few months ago in the parks department and they assured me they would not do that. Unfortunately, someone did do through and mowed them down.

If you could save the wildlife habitats it would be appreciated. The park is looking great!

"Masks mandatory" response

Definitely, yes! In spite of what the President and our governor are saying, the pandemic is increasing. Trust your own judgment, not the wishful thinking of politicians who want your vote.

This also agrees with "County elect not showing leadership". That means their inept abilities justify them to pass the buck and not accepting any responsibility for anything.

"How long will it last?" response

I agree with every word written by the person who has a great deal of "wisdom". Keep in mind wisdom does not necessarily come with age.

Keeping yourself alive and helping others to do the same will not cost you any money. Sharing your limited experience with your neighbor might just help them to pass it on. This is what I call wisdom!

Last thought: social distancing should be expanded, especially between drivers and pedestrians in the crosswalks.

Masks are for anyone inclined

The subject of who wears a mask or not is not anyone's decision but theirs. There is no right or wrong.

If you think it is unattractive then that is your problem. Do you think neck braces, arm or leg casts are unattractive too? How attractive do you think you would look hooked up to a ventilator?

Let people do what makes them feel comfortable and if you don't like it, look the other way.

On masks...

It is your choice to wear a mask - it is your choice not to wear a mask.

However social distance is not a choice, it is being courteous. So, just do it!

Extra charges in pandemic

I called a local dentist in Satellite Beach to inquire about their protocols for my appointment.

The standard things were mentioned, but I was told they will charge each patient ten dollars because of the PPE they must wear. I was at my regular physician last week and was not charged anything extra.

I don't think this is fair. I have called my local podiatrist, dermatologist and three other dental offices - none are charging their patients extra.

Get rid of the masks

I don't mind the social distancing and all that bologna, but this mask stuff has got to stop. It's really bad for people who can't hear. You can't see the person's face so you can't understand what they're saying. It's not fair to some people who can't hear.

Also, I've been finding a lot of disposable mask on the ground. I had one in my yard and they can spread germs, too. People are throwing their masks our the window and littering. If people are so worried about the environment, which is it?

This mask stuff has to stop. Thank you.

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