Stop supporting the panhandlers

We have a lot of panhandlers in our area.

They are usually a young male or female, holding up a sign that says - "hungry", or "anything will help", or "God bless"!

People give them money not because they really care about the person, but to make themselves "feel good"!

When people give to pan-handlers, they are continuing to "enable" people to be "dependent"! Whatever happened to self-reliance?

More for less

Since a new trash hauler (Republic) took over from Waste Management, the service has been less than acceptable.

The new provider must be using older equipment to gather the garbage and waste because the containers are beginning to look like they have been used for target practice. And when I have to drive through the residential neighborhoods, I have to dodge the containers that are left partly in the street after pick-up, to say nothing of the mess left in front of some of the houses from the “attempt” to pick-up.

I fail to see the advantage of three(3) pick-ups per week when most households generate only enough waste for a single pick-up.

And the “new” recycle restrictions are bordering on ridiculous, as much fewer items are acceptable.

I would welcome a rebuttal by one of our commissioners explaining why we must pay twice as much for worse service than we had with Waste Management.

Take from the experts

A healthcare worker recently asked “If this pandemic is so life threatening, and we need to wear masks and social distance, then why are we allowed to fly in an airplane and sit less than 6 inches apart”?

The answer is obvious.

The decision to resume flying was an executive decision made by those in the airline industry seeking to recoup profit losses. It was NOT a decision made by experts in infectious diseases.

This healthcare worker might ask the airlines on what basis they decided they knew better than the infectious disease experts.

An even better question would be why do you base your decision on whether or not it’s safe to fly on what business people in the airline industry say rather than scientific advice by experts in the field?

If I want advice about the price of an airline ticket, I’ll ask someone in the airline industry.

If I want to know if it’s safe to fly during a global pandemic, I’ll ask an infectious disease expert. You’re gambling your health on the wrong horse.

Ref: No cashiers, no service

I perfectly understand why the manager told you to go find a cashier.

Most cashiers are unemployed now and don't want to go back to work because the government is paying them more than they would get as a cashier. So they sit at home.

It's the same at restaurants. I heard one McDonald's was offering $50 just to get someone to come in for an interview. They are that desperate for help.

If the government would stop giving away money there would be more cashiers.

Fly the flag right

A homeowner in our neighborhood has been flying the American Flag upside down since the Presidential election. The flying of the American Flag upside down is a sign of distress, Not to be used as a symbol of disappointment in the election of our President.

I can understand someone’s disappointment in the results, but as a veteran of the “Greatest Country in the World” I am very much offended by the use of Our American Flag for such symbolism.

Put the flag back up properly and be glad you have the freedoms you enjoy because of so many sacrifices made by so many brave veteran men and women of the United States of America.

Clean my road!

The city of Palm Bay is paving roads off of Port Malabar, but they never clean Florin Road.

Weeds are growing in the street, trash is never picked up.

Florin runs through a residential neighborhood and deserves to be cleaned up periodically.

Please, clean my road!

Over the speed limit

Sometime in the past 20 years, a Florida Highway Patrol officer was quoted on the front page of a local paper as saying that they allow 15 mph over the speed limit before they started writing tickets. They apparently caught some heat on that (probably from some do-gooder organization), because they published a revision of 10 mph over the speed limit several days later.

I have tested this many times in Florida and other states. I have driven 10 mph over the speed limit beside, behind and in front of sheriff and highway patrol cars and never received a ticket.

I know my speedometers read high at plus 2 mph like most if not all of them so I am well within the allowed 10 mph. Many times I drive 12 mph over the limit without fear. I drive 10 mph over the posted limit everywhere with no problem. That's why any knowledgeable driver recognizes the left outside lane as the "passing" or "fast" lane that slower drivers should avoid.

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Drivers~ Please put down your phone and use your signal lights !! PLEASE !


I'm a big fan of recycling,but the retrictions and limitations imposed on us makes me wonder.Is it really worthwhile to go thru all the trouble of sorting, measuring, rinsing and breaking down boxes and maybe I forgot something. But I can assure you that on my short street nobody's bins qualify for "good material" fit for recycling. So it goes to the dump.And we pay for this. There has to be a better way.

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