To the the Staff of Hometown News

Want to give you a hearty THANK YOU for providing residents with a wonderful local newspaper! You have been a highlight of my week many times, because you recognize the ‘good news’ happening in our area!

Your determination to make the best of this extraordinarily difficult period dealing with the ramifications of the COVID-19 virus is worth much gratitude from your devoted readers.

It also makes us realize how much the businesses help make our lives (and ‘our paper’) more worthwhile. Our family and friends have tried very hard to patronize these businesses which have continued to advertise with you, and we enjoy using the money-saving coupons which advertise in “Smart Source” magazine.

Cannot overlook the wonderful delivery people who throw the paper as close to our doors as possible!

Having worked on a news staff years ago, I know what it’s like to type out a column every week. NOT easy! God will bless you all.

Editor's Note: Thank you for your kind words. Hometown News appreciates you!

The reality of having a Service Animal

Animals were not created to be the constant companion of humans. Animals have a place in our lives, and they do provide comfort and affection to their owners or masters, but so do human friends and family members. It is true that many humans live alone, or have no human affection at home, and that is the place for animals as pets. As far as using animals to provide service to a person in public facilities not designed or created to host animals, that is as to compare them to friend or family members and insinuate that they hold the same status. Would you like others to think of your spouse, parent or child as the service person, just there at your need for service or attention. Are you proud to escape rules, regulations, and common sense?

Those using EBT have to risk infection

Floridians with compromised immune systems are staying home, but those of us on EBT have to risk infection to go to the store for food. EBT/SNAP/food stamps and cash cannot be used to pay for home delivery of groceries. Through social media I've connected others with this challenge, and some of us have no one who will go to the store for us.

The Florida Dept of Children and Families recently sent an email saying we will receive a little extra this month to help - but if we can't use it for home delivery, we have to risk infection by going to a store.

I’ve contacted DCF about this and the answer is: “Sorry. There’s nothing we can do. You have to use your EBT at the store.”

So much for staying safe.

Regarding TNR

In response to your article “Cat-fight divides county and Humane Society”, I’d like to educate the public and the county commissioners on the positive aspects and facts of TNR ( trap neuter and release).

Trap neuter and release is the humane way to control cat colonies caused by irresponsible adults! There is no reason to not spay and neuter their cats. People need to understand that by allowing their cat to breed just increases the problem and contribute s to the death of thousands of cats and kittens. This irresponsibility has caused the overpopulation of both dogs and cats throughout time.

Pet lovers and responsible owners feel that it’s inhumane and downright cruel to trap thousands of cats and euthanize them because of the irresponsibility of society .

It is estimated that there are tens of millions of feral and stray cats in the US.

What TNR does is to

1.trap humanely

2.neuter or spay to break the cycle

3. vaccinate against infectious diseases such as rabies.

4. ear tip for identification

5. return cats to the original area of which they were trapped. If cats are being released into your neighborhood, it’s because they were caught in your neighborhood. Cats are territorial and will return to their area if at all possible.

Stray cats can be adopted out while feral cats(too wild to tame) are returned to the colony. The TNR group continues to provide food and water to the colony.

A single female cat can produce over 400,000 cats in their lifetime. The cost for trap neuter and release is between $50 and $60. The cost for the county to catch and euthanize them is between $100-$120 per cat. There are many programs that pay for the program leaving no cost at all for the county.

Facts: It is a proven effective practice for humanely improving the lives of feral cats and decreasing colonies over time.

Thanks to all the postal workers

As an essential service, thank you for continuing bringing my mail every day in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today you just delivered a small package containing my much-needed medication from my mail order pharmacy.

Like millions of others, I hold on to many sweet memories such as letters, birthday cards, or get-well cards, delivered by the U.S. mail that can never be duplicated. Such communication keeps families connected, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic when visits, bear hugs, and sloppy kisses are not possible.

I want to say thank you for bringing my meds today and other items ordered online when we are advised to stay home and avoid crowds.

Thank you and your fellow workers for being visible in every neighborhood every day, even on remote areas and through catastrophes, extreme heat, brutal cold temperatures, blizzards, earthquakes, tornado, hurricanes, exhausting Christmas Seasons, or even COVID-19 when most of America is shut down and staying home.

Thank you for covering for fellow carriers who are absent some days and for forgiving those who complaints about late arriving mail when you have to double your route - even when you work 12-hours days.

Now, there is an even greater reliance on the U.S Postal Service during the "stay at home" initiative. As an essential government -mandated service where many of your fellow employees have fallen ill and some may have died from COVID-19. Thank you, Palm Bay Post Office and the United States Postal Service, for your service.

Who's really in need?

I see all these people that are complaining about not getting a paycheck, not having food to eat, etc. What I noticed about a lot of them is that they have tattoos, piercings, many smoke, have the latest and greatest phones, computers, large screen TV’s along with the best stereos and they drive a new car (which is leased, at only $160/month starting in 4 months). Oh, and let’s not forget they have to have cable or Dish TV along with the fastest streaming services (and it only starts at $44.95/month. What a deal.) They have to have to wear the latest brand name clothes, accessories and/or makeup because some celebrity is pushing it to make money. They have to drink the latest brand name liquor.

A lot of them are young with kids of their own and they don’t even have their life in order with a career, nest egg and a roof over their heads. And let’s be real, looking at a good number of these people you can tell they have never missed a meal. They get a lot of fast food instead of buying healthy ingredients and cooking at home which would also save a lot of money. Every Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A that I pass is always full of people.

I have a number of rental properties and the majority of my tenants are just like this. They all have the latest and greatest. I don’t have the newest phone, computer, car, heck I don’t even have cable or dish, just a good old fashion antenna. I don’t have tattoos, piercings, smoke nor do I have the newest car or an expensive toy like a Harley nor anything else. I don’t go out to eat or do takeout all the time. What I do have is a nest egg so I don’t have to worry about tomorrow or the next paycheck.

My hope is that people will get of rid of or disconnect from the things they don’t really need today and smarten up for tomorrow and start saving and watch the magic of compounding of their money so they never have to worry or rely on government or handouts to take care of them ever again.

Stay indoors, stay healthy and be well.

Road work opportunity

I have a couple of observations. One is that this is a great time for the city and county to get roadwork done.

I also hope that in the process they use all that yellow paint. It's everywhere and really not needed.

Florida should model others

This is just a thought, but I don't get it. Why is there so much trouble with Florida's unemployment? When they found out that the system was broken, all they had to do was find a state with a working model and use their system/software. After all, we are in this together at this extraordinary time.

For example, if the website runs twenty-four hours a day, what about those with the last name beginning with "A" are allowed the first hour, the "B"s get the second hour, and so on. "X", "Y" and "Z" can triple up and everyone has equal chance.

Just find a working model and tweek it as necessary.

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"Whose really in need"?? Good question. You hit the nail on the head. Many of these are just plain greedy.And as long as they're given free food, they won't cut back . I hate to think how many people who really are in need who are not getting it. There should be some way to sort out these abusers. But we cannot deny the children!

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