Thank God the election is over

I don't know about you, but I am so glad the national election is finally over.

Finally, no more ads, no more accusations, no more opinions, no more trash, no more lies, no more threats of prosecuting the candidates and no more big-time promises.

It's time for the nation to get down from the soap boxes and high horses and settle back into the world we know as "rational rule by government."

God puts people in charge of all the governments of the world. The people we elect, as we live in one of the nations where we are actually given the right to vote freely, are charged with being responsible for the citizens and others, things, land, relations, government offices and proceedings, our security, our continued freedom and somewhat for our health - all in what they deem to be our best interests.

The entire election turned out to be a giant, somewhat shameful, but entertaining, reality show for us and the world to tune into nightly (and maybe all day for some), put on to keep us watching and listening, as ratings and advertising soared.

This election, however, turned out to create more television violence (words, actions, rioting, yelling and screaming) than any American election ever before, unless you recall the Chicago Democratic Convention of 1968.

The job of running our government in Washington, D.C., is not a flashy, catch-the-eye, pounding-on-the-desk kind of job, no matter what department you may be working in. If fact, it is rather boring, and most of the time, hardly newsworthy; and it usually (officially) moves at a snail's pace.

If that could legally be changed, it would have been by now, which leads to the following:

If your plan is to dismantle our American government, you are living in the wrong country.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Bikes, use the sidewalk

I just don’t understand why the bicyclists can’t use the sidewalks when there is no bike path on the road. Yesterday a lone bicyclist was riding right beside my car on the shoulder of the road and a truck was coming the other way. It left me hardly any room to move over and I was forced to almost stop In the middle of the road to let the truck go by or hit the cyclist!! It was a scary situation! If there is a law that says bikers can’t use the sidewalk, then it should be changed. On Dixie Highway no one walks on the sidewalks anyway! I know I’m not the only one feeling this way! And to bikers who ride 4 x 4. Isn’t that unlawful? Someone is going to really get hurt some day!

Do I smell a scam?

I am practicing to be a snowbird when I grow up and, consequently, spend much time in the area.

I had an occasion in the past, when meeting four women friends for an afternoon of shopping and lunch in another town of nearly having my auto towed away. Although the lot was nearly empty the driver was just about to hook a tow under the front end of my vehicle. He already had a car on the flatbed. Well, he was confronted with five former New York women all with cell phones. He seemed to be trying to get money out of us to leave the car alone. When one said she was calling the sheriff, he decided to leave.

I began to smell a scam. I stopped in the Sheriff’s outpost and asked. They seemed not to know any law or policy about parking in large areas like these. Nor were they culling for autos with out of state plates for the retrieval and towing fees incurred.

Well this does not sit well with me. I belong to a bicycle club on Long Island and we usually meet in shopping centers, depending on the ride's destination. I believe the theory of the owners if that it looks more prosperous the more cars in the lot. We always park far away from where most customers want to be as do other groups who meet for their purposes of ride sharing. Good Business!

Along Long Island's major thoroughfares there are "Park and Ride" lots for commuters who share driving.

Yesterday (a rainy Sunday) I met a friend at the Publix/Beall's shopping center on U.S. 1, but she was leery since a little sign newly posted was at the entrance regarding tow away. We drove in separate cars to and from Jupiter.

I now more than ever think there is a 'cottage industry' here which preys on unsuspecting vacationers, snowbirds, etc. This would be a practice which would certainly have a negative impact on the county - sort of like the old but notorious speed traps in Georgia, for example.

Can someone direct me to where ride shares might take place without danger of tow? I am looking to become a permanent resident and would like to know where I might safely leave my car in the future. Perhaps a big chain store would realize the good will (and increased business) they would receive by announcing a welcome to car-poolers.

I also read of all the gas guzzling blamed on drivers. What is a driver to do if not park somewhere and share a ride? Perhaps the county fathers can solve this dilemma.

A true southerner

Okay, here we go again. I’m a true southerner, born and raised in the south. I’m not one of these snow birds who move to the south and live here for a couple of years then claim to be a southerner. I have to laugh when I go to Publix and watch these snow birds in the parking lot and of course in the store. In the store you have to watch them because they're always in a hurry and believe me they will run you over with their shopping cart. I'm thinking their house must be on fire and they have to hurry home to put it out. Now for the parking lot… they see someone backing out of a parking space and if they want the space they'll sit and wait, but if not they'll sit and lay down on that horn, and it’s a wonder they don't give the poor soul backing out a heart-attack. When these snow birds pack up and come south for our nice warm weather and our beaches you would think they would know in the south we take things slow, laid back and enjoy life. It's not good to be in such a rush. No wonder the doctor’s office is so full in the winter when they come down. So please don't be so rude and unfriendly… respect us southern folks. Life is too short to just hurry through it. Just lay back and enjoy our warm weather and of course, the slow moving Southerners.

Make students wear helmets

I want to know why the Sheriff's Department and the middle school administration allow school children under the age of 16 to break the law by allowing the children to ride bikes to school without wearing bike helmets. Aiding & abetting at its best. Why do you not care enough to do the job you receive a paycheck for? Some of these children have to pass by two crossing guards to get onto school property not wearing helmets. Do you think brain injuries are cheap and temporary?

Start writing tickets to these children's parents and you'd see how quick helmets would be worn or do not allow bikes on school property at all.

For the love & welfare of your children, set an example of good parenting, teaching, policing as to what it takes to be a law abiding citizen and get helmets on them.

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