"No" to tax exemptions

Trust PSL? Yeah, we can trust PSL to tax us more and put us more into the hole then we already are. They want the voters to approve the business tax incentive plan that business has been enjoying for the past 10 years. Where’s our tax incentive? Well, just look at the recent smoke screen we got from the town manager. When we had to look at all the trash and brush piles due to Wastepro, someone at a Council meeting asked if we could get a rebate on our annual collection fee. The answer was that “It would cost $25 each to cut residents a check”. A couple weeks later we got a nice color mailer saying the city would graciously “waive the annual $2.60 rate increase for solid waste”. Well I wonder how much it cost just to send that silly mailer out? Enough is enough already. Just because “other towns do it” doesn’t mean we have to approve a tax increase too. It’s time to exercise our NO vote against these pet spending programs.

Crosswalk issues

"Push button to cross" is either a joke in several locations or simply doesn't work properly.

If this "option" is offered, it should be operational.

Two of the offending locations are St. Lucie West Boulevard at Del Rio Boulevard and U.S. 1 at Georgia/Sunrise Avenues.

I counted at least 15 light changes for east/west traffic on St. Lucie West Boulevard before the "walk" light came on, giving me 30 seconds to get across while avoiding impatient drivers making a right on red.

I don't know how long it took for "walk" to light up to cross U.S. 1 at Georgia & Sunrise because I managed to see a break in traffic and hurried across, risking my life.

Not everyone drives. Some of us have to walk, use a wheelchair, or ride a bike. How about making it easy for us to get across a busy street?

RE: RE: A house divided

In response to “RE: A House Divided,” the writer seems to think Florida is being shortchanged regarding Federal funds.

For 2021, the estimate on return on Federal dollars paid by states shows Florida collected $51B more than it paid in, while NY paid $22.8B than it received back. There are lies, damn lies and statistics.

Florida can afford to have no state income tax because of the inflow of Federal tax dollars. Yet Florida wants more as its congressional delegation wants to exclude deductions for state income taxes.

On vaccination proof

The reader asked a good question: “What is the big deal about shot passports?

I wonder if you think the same way about Voter ID’s?

Just asking...

Protesting medical bill charges response

Recently someone wrote in that Health First charges six dollars for needle insertion. Perhaps I could take my pet there as my vet in Viera charges $40 to do this.

Recently, my pet needed three injections and I paid $120 on top of the medication. Outrageous charge on both places!

Spectrum Internet has no spam blocker

Before Spectrum, my email came via Brighthouse Road Runner. It had a feature that worked but had a small capacity. It was a spam blocker that all you did was copy and paste an email address and it would be blocked. It would only hold a small number, but it did work.

Spectrum has let it die as it does not work but still allows a small number of addresses to be displayed. Then they have a spam folder that has no function whatsoever. Spectrum does not even block email pretending to be Spectrum.

I would not recommend Spectrum Internet to anyone.

Helps stop drug addiction

I think we are at a very critical time for our American children! We must stop the flow of dangerous drug ingredients from China into Mexico. Fentanyl and similar new designer drugs are killing our children, people. Wake up!

Call your local senator and congressman now. Tell then we will not stand by while this keeps happening anymore. By the way, it's probably killing that child's uncle or auntie too. Why are we not doing more to save out county?!

Solution to gas prices, traffic problems

In response to the person who ranted about the price of gas - yes, the price has gone up, but not because the reasons you cited.

Gas prices are related to supply and demand. At the beginning of the year, we were all "bunkered down" and no one was traveling. Therefore, oil companies had cut back on production. Now that we are vaccinated we are going back to our offices and driving more for pleasure, increasing the demand for gas and supply has not kept up. Oil producers are ramping up to keep up with that demand, but there is a lag time as a result.

We are also facing another well-documented supply problem - transportation. During the pandemic, many of those essential semi-truck drivers left their jobs with a many of them retiring resulting in of drivers. Since a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) to operate those big rigs, we could alleviate the problem by providing free community college since many offer CDL training.

While there is no single reason for why gas prices increase, it is important to understand supply and demand and to support the solutions including electric alternatives when purchasing your next car.

Poor leadership in Florida

We in the state of Florida have suffered, for no good reason, under the political grandstanding of an elected "governor."

Instead of looking truth in the eye, this "governor" cried wolf on the truth and decided to act like an ignorant king. Did this "governor" not learn at Yale or Harvard that our founders rebelled against an ignorant king? I ask every licensed Attorney in Florida, the ACLU, and the Southern Poverty Law Center: Can the elected chief executive of a state be held both civilly and criminally liable for the deaths of 60,000+ (and counting) citizens of the state of Florida based on involuntary manslaughter?

You can start with the case of my father dying from COVID-19 three months ago. This is what we get from the genius leadership of a "governor" with an ivy league "education."

"A house divided" response

Why oh why do people not review history? Is it because the truth is too painful, or because their belief system doesn't allow them to accept what occurred before they were ever on this earth? We're talking less than 100 years ago.

To the writer who whined about "progressive socialism," do you receive social security? Have you ever been on unemployment? Ever been on short or long term disability? All of these programs, and many more, were the result of the unions, socialists, and communists in the USA (yes, in the USA) petitioning President Franklin Roosevelt to help the millions of poor and hungry men, women, and children in the United States at that time when capitalism was at deaths' door.

Finally, any talk of "working or paying in to Social Security or Medicare" is a false statement. As the U.S. Supreme Court ruled many years ago (by the way, a Conservative supreme court), "...the social security tax is a general tax that is deposited in the US Treasury and my be used for any official government expenditures..."

There has never been, nor will there ever be, a social security "trust fund." The day Social Security taxes stop being collected is the day benefits stop being paid.

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