Over-trimming palms hinders them

I never understood the complaints about “palm scalping” (“crepe murder” – yes) – then I moved beachside.

It seems whenever there is the slightest hint of a storm heading toward Brevard county, the tree service folks are out all over the place, and yards are full of piles of perfectly good, green palms fronds. The trees themselves end up looking like punk rockers, or the Muppet “Beaker”.

People seem to have forgotten their elementary school science: plants (i.e. palm trees) feed themselves through photosynthesis, which means they use sunlight and chlorophyll (the green stuff) to produce the energy the plants need to live. But you’ve just put them on an involuntary diet! Not only is the tree injured (from half their parts being cut off), they’ve had their main source of nutrition greatly reduced – and now they’re more susceptible to insects, disease, and further damage.

We’re having a record-breaking hurricane season. TV footage from all the affected areas shows full palm trees blowing in the wind – but still standing. It’s what they’re designed for.

So please think twice before you call for your palm trees to be “trimmed”. Thank you.

Kiddos to Satellite Beach polls

I wish to express my appreciation for how the poll workers at the Schechter Center. It was so professionally handled this year.

During a serious pandemic, those workers were putting their own health on the line as they registered us, let us vote and sanitized the booths where we voted after we had used them.

I couldn't be prouder of how all those responsible for handling this year's important election took their responsibility so seriously to give us a fair election. Kiddos to all involved!

A1A Crosswalks in Brevard County

To whom it may concern,

It is obvious to me that the Florida Department of Transportation has gone to a lot of trouble and expense to improve the safety of pedestrians trying to cross A1A in Brevard County.

However, all of the work has resulted in some unintended and unacceptable results that have in fact made the situation worse. Pedestrians have been lulled into a false sense of security and are in fact in more danger than before the crosswalk safety devices were installed.

The flashing yellow lights are confusing to motorists who have been trained to consider flashing yellow lights as a caution signal, not a stop signal. Traffic signals that indicate “stop” are supposed to be red.

The flexible stanchions that have been placed on both sides of each lane are not only a distraction for drivers who focus on them instead of looking for pedestrians in the crosswalk, they are frequently hit by vehicles and damaged to the point of obstructing traffic and damaging vehicles.

I don’t understand why the D.O.T. decided to re-invent the standard crosswalks that are in use everywhere else in the State of Florida. I do understand that these crosswalks are in positions that do not include an intersection or traffic light. Let’s change the flashing lights from yellow to red if you expect motorists to stop and wait for pedestrians, and get rid of the dangerous stanchions in the right of way.

Republic pick up schedule woes

We were told by Republic trash pickup that recycling day was Wednesday.

It is now late Friday and they have not picked up the bins yet. This is unbelievable, paying three times as much and they don't pick up on the days their supposed to pick up.

I would like the thank the city council for this upgrade.

Re: Thank God the election is over

The writer stated that God puts people in charge of governments of the world. So God put Kim Jong-un of North Korea Fidel Castro in Cuba, Vladimir Putin in Russia, Bashar al-Assad in Syria and Xi Jinping in China? All who are enemies of this country.

So I find it hard to believe that God would put people like this charge to run their governments. The writer stated that we had been given the right to vote. With voter suppression running rampant in many states. That shows that we did not have a clear given right to vote. So writer need to take God out of statement, because it is not true!

Blame the city for wasteful deal

I live in Palm Bay and I just want to say that Republic Waste had their act together. I wish I could say the same for the city council, commissioners and mayor.

They have yet to pick up our recycling and yard waste, charge extra for extra pickups, and pay 40% more than other available service. I don't think Waste Management was going to up the price that much or cut services.

Who approved of this sweetheart deal?

Driving suspended is frequent

I enjoy reading the Crime Report and Rants and Raves. In the Crime Report, there appears to be a recurring theme, namely, “driving with suspended or revoked license, 2nd or 3rd offense”. Is this revolving door justice? Let’s face it. If someone in this category really needs or wants to drive they’ll gamble and take the chance of not being caught. The attitude here is, “what’re they going to do to me?”.

In recent Rants, I agree with reported bad driving habits. Remember when we were taught that driving is a privilege, not a right? Possession of a license is supposed to mean that the State says you are qualified to proficiently and safely operate a 3000 lb. killing machine. All the schooling in the world is useless if you don’t apply what you learn.

Finally, I compliment Hometown News on your reporting. It doesn’t seem to be slanted or biased. Other printed media should follow your example.

Don't lax on COVID guidelines

I had a disturbing observation at Melbourne Hilton hotel. On Saturday evening, Nov 14, I saw a group of 30 or more people having a party in the lobby area. Most of them appeared to be teenage girls but there were several adults there also.

They were sitting close to each other and standing together talking and laughing. I didn't see any of them wearing masks! I asked the desk clerk who they were and she thought perhaps they were members of an athletic group, maybe softball, and appeared to be celebrating.

Given the current increasing virus spread, I thought it very poor judgment by the organizers to have a party with no mask protection encouraged. The clerk also admitted that, even though they have a policy of mask use, they chose not to pursue the policy when they received resistance from the group. If you had a family member attend this event, ask why they didn't wear a mask.

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