Problems with Palm Bay meetings

For months now the Palm Bay City Council has been meeting with only one member on the dais. The rest are participating virtually.

The acoustics are terrible, there is feedback and reduced sound from the podium microphone which has to be constantly repositioned, mouths of the mayor and councilmen are not in sync with the words they are speaking, councilman Bailey and Johnson’s microphones quit working several times and at the September 17 session a unknown woman’s face was on the screen with 4 of the council members, occasionally on split screen with councilman Bailey. Is the mayor and three councilmen just lazy, don’t want to dress up or drive to attend the meetings in chambers like we do? Or are they just big chickens when it comes to this so-called pandemic?

Come on guys, show a little courage and dedication. Join Councilman Anderson, the staff, and the citizens and petitioners that do attend the council meetings in person.

"RE: Masks are unhealthy" response

An answer to the person who wants to stop wearing masks. I wear mine to protect YOU, and to stop the flow of the COVID-19 to others.

We want you to wear your mask, to protect us - being your family, your friend, your neighbor, your co-worker, and especially me.

Why are you so selfish, that you don't seem to care about the rest of US in the community?

Church MIA

Where has church gone?

Personally I haven't been to church in decades, but now is the time to return. Most churches do lots of good things - helping those in need, providing community involvement, establishing schools and much, much more. Donations are needed to provide all of these wonderful things.

Even if you don't go to church in person, you can still donate. Churches have been a sustaining part of our country since the first people landed here long, long ago.

Let's not lose this important part of our culture. Support your church.

Overwhelming trash

What has happened to people today? Trash everywhere you look. Open car window and throw out what you don’t want. Bottles, wrappers, mattresses, cigarette butts, anything and everything everywhere you look, it’s terrible and someone has to pick it up. What happened to the Litter Laws. The police have more things to do than to ticket offenders for littering. Sad that a lot of trash gets washed down our storm drains that dumps into the rivers. Poor fish, dolphins, manatees. The plastic is showing up in the fish people eat. Have you seen the pictures of the lesions on the dolphins and manatees that are in the Indian River Lagoon? People dumping stuff, fish eat. I was at a store last week and there was a car in parking lot that people in the car were cleaning it out, they drove away leaving their trash all over the place. No respect for anything. Oh, there was a trash barrel near by. Sandwich container at drive through bank.

Please folks.. a little consideration for our earth and where we live. Keep your trash till you get home.

No planning on A1A

It is obvious that there was no actual planning in placement of the pedestrian crosswalks put in on A1A through Indialantic.

There is only a sidewalk on the west side of the highway, and the crosswalks that cross the highway lead to nowhere on the east side -where there is no sidewalk or room to walk along the road. They could have at least lined them up with the beach accesses that are along the highway. Placing the signs in between the lanes of traffic is a hazard. It already looks like cars have hit them.

Come on; someone step up and fix this.

Scammer information

Thank you so much for the Hometown News! I look forward to my newsletter every week. I also appreciate the remarks about the scams that are going on. I have a few to add as a warning.

The first one, I made the mistake of picking up the phone to find out I had an arrest warrant of for me from Social Security. Ha!

The second was that a car was stopped in the middle of my lane, traveling on the highway, with no break lights. Luckily myself and another driver were able to pull off. I thought they might try to have someone rear-end them.

Thank you so much for printing these and giving people the information of what not to do.

Satisfied car wash customer

Went to Surf Break Car Wash, on North Atlantic Avenue in Cocoa Beach and happened to run into the owner. He's such a great and helpful guy. I was really super accommodating to my needs!

Thank you!

Titusville rental woes

I am a resident of an apartment complex in Titusville.

First, tenants were given a specific amount of rent to pay, but when you were given the keys and to sign the lease, the rent was raised almost $90.

The trash rooms are filled with trash and flies. Dirty mop water buckets are left in stairwells. Back doors are propped open. Where's the secure building?

The most important is the complex was advertised as smoke-free, but the complex is rented to 95% smokers! What about my lungs because it was supposed to be senior living, smoke-free but it's none of that. It was all about getting the units rented - not about our health or security.

Florida snakes not often a threat

I am both shocked and amazed at how many highly educated people don't take the time to learn about their environment: harmless snakes versus venomous snakes and learning the difference.

There are 44 snake species in Florida and only six are poisonous. They don't respect the purpose and function of nonvenomous snakes, that they even eat some of the poisonous snakes and keep down the population of rodents who spread disease to humans.

They can go to just about just about any website ( and see that some of those snakes are protected federally. It's illegal to kill them. I just want to point out, people, don't do the 'kill first, ask questions later'. I have so many neighbors that come to me and ask if it's a poisonous snake and it's already dead. Why didn't they ask me before they kill it?

I wanted to point out the importance of our wildlife.

"RE: masks are unhealthy" rebuttal

1. RE: Stop with the masks and environment

So you do not want to hear about masks or the environment? Maybe by burying your head in the sand the virus will disappear and the environment will align itself. I don’t think so and you will do best by keeping this kind of opinion to yourself!

2. RE: Wearing a mask is unhealthy

So, by your reasoning we would all be healthier in the virus by not wearing masks? Because masks are disgusting and make us sick? Make sure when you go to the hospital for an operation the the surgeon and nurses do not wear masks. That way you will know they are healthy! Spreading an opinion like yours will help a few more people to die of the virus.

You are what is known as a "Covidiot".

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