Concurrence on Melbourne golf course

After playing Mallard Landing several times over the past month, I have to agree with the Rant included in the Friday, Oct 16 HomeTownNews, that Mallard Landing is a total embarrassment to the city of Melbourne.

Having also played Crane Creek, another Melbourne Parks course, I have to believe all the effort is being placed there with little expenditure towards Mallard Landing.

As Mallard Landing also includes an 18-hole foot golf on the front 9 holes, let me suggest to those who have decision authority in the Melbourne Parks Dept to consider dedicating the current Mallard Landing front golf 9-holes into the 18-hole foot golf, then take the golf back 9-holes and turn it into a 9-hole Executive course, compromised of par 3 and par 4 holes. I would like to think the volunteer Park Department Board would also have some thoughts or discussion on this idea.

The nearest Executive Course is Vista Plantation in Vero Beach, Vista Plantation, an approximate 35-mile drive from Melbourne.

It would be ideal to hear from Melbourne Parks Department staff as to why Mallard Landing has been allowed to degrade to the shape it's in. It would be unfair to ask the employees or staff at Mallard Landing.

Let’s take this "total embarrassment to the city of Melbourne." and turn it into an asset; something the City of Melbourne, visitors and golfers would be proud to enjoy.

Thank you for the puzzles!

Thank you, for putting back the Coloring Page and Word Search, my two young grand daughters will be very happy to see them again, and so will I!

Trash pickup a waste of time

I live in Palm Colony Club Condos in Indialntic, a senior community, and we don't need trash pickup twice a week. We are charged en extra $12, which I'm not happy with, that they add to my water bill. I'm wondering who I need to contact. I really feel they can come up with a different method. I have neighbors that don't put out their trash twice a week and it's a waste of time for them to come here for it.

I'd like to go back to our $12-15 trash pickup a month instead of this $24.

It's a lot of money when you're retired. Someone, please help us out here!

Rave for local grocery store

I read your Rants and Rave weekly and I see many people are disappointed with BJ. I don't shop at Sams or BJ but I do shop at Gordon Food Service Store. May not be close to what Sams and BJ offers, I don't know if many people know this store is not only for businesses, is also for public shoppers, no membership and you can find lots of great name products also store brand, fresh produce, frozen as well as fresh meats and many other necessities. I love this store, been shopping here for many years. As more individuals started visiting this store, they are bringing products in small sizes too. You can shop in store or online, they pick the items for you and you can go pick up your order. They also have home delivery with Shipt.

The store is located on 2655 West New Heaven Ave. West Melbourne 32904. They do not provide plastic bags, so unless you don't mind boxes, bring your own reusable bags. I do. Happy shopping everyone.

Loud music complaints

We live in Parkside West, 1-mile from where the concert sound system was located in the far back side of Fred Poppe Regional Park. We and several neighbors are tired of the LOUD music that continues to be allowed in the park.

Oct. 17 was the worst. The extremely loud DJ music with a large concert sound system started in the morning, continued throughout the day and into the night, vibrating doors and windows. My partner drove over to see what was going on and took pictures of the equipment which included a very large concert sound system with at least 24 subwoofers.

We’ve called the police numerous times and always get the same response: “We’ve had hundreds of calls about the music.” We talked to the city months ago and were told a noise ordinance for the park was being discussed. Obviously, that hasn’t happened and if it has, they are not enforcing it.

We’re not against having music at the park. What will it take to get the music sound levels under control?

Trash Service

I can't get my yard waste picked up called Republic four times in two weeks. They make it seem like they will be right out to get it. People aren't looking at my yard, they're watching out for all the yard waste in the buckets on the road out front.

I miss Waste Management already.

Who benefits to twice a week pickup?

Why is everyone paying double for the few who need garbage pick up two times a week?

Why do we have to look at garbage cans in front of our houses 'every' day but Friday and Saturday? (pick up on Mon, Wed, Thurs - cans put out Sun and Tues).

Most important - why did no one consider the people on fixed incomes? I haven't talked to anyone who was aware of the change until it happened and who needs garbage pick up two times a week. Those few who need extra cans should pay for them themselves.

When we had 1 day a week pickup we only had to deal with the cans for that day. Now we have to deal with and look at cans all week. I don't feel the cans 'beautify' our neighborhoods.

Now I have to ask who is getting financial benefit from this change?

Stalled on repairs

We live in Homeowners Association and a unit had a bad water leak between the road and sidewalk. The Water Department did a great job repairing leak, and this was on a Sunday. Only problem is they had to remove the sidewalk to repair leak. That was approximately 3 months ago.

What would happen if we didn’t pay our water bill for 3 months. Good question?

RE: Palm Bay Trash costs

Wow! We just received our new trash collection bill. What a disaster!

As it was we usually did not need to put out the existing trash and recycling bins. Breaking down boxes means they take little space. As a retired couple on a fixed income, we do not generate much trash.

With the increased costs, we will be financially ahead to collect our trash for the normal two to three week interval and then haul to the dump ourselves saving quite a bit of money.

Did no one even think of embedded RFID chips in the trash bins? Easy and cheap to use. Each pickup would be accounted to the specific account. That way, people would be directly responsible for wasteful practices and those who care about the environment (and their budget) would not be penalized.

Why we are being penalized for caring about the environment? Who made this deal?

Fortunately, we received our new huge bill just in time to make our vote for different thought processes in Palm Bay management.

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