Raving for stump removal service

I want to give a special thanks to Scott Burkott, the owner/operator of Abra-Cadabra Stump Removal. I needed a stump removed and he gave me a time and date and stuck to it. But the thing is that he went out of his way from a route down A1A to come over to NW Palm Bay just to remove one stump. He removed it, filled in the hole, tampered it down and cleaned the area, so all I had to to was throw down a handful of seed and water it. Real thoughtful and professional job. He took a few minutes to chit-chat which was real nice, and then he says "no charge". We 'argued' about that, but then he says that I was a good customer in the past so this was on him. I think it had a lot to do with his being a nice guy and not charging a senior on limited income. Real nice to see that there are still some people that don't put a buck ahead of decency. You would be wise to give him a try. Thanks again, Scott.

More scammer alerts

This is to the Hometown News readers, please be aware. The scammers have increased their phone calls to access your date of birth, Social Security Number, and insurance. There are two Social Security calls coming through.

One is a caller saying they are from Social Security and that there illegal activity on your Social Security card, indicating that something happening along the U.S. border using your card.

The second is an individual calling to say that your Social Security card has been canceled. The other call that comes through is a very nice individual saying that they are a representative from an orthopedic distribution center. They are fishing to see if your lower back, hips, knees or shoulders are causing you discomfort and, if so, they are willing to sell you or help you get the proper equipment or medication. Please do not give them any information. The bottom line is they will try to scam you out of money or gain valuable information. Report them to the police anyone you feel is necessary.

Health care?

Help me understand something. Our country has had serious drug problems. For many years now and we have a solution, but here's the rub: insurance companies make it nearly impossible to afford.

Forget trying to find a doctor that can prescribe what someone needs, like Suboxone, because they must be "certified". Another problem is that a lot of doctors aren't taking new patients. People wind up finding clinics, like the one of Eau Gallie Road or Dr. Magri, who, if you've seen the recent headlines, has passed away. Now what? It's a mad scramble for all! His patients will need to find a doctor fast before their medications run out.

Right now it's easier to get pain medications than the RXs to help prevent addiction. What does that tell you?

Pick up behind your pets, says grandma!

Is it so wrong to expect general courtesy when it comes to scooping poop? Cleaning up behind your pet is not something you need to be taught once you are an adult.

It is just like an internal reflex that should automatically happen so adults there are no excuses! Dogs do not have the luxury of using the toilet like we do so I expect owners to make bending and scooping a part of their normal routine. The clean up should be as normal as pooping is for their dog. But no! There are owners who have a I don't care attitude when it comes to picking up the poop their dogs drop in my driveway or on my lawn so when I walk outside I am not only subject to the visual nastiness of seeing the crap but I have to also avoid stepping in this waste. I do not want to step and hop over and around crap like I am playing hopscotch.

I decided to finally rant after I was walking my granddaughter to my car and she stepped into a mushed pile of it! That was the last straw for me and I decided ranting and raving might be my solution because I just know I am not the only homeowner who is stepping over poop in my driveway. If you are a dog owner who has not been minding your manners and listening to your internal reflex, please start being more courteous. It will make life a lot easier for me and my granddaughter.

No harm, no foul and definitely a reminder. Doggy waste bags are cheap.

Rave for trash pickup in Merritt Island

We don't understand these rants lately. Here, in Merritt Island, we have great service and no complaints.

Keep up the good job!

Loving local businesses

Here's a rave about Garage Door Revolution. After contacting several local garage door companies about minor repairs and either being ignored or receiving overpriced quotes, the owner of Garage Door Revolution showed up and gave me a quote for repairs that was just what it should be.

When he showed up to do the work, he was quick, professional and had all the correct materials with him to do the job. He then made any necessary adjustments and lubrication to the mechanism, at no additional cost, to help an aging garage door perform like new. I highly recommend them for all your garage door installation or repairs.

You'll be happy you did so.

Hometown News delivery rave

I would like to Rave about the Hometown News print delivery person for South Titusville.

I have always received the paper during rain, tropical storms or any other peril. I live in a cul-de-sac and currently the only person that has it delivered. On rainy or even possibility of rain days, the plastic is either double bagged and/or tied at the opening. I try to catch them just to say "thank you" for doing an excellent job but they are always on the move to the next customer. I sometimes get a wave in but, I believe a proper acknowledgment is deserved.

Thank you for doing such a fine job!

Safety tips for pedestrians

As someone who enjoys walking and bike riding along the Indian River, I want to express to others doing the same: ride with traffic, walk against it.

It's a simple safety rule and will make River Road and all roads safer for everyone.

Hurry up and wait

In these crazy days of ranting and raving about COVID-19 and our inept Congress battling it out every day, I have a minor issue to discuss.

I called my bank and I had to wait 45 minutes until the next customer service representative is available. What!?All the customer service reps are busy? Yea right. They must only have one on duty.

Got that gripe off my chest.

Shame on Palm Bay

Without voter input, Palm Bay decided to change garbage/recycling provider. We were only asked to choose the size carts we wanted, but not when these carts would be provided. Service would start on Thursday Oct. 1 my normal day. but no such service came.

Instead, only garbage was pick up the next day, and my cart was left half on the street. Now it will be two weeks for my re-cycling to be picked up.

I hope I'll not be asked to transfer recyclables from old cart to new.

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Took a nice walk to the end of Banana River Blvd to enjoy the dolphins, only to find that a dog had defecated on the bench by the water. Shame on the owner for not cleaning that up.

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