Citizen helps with street improvements

This is both a Rant and a Rave.

Monday August 31, I contacted those in charge of a Melbourne street about a potentially dangerous situation. The school bus stop on the corner of Lake Breeze and Turtlemound Roads was so overgrown and the weeds so tall that it presented a dangerous situation for children waiting for the bus.

Not only were they forced to stand in the road, but it was a haven for snakes and rodents. I was told that it was county and not the city's responsibility, and they would notify the county. On Wednesday, Sept. 2, after nothing had been done, I notified the city again and they gave me the county's phone number. I called and was told that it was not their responsibility, but the cities. I asked that they contact the city and decide who was responsible and fix it. The answer was it is not my responsibility to do that. Worried for the children's safety, I called the city and spoke to the supervisor who said that although it is not the cities responsibility, that because it was a safety issue, he would contact the county and if it wasn't taken care of he would send a crew to fix the problem.

The very next day a city crew showed up and cleaned up the corner. A big thank you to city workers Denis and Carole for following through and making the bus stop safe. Shame on the county for not caring about the children!

I wonder...

If restaurant staff don't feel they should be required to wear masks, it makes me wonder what other health and safety guidelines they choose to ignore.

First, a Rave for putting out such a newsworthy paper every week!

Thank you to the person who warned of a phone scam. There is always someone trying to take advantage any way they think will work. I would like to tell what I have done to protect my privacy and finances which may be of interest to some readers.

Scammer call tips

My landline phone has Call Block and it is used for any incoming call that is not on my phone list. The list includes family, friends, professional persons (Dr., etc.), businesses (hair salon, etc.). AT&T very nicely shows “out of area”, if the call is not really coming from area 321. Consumular Cellular has set my smart phone so any incoming other than on my phone list does not get thru. I will get the little message “missed call, etc.” and I just swipe it away without even looking any further. It does not have Wi-Fi as I do not need any of the google, etc. stuff that fills cell phones.

As far as finances, I put my Social Security number on permanent hold with all three credit bureaus years ago. I have a letter from each with a PIN if I ever want to remove the hold. The letters are in my safe and will never, ever be used. Also, there is nothing on either the laptop or desk top that has to do with finances. Exception is Quicken, but it is not on-line (and useless if they do get to it). No bank account, credit cards, investments, IRA, etc. is input anywhere.

Melbourne: a good place to live?

What a kiss of death it was for Melbourne to make the list of "Good Places to Live in Florida".

The massive influx of humanity has already pretty much wiped out the "good" side of the ledger with more showing up every day. What we have now is ridiculous traffic to add to the downside list of oppressive heat, humidity and sweat, along with summer storms, love bugs, hurricane preps, evacuations and damage. Enough of this new Melbourne.

So, glad to be moving on.

Adding insult to injury

I bought my house located east of Jupiter in Palm Bay five years ago and soon noticed, with envy, nicer conditions of the streets on the west side of Jupiter. As if it were some sot of invisible railroad track, someone decided to re-pave the roads. Great, I thought! In a world of common sense you would expect the streets in most disrepair to be fixed first, right? So guess were DOT directed its resources to? Yep, they re-surfaced the already nicely paved west side of Jupiter. This, along with governments gross failures in dealing with COVID-19 could drive one to imbibe spirits to the the point of unconsciousness.

It seems to me that politics seems to spoil so many things...bottoms up, boys!

Turkey Creek not an ashtray

To the person leaving cigarette butts on trails in Turkey Creek Sanctuary: the smoking habit alone suggests you are either uneducated or weak.

But leaving butts in one of the few remaining and nice green spaces in Brevard shows you are a jerk, as well.

Mail worries

The social security people said I made to much last year and had to give back some social security money. OK, I mailed the check. Now, six weeks later they have not cashed the check. I called they said they are backed up.

How can we vote by mail if they have so many problems?

More on scammers

I agree with whoever wrote this. However, how about don't answer unless you know who it is?

Big companies do not call you, ever, they write an actual letter, not an e-mail. Phones usually give you a name with the number. Numbers without names are usually scammers or sales people. Let your voicemail field your calls. If it's a legit person they'll leave a message. Answer it only if you recognize the name or number.

My phone, a Panasonic, has the ability to block 250 numbers as well as an entire area code. If it rings once or twice or doesn't ring at all yet lights up, I know it's a blocked number. If not, it is shortly after. I also clear the phone every three months, except area codes, and start over to preserve space.

My answer machine message says: "you have reached "Name". I screen all my calls, I also block Junk. Please leave a message. If it's important I'll call you back, Thanks and have a good day"

Works pretty good on telemarketers.

Computer hackers are scammers too

I think I've helped stop them more then just controls on the computer or my server's safety nets.

I unplug my Ethernet when I'm not using the net for something and work off line. Ethernet is what connects you to your server and allows you online. I figure if my mail can't download automatically without that connection, maybe hackers can't get in either.

If I'm not correct someone let me know. I do my work or school items off line, then plug in the Ethernet and ship everything at once and unplug again.

To my knowledge this only works on desktops or laptops; no idea if tablets or phone will work that way.

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