Sentencing outrage

The jury's decision of life without parole regarding the Parkland school shooting was outrageous! Another example of how our society values the life of a serial killer over the lives of 17 innocent young people!! Makes you wonder how many people you have to kill to get the death sentence!! Apparently, not 17! Maybe 30, or how about 50!!! When there is no death penalty, a person intending to kill other human beings can kill all the persons he wants. The penalty is the same for killing 17 or more as it is for killing one!! And this is called equal justice!! Imagine what the parents of these 17 young people must be going through!!

U.S. youth should serve

Referring to Service > crime. I totally agree. Everyone between, let's say, 18 to 30 does two years national service. From building trails in our National Parks, to removing graffiti in cities, and including mentoring and tutoring our kids where needed. Remember the Draft. I met and got to know some folks I would have never met before. Rich kids. Poor kids. Educated and barely educated. And all races. So let's get to know who we are.

Fish and paper towels

Inflation caused by Corporations has gotten bigger and bigger, buying out all the smaller corporations, just like big fish eat little fish, only little fish don't need paper towels. I use a lot of paper towels, and the price of the paper towels that I use went from $9.97 to $16.97 in the past year. They didn't have to raise the price that much; they raised the price because they could; because at the top of the paper towel chain (big fish) they are all owned by the same entity a — giant corporation, a giant pile of stock, a giant pile of money to which a number of people have sold their souls. It doesn't care about you. It uses you. It goes about its business with a single purpose of becoming a more powerful bigger pile of money. Corporations are not human. And through shopping big corporations online in an effort to save a couple of bucks, and investing your money in the stock market (corporations) in an effort to make a couple of bucks, they are getting bigger, richer and more powerful. They got you both ways. Please, get educated about what really causes inflation. With technology and all the information out there, people are not getting the right information. And not one politician out there tells this truth because the corporations would stop contributing to their campaigns. I'm going to stop using paper towels.

Law & Order

With inflation and property taxes so high, one way the county could help its residents is by lowering taxes, by enforcing their laws on the books here. For example, if they enforced their laws — like on 87th Street, where cars drive 50, 60, 70 mph while the speed limit is only 35 mph. It is like a freeway on this street in a residential area. You never see police enforcing the speed limit here. Also, at the beaches here, the signs all say, "No dogs, smoking, alcohol, or fishing," but people constantly ignore the ordinances and break the rules, with no fines or infractions. The county could make a lot of money by enforcing their laws, earning more respect and passing on the savings to its residents if they enforced their laws on the books. The good citizens who benefit would have more respect for the government and police for upholding all the laws on the books here. Today, we have really seen how laws are so eroded in our society. N one follows them, and no one enforces them. We need more law and order!

Proud of their daughter

It was a chilly rainy weekend when my granddaughter and her husband decided to stay home and worship online. Their 10-year-old, fully dressed to go to worship, walked into the room and asked why they weren't dressed and ready to go. When hearing of their decision to worship via the internet, the little girl replied, "What's one hour!?!?" After seeing the look of disappointment on her face they changed their minds and off they went. That sermon, my granddaughter told me, was one of the best she has ever heard — both at worship and before we left home!

Looking for the Scouts' Honor

On Nov. 5 the Boy Scouts dropped off yellow collection bags for food. They do this every year, and every year I donate. This year I bought food and filled two bags (my neighbor did not participate, so she gave me hers). The pick-up time was designated as "between 9 - 12 on Saturday Nov. 12." My bags were out front by 8:00. They stayed there all day no one came by to collect. There was another household on the street with a bag out and it was not collected. Does anyone know where I can drop off this food? I would like it to get to the proper organization. I am not inclined to donate to the Boy Scouts' food drive again, and that is a pity. Food donation is sorely needed these days.

Florida golf

Golf, a walk in the Sun chasing a round pellet that won’t listen, is directionally challenged, finds unusual path interruptions during it’s flight, and will stop to chat with an alligator if the occasion occurs. Over age, over weight, muscle memory not what it was 10 years ago, somehow yesterday, the Magic returned and I had an enjoyable round. Being with good friends to share the good and sometimes horrible keeps us returning to God’s little acre of mental horror and amazing serenity. At the end of the day and you remember the 150 yard Island green par three where you stuck it 30 inches from the cup after watching the Ginty play the exact shot you were hoping to hit, Priceless! Gotta love Florida Golf

Being a litterbug is not a good example

With annual Christmas parades coming up, I know there will be lots of trash left along the streets. Many people with their children will watch the parade and other fun, then leave their pizza boxes, water and soda bottles, fast food bags, drink cups, soda cans and paper behind. Wake up, people. This is not only a very bad example for the children, but it costs the taxpayers and homeowners many thousands of dollars to clean it up. Besides, it just looks terrible. So, let us all be considerate of our neighbors and clean up after ourselves at all times.

Next time, look away

I moved to Vero Beach from North Texas. There dogs are allowed almost every where. Not in Vero Beach. I get it but we bring our dog with us almost everywhere. I understand watching a dog poop is not nice. I guess where you were eating, dogs were not allowed. And you state you were 20 feet from where the dog relieved himself, and you could smell it? And as all people do not bring “religion” into everything. You can complain here but not the guts to say anything to the dog owner. That is the problem with this world now, everyone can say what they please behind the scenes. We all have options, bet as the saying goes we all have behinds, but we don’t want to see them. Have the guts to say something or keep your mouth shut. Where is your respect!!!! Next time look away.

Early Thanksgiving thanks

Taking time to give my Thanksgiving Day “thank you" to show my appreciation to those who've done their duty in serving our country and community. Thank you to our veterans, present and past, for protecting our country and risking your life. You will never get enough thanks for what you did or had gone through, including lost time from your families. It's not only that you enlisted or were called up, but served, so thank you very much for that. Thank you to our local men and woman who put their lives at risk daily as police, fire and emergency workers in our communities. Going out every day and not knowing what is waiting or you're getting into. You are our first responder to any emergency calls and many times, must make fast judgment calls on the best solutions.

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The price of paper goods is not all on the "Giant corporation's interest in making money. There is a supply chain. Paper gets made at a mill. They pay utility costs, then they deliver to a supplier. They are paying higher costs for diesel fuel for the trucks. The supplier pays higher utility costs, and pays higher fuel costs to deliver to local stores. Local stores add their costs to the product. When that is all factored in, the costs for the product is determined. The store doesn't want to lose you, so they try to keep the costs as low as they can. Remember inflation? Your utilities and fuel costs are going up too.


Who cares about golf? Don't waste print on something that appeals to a small group of people who have nothing to do but bat a little ball around when so many places need volunteers and help for our fellow human beings. Go reach out and participate in life!


The death sentence is too lenient, Let that evil bastoon rot for years and years. Let him think about what evil he brought to all of us. Death is too easy.


Stop wasting paper towels and use rags.

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