A vaccine concern

The rollout of new vaccines for COVID-19 has raised a concern for me. People don’t realize how strong of a connection autism has with the vaccine.

Many who are diagnosed with autism often have savant-like talents in mathematics and the sciences. These talents are often seen in many doctors who often display traits typically prevalent in those with autism, such as producing a cold blank stare, unemotional responses and inappropriate social cues.

Yet it’s these same doctors who are advocating vaccinations. I believe they're causing the “autism-vaccine” debacle.

I also think it’s very hypocritical for President Trump to promote the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine although in 2016 he said in a campaign speech that a beautiful young girl got autism after taking a vaccine . He even claimed that “autism has become an epidemic.”

As much as I love the guy, I believe he has gone too far this time with this vaccine. He is going to turn us all into biological biosexuals!

Hang in there

Hang in there small businesses, we seniors have been cooped up for over 10 months and as soon as the vaccine has taken its effect we're going to be right out of the gate. Getting our hair done, our nails, eating out, going to the dentist, having fun. Just a little longer.

Thank you to the people getting the vaccines into people's arms. I hope your thumbs are not too sore at the end of the day.

Mark of the beast

I never will understand anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, crazy conspiracy theorists, and other COVID deniers. They complain about losing their rights. So they run headlong into the virus, tempting Fate and with little brotherly concern for others.

Meanwhile they move more and more of their lives online, embracing its convenience with giddy enthusiasm, not realizing that when they are totally dependent on their technology they will be 100 per cent at the mercy of the powers that be.

In other words, Big Brother could cut you off. Or as the Bible colorfully puts it, you will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast.

Free speech is already being eroded as progressives censor and control the conversation. Wake up, covidiots, to the real danger.

Shopping cart 'dings'

I was walking back to my car after leaving a grocery store recently and I watched as an empty shopping cart rolled into the side of my vehicle and 'dinged' it.

I've seen other shopping carts blown into other cars when the wind picks up.

I understand it might be a problem for some handicapped people or someone with a lot of young children to return their grocery cart to the designated location. But what excuse could anyone else have to leave their cart in the parking areas?

I just don't understand how people can walk all through the grocery store then just leave the cart outside in the parking spot after they removed their groceries.

It's just irritating that some people are so lazy. At the least, they can't put the cart in the designated cart return area.

A good deed

The start of 2021 didn't start out well in our government or for Covid-19 cases, but there are still some good out there, though hard to believe with the news.

I was the recipient of that 'some good' very recently and wish I knew her name to thank her, but maybe she will see it here. I was waiting for a return ride home with a transportation service through my health insurance, but having a hard time making contact with several calls. I ended up calling the company who was providing the service this day, but they were running late, so I called them again to let them know I was still waiting.

It was while waiting that a very nice lady came up to ask if I was waiting for a ride and I told I was, but there were issue. She said she saw me waiting awhile and said she hoped my ride came soon. She went to her vehicle and sat there with another person in there, until a couple minutes later, she came back and handed me a $20 and told me to call a cab if my ride didn't come in a few minutes.

I tried to give it back, but she refused and went back to her vehicle and waited. My ride came two minutes later, but I walk toward her to give the money back, but she held up her hand to stop, so I got in the car.

This wonderful lady did not leave until I was safely in the drivers car and on my way, before she left after I did. It was wonderful to see that there are still some caring people out there who have compassion for others.

She made the bad day I was having end so much better just by her kindness and caring. We all could use a little more of this, with so much negative going on these days. Thank you dear lady.

Thanks for your insight

To the writer of What is a 'conundrum?'

You certainly tell it like it is nowadays, unfortunately. I simply cannot understand the warped thinking of too much of our population these days and it saddens me to think of what will happen to our Country in the future if this type of thinking continues.

Thank you for your insight. Wish it could have been sent to all those applications for mail in ballots that were sent.

Full body donation

Someone posted about becoming an organ donor.

My late partner and I decided on full-body donation. My partner did it because there aren't many who have the type of cancer that claimed her life and she hoped her body might help find a cure, or at least better treatment.

Full-body donation comes with free cremation. We did it through All County Funeral Home in Stuart, but there are probably other funeral homes that also do it.

Re: complaining to neighbors

This is in response to the rant about people who “complain to their neighbor and their friends and not to any official, politician or a person in power to do something about it.”

I have sent politicians on all levels – local, state, federal – many emails. I have called their offices. I have signed petitions.

Nothing will get done if we don’t tell the people who have the power to change things.

All you have to do is go to your search engine and put in “contact (insert politician’s name)” and call or email. Simple.

Why can't I park on A-1-A?

I was confused when I went down to my favorite beach today at Queens county beach, to see AIA lined with "no parking anytime" signs.

Who in their right mind would eliminate parking at one of the few tourist accessible beaches on North Hutchinson island. They placed a sign right next to the Queens beach access sign welcoming tourist, and at the observation pier. Both Northbound and southbound sides of the road are lined with the signs. Florida's economy is based on tourism.

Who in their right mind, without any public input would make such a decision to welcome tourist to the county beach and yet tell them its illegal to park their car?

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