Belated happy holidays

It's the little things in life that can bother me. If a meteorite falls on my house, not much I can say about that. What bothers me is come the holidays, especially Christmas when all the business that I have dealt with in the past starts sending me holiday wishes. Is it good business that they are trying to tell you they care? All I know is I don't care. Send me a 20% discount on my next purchase.

But what really irks me is the businesses that send a holiday "best wishes" and at the same time they try to sell you something or an ad for something. That's low in my opinion. It's almost as bad as the business owners who use their establishment to promote a certain political candidate. Oh, and at this time I'd like to wish everyone a belated happy holidays.

Masks do work

I have never read more ridiculous or misleading statements than I read in the 'Masks do not work' column in last week's "Rants & Raves".

The writer's claim that 'countless peer reviewed studies' have shown masks don't work is entirely false. Only conspiracy theory people have said this. Every reputable professional with expertise in infectious diseases has said masks do work, and along with social distancing, is a way to stop the spread of this disease.

The writer's statement that 'no more people have died this year than previous years' is misleading at best. Almost 350,000 Americans have died from this virus. Far more than the U.S. annual death rate for the flu.

Another ridiculous and unproven statement the writer made was that masks 'will hinder the immune system'. What conspiracy website did he get that nonsense from?

An yet another ludicrous statement the writer made was that states with the strictest mask mandates have the highest infection rate. That is totally false. In fact, nothing could be further from the actual truth.

Please, there is enough resistance to the CDC Guidelines without publishing nonsensical ramblings. We lead the world in Covid deaths not because of mask mandates, but because many people refuse to protect their fellow citizens.

Retirement Woes

When I retired, I thought, well those days of waking up so early to the sound of the alarm clock would be over. Little did I know I would get a free, wake up call a few times at night, with a mild vibration massage from the trains.

Did they ever hear of the Noise Violation Law or are Trains above the Law?

Wonder what they think those walls on freeways are for? Good Looks?

Please -- Tone those horns down at night, or put up barrier walls to contain that noise.

You don’t care; I don’t care

They show you how good it looks. They tell you how good it tastes, but they don't tell you how good, or more to the point, how bad it is for you.

Know why? THEY DON'T CARE! I know why they don't care: BECAUSE YOU DON'T CARE!

If you did care, you'd stop buying their crap. Maybe then, they would get the hint that you want healthy foods. If not, they would probably go out of business.

But you keep on making bad choices. Keep eating their junk foods, cause you know what? I DON'T CARE!

Thank you to our emergency personnel

A gigantic “thank you” to all of our police, sheriffs and firefighters, who risk their lives every day to protect us locally. The majority of Americans truly appreciate your work. Thank you.

How about Christmas in Florida?

Leaving aside the religious aspects ... does anyone else find it slightly amusing, but also slightly annoying, that Christmas is always depicted as a holiday that takes place only where it's cold and snowy – ole' Santa bundled up in a sleigh, with runners for the snow, hot chocolate, fireplaces and all that?

Most of the carols reflect cold and snowy conditions.

Of course, many transplants are from points north, where that's the way it is; and we never thought of it any other way when we lived there.

However, Christmas occurs in the West, the South and everywhere else in the world, and it would be nice if, here in Florida, it was easier to find cards, wrapping paper, decorations and other holiday items, that more correctly reflect where and how we live.

There are a few stores that feature these items, but many of them are very expensive.

Come on, Floridians, revolt! (Kidding, of course.)

Complain, complain and complain

I get the picture now. This is a rant.

Seventy-five percent of our population wants to complain about politicians, the state of affairs, crime on the streets, the speeders, the improper spending and funding from politicians and even the ridiculous salaries that people in positions of authority in nonprofit organizations receive; but everybody wants to complain to their neighbor and their friends and not to any official, politician or a person in power to do something about it.

It’s like, sit on your duff and put your hands under your duff and don’t even pick up the phone to call to report or make a complaint to your representative or your council, the proper politician or proper government agency; just complain, complain, complain, like wind passing by … and nothing is done.

I get the picture.

Attacking the police when they show up

Many law-abiding people, including me, are totally sick of those who break the law. And when the police respond, they are the ones who are attacked, literally and verbally, by the lawbreakers.

When watching the evening news, we are overwhelmed by the violence that is committed every day, and the police are afraid to confront the bad guys.

When will it ultimately break out in civil war?

Trashy people

Please, tell me why you throw trash out on the street. Just tell me why. Just for somebody else to pick up? No, no, no!

Do doctors all get the same education?

I don’t know if this is a Rant or a Rave. It is a question for the Hometown News readers, regarding doctors: Why is it that many people have gone to one doctor, who says one thing as to what I suffer from, a second doctor, who says a different thing and a third doctor, who says a different thing from the first two doctors – and then, even, a fourth doctor, who has a totally different (opinion) than the first three?

Are medical schools that different from one another that it is not a universal, medical teaching?

Like, when I went to school and learned algebra. There is one way to do algebra, and only one way.

And, when it comes to geography, there is one world, and only one world.

Why so much variance from so many doctors, who went to different medical schools?

Are there one, two or even three medical schools that teach the same curriculum, or does that not exist?

I am stumped.

Inconsiderate check writers

What's wrong with you? Before you start shopping, fill out your dinosaur check, except for the amount. Take it to customer service and get the silly thing approved. Then, do your shopping.

When you are done shopping, and the clerk gives you the total, fill in the amount on your check and leave.

Balance your checkbook away from the checkout. Think about others, instead of yourself. Thanks ever so much.

Bicycle riders sailing through

OK, I respect bicycle riders and always have.

However, when they just sail through stop signs without even attempting to stop and look, it really aggravates me. Especially because if a driver hit one, God forbid, it would be the driver’s fault.

Ever since so much attention has been given to bicycle riders, they seem to ride down the center of the road, with no regard for someone in a car trying to get down the street.

If you blow the horn, they give you obnoxious hand motions, as if we’re wrong.

Bicycle riders: Stay on your side of the street, and please, please, please stop, or at least slow down, for stop signs.

Can we keep the streets clean?

I am seeing how clean the streets and sidewalks are in Sweden.

They even teach their kids not to litter. If any of these people do litter, they get a big fine and, yes, even go to jail.

This country: America: Well, the people here have no care about that.

They just love to litter. No respect for themselves or for the country.

We are one race, the human race

Why people have this hatred in their hearts and lives for others does not make any sense at all. It causes more problems than solves them.

Don't we have enough problems in this world? Then, why hate?

Why racism? A writer once wrote, “If you tickle me, I laugh; if you cut me, I bleed. This blood is the same color as everyone else, so why hate, why kill?"

We all should learn to live in peace and harmony with one another, and that would stop a lot of what we all deal with. Don't you think so? I really would like to know.

Thank you for your attention and I do pray that this New Year can be that better year of that peace and harmony among all mankind. Let's love and not hate!

I hope you have all had a very Merry Christmas

We all know that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and a time to be thankful to God for having sent him to us, and a time to be happy and wish well to all of mankind.

So here is a question to test our knowledge of Jesus.

What major religion of the world, other than Christianity, believes:

• in the virgin birth of Jesus?

• in the teachings of Jesus?

• regards him as a great Prophet and Chris?

• believes he is the Messiah?

• believes in the second coming of Jesus before the end times?

I had thought that I knew everything there is to know about Jesus, but I was surprised to learn that religion is Islam.

Litter and disrespect

I've been to many events that have been at the different parks, like Central Park in New York City, and even here in Florida. It isn't the event that is so bad, it's the people who feel they have to littler and treat the parks with disrespect.

Whenever I do see littler, no matter where, I pick it up and put it where it belongs in the trash pails or bins at the different places I go to.

Why do people even feel they have to litter? I would think that they would not like it if people were to litter where they live.

So, for the person who wrote against these events; well, these events are always going to happen, and if you do go, just enjoy and try to have the respect of helping to pick up the littler.

I'm disabled, so if I can do it, why can't those who are healthy and young and have no disabilities?

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