If you don't like it, try to change it

To whoever wrote the rant entitled, “ Why Live Here.” Your neighborhood is not the only neighborhood in America that is turning into, or has already turned into, a ghetto. I grew up in South Central Los Angeles and saw it happen there (Ever heard of the “L.A. Riots”?), and the color of skin doesn’t necessarily make a difference. I think that, if you don’t like what’s happening in your area, you should try to change it (join the City Council or at least attend the meetings) or move on. Believe me, Florida is a great place to live. A few weeks ago a woman wrote a rant about how she was considering becoming a snowbird and coming to Florida for the winter. But, she thought Florida needs to be more like Long Island, New York. Question: If New York is so great, why are people fleeing like fleas off a dead dog? Why do people leave a place because they hate living there for a place they want to live, and then try to change it to be like the place they’re running away from?

Become an organ donor

I am a heart recipient and a United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) Ambassador. UNOS runs the nation’s organ transplant system - matching lifesaving organs from donors to recipients 24 hours day seven days a week. I chose to represent UNOS as a community volunteer because I share their commitment to save as many lives as possible through organ sharing.

Each day lives are being saved in our community through organ donation and transplantation; lives like mine. My connection to transplantation is I am a heart recipient, I am alive today because of the tremendously generous donation of another in their time of great loss and tragedy. As a result, I’ve been given a new lease on quality life, allowing me more time with my family as well as the opportunity to help others. Expressing my gratitude for such an opportunity is beyond words.

With my Lord’s help I’ve chosen in honor of my donor, and the medical teams that made this possible, to be a passionate ambassador for donation, transplantation, and for UNOS because as a recipient I’m a part of this life saving community. You can be a part too. You can make a difference and give the gift of life. Register as an organ donor to donatelife.net or consider becoming a living donor. Join me in making 2021 the year of saving lives together.

Investigate election fraud allegations

We have recently seen one of the most controversial elections in our nations history. Multiple charges of fraud in many states have arisen. The judiciary for various reasons have refused to get involved with only a few exceptions (Supreme Court Justices Alito and Thomas and 3 judges of the Wisconsin State Supreme Court - read their dissenting statements for enlightenment).

The honest and fair election of a president and other government officials are too important to just be "swept under a rug." It is vital to the survival of our democratic republic.

On January 6 the Electoral College will deliver their vote to a joint session of congress. This is the last opportunity for an investigation into the charges that have been brought forth. I urge both Democrat and Republican to contact our senators and your representative in the house to urge them to reject the electoral results and launch an investigation of each electoral vote in the states where fraud is alleged.

If there has been no fraud...then the election stands. If there has been fraud, the Constitutional guidelines will be followed.

This is the only way we can be confident as a nation that there has been an honest and fair election. Legitimacy of the process is even more important than determining a winner. Otherwise we will be a nation even more divided than before. Worst of all the right to vote will hold little value.

Reality check

Just two points to give some people a reality check. Pencils and pens weren't made to kill people, assault rifles were. The problem America faced wasn't socialism, or social justice looking to end Corporate welfare and socialism for rich politicians not paying income taxes and flying all over the country spewing lies and Coronavirus using our tax dollars,  it was raging fascism. Thank the good Lord our prayers were answered and the American patriots stepped up to save democracy last month, despite the rigging of our Post Offices to prevent democracy from being restored. A conundrum isn't social security running out, we the people can still vote to fund it, it's people listening to the Fake News Channels and thinking fascism is better than democracy. 

Masks do not work

There have been countless peer reviewed studies that prove masks do nothing to slow the spread of any virus. Proper masks are to be worn by medical professionals to prevent bacterial transmission. Those who are for mask mandates should be ashamed of themselves.

Masks do more harm than good, and they can cause infection. Re-breathing your own air will hinder your immune system. Please tell my why those states with the strictest mask mandates and lockdowns have the highest COVID rates? To those comparing our state to Taiwan I'm talking to you Commissioner Sarah Heard, and claiming Taiwan has lower rates because of masks are forgetting that Taiwan closed their borders as soon as China released the news on the virus. Taiwan has been isolated. Their numbers were high in the beginning, despite mask wearing, but have decreased because the virus moved through a closed population. Obviously FL has a lot of travelers coming and going. 

How about we talk about the extreme false positive numbers from PCR tests? We are not in a pandemic. We are in a pandemic with a virus that is over 99.98% survivable. No more people have died this year than previous years. Please stop the hysterics and listen to real science.

Oh and please stop believing that these mandates will magically go away after the vaccine. The vaccine manufacturer already admitted that the vaccine will not stop transmission or infection. Once you allow one mandate, you will allow others. When will you stand up say "stop"??

Wake up!

To whomever wrote this article about not wearing a mask because our personal freedoms that once Secured this country as being the freedom capital of the world are now beginning to erode away... you have no idea what you're talking about. The freedoms that are beginning to erode away are a result of the dictator wannabe. It was he that condoned the murderer of a journalist for speaking out against the prince of Saudi Arabia. He would murder journalists in the United States if he could get away with it if they spoke against him. That's who you should be concerned with. Freedom of the press is the most important thing we have going and he would do everything in his power to stop it. If you have anything to write about him that's negative he would have you fired from your job if he could. Your statement about you don't want to run into an unpatriotic store owner because you're not wearing a mask. Well the mask is to protect other people in case you're asymptomatic with the virus and you can cause other people to get sick and die even though you may not be sick wake up whoever you are. Go and buy your beers, drink them and leave everybody else alone and pay attention to the rules of society not the rules of an irresponsible person who doesn't care if you live or die if you get sick.

Wear your mask!

People who start screaming in a business that they have a right not to wear a mask are wrong.

A business is private property and the business owner can make whatever rules he or she wants. No shirt, no shoes, no service. No mask, no service. 

If you want to go without shirt, shoes or mask, it's the business owner's right to ask you to leave.

I've worn a mask for 30 years

I wore a mask for 30 plus years working in clean rooms in Silicon valley. I've had no issues or have heard of any from my coworkers. The medical workers who are currently saving lives were them daily. I have yet to hear a story about someone who never wore a mask and caught Covid 19, and then openly talked about where he or she might have spread the disease and how it affected someone they gave it too. Somehow everything changes when you become part of the problem.

The dog

OK, so you slowly get out of bed, you've learned to cautiously test body parts as they all don't wake up at the same time when you're approaching your seventies. You look down and locate the dog, you knew she wasn't on the bed because you could extend your left leg out straight. She's learned to listen for your breathing and knows you're awake. She'll move away from where your feet will hit the carpet, self preservation, but now will start cleaning herself right in front of the bathroom door. Man's best friend? I emerge all dressed, we head to the kitchen, turn on the coffee, then outside so she can do her business. Once we're back in the house she'll go to the bedroom door and wait for you to open it. Your side of the bed is still warm, doesn't want to disturb Mom so she'll settle in up by your pillow. You shut the door thinking, "Man's best friend" I don't think so? Time for coffee!

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