Paving Over Florida

I am very concerned about the status of the M-CORES toll roads and the latest attempt to steamroll and pave over Florida. This boondoggle will only hurt our tourism, agricultural businesses, and a produce a massive financial burden on the state of Florida.

The global pandemic has caused significant economic downturns for our state meaning that we will have billions less in our state budget than in previous years. It is critical to use those dollars on critical state needs and not roads to ruin. If we don’t exit now, the general revenue monies will be used for a baseless and exorbitant feasibility study rather than on emergency lifesaving measures that would otherwise be used on Covid-19 relief, healthcare, and education program for Florida residents. Even more upsetting is DeSantis’ failure to listen to the 93% of public comments opposed to M-CORES and reverse direction on these roads to ruin. If we move forward with building these corridors it will re-direct traffic bypassing small businesses in rural Florida furthering financial hardships on already cash strapped municipalities.

The Governor ran on protecting our state’s water resources and he should keep that campaign promise. We need to keep our drinking water safe rather than constructing roads that will harm aquifer recharge. I say ‘no build’ to M-CORES and urge the Governor and legislators to repeal the roads this legislative session.

Moral Erosion

What we have been witnessing the last few weeks has been the total erosion of our moral values in our nation. There was a time when the values of truth, honesty, integrity, right and wrong, trust etc. were held in high regard by most citizens. Instead we have seen a repudiation of those values: the media scoffs at them; politicians dis-regard them; educators reject them; even judges and our justices lack the courage to "do the right thing" for fear of reprisals!! This is not the America I learned about, nor the America our founders established. A nation where "hate is strong and mocks the wrong of peace on earth..."! What do we teach our children, the next generation, with the absence of moral values? WHO DO WE TRUST ANY MORE??

Politicians want us to TRUST them. HOW CAN WE WHEN EVEN OUR ELECTION PROCESS HAS BEEN CORRUPTED?? History reveals that every great empire "falls from within"!! Our greatest enemy is not foreign it's within! All I can say is "GOD HELP US"!

What is that?

I have lived in Florida for 15 years. I was born and raised in upstate New York, trout country. I was a fisherman with more than 25 years in New England.

What the heck is a fish called "swai?"

It is being marketed as a flaky, moist white fish. It is gross.

Waitresses tell you it is a lovely fish. They won't tell you what it is.

It is imported from overseas. It is pond farm raised, an antibiotic-fed bottom feeder.

Call a reputable seafood dealer in New Hampshire and ask them if they serve such a fish choice, and they will answer, "What is that?"

I was stunned. Is there any place in Florida that can serve a New England-style fish dinner?

You might say, "move back to New England." That would be a typical response from a non-culinary explorer of the seafood industry.

It is the parent's fault

I am getting tired of companies being held responsible when children get hurt when it is really the parents who are the responsible ones.

Usually, the parents did not read the instructions and do as suggested. They let the young children play unsupervised. It is another example of "not my fault or responsibility it is yours."

Why are all these accidents happening now and not when my children were little? I can tell you why - because my husband and I always were checking on our children because it was our responsibility.

Accidents do happen, however there would be less if parents accepted the fact that they need to supervise their children.

Hold the pepper!

This is for all the restaurants that always over spice their sauces, soups and dishes. Some of us have allergies or sensitivities to anything that makes the dish 'hot' or 'spicy'.  Isn't that why salt and pepper and hot sauce are openly sitting on a lot of the tables when you sit down?  The person can add it to their taste or eliminate it altogether themselves and still enjoy anything on the menu.  Especially the Italian restaurants that add hot sauce to their red sauce.  It really ruins the sauce and eliminates that restaurant as one of our choices.  We eat out quite a bit and want to spread the wealth, but get limited choices when asking what they cook with, i.e.. added pepper and/or hot sauce.  Many dishes can't even be tasted for their natural flavor because the 'hot' factor overbears it.  Please take heed restaurants and stop adding the 'hot' stuff so we can come back.  If you read this, I think you know who you are.  Thank you.  Does anyone else have this problem?

Disgusted by letter

My family has been in Stuart for 44 years and I was disgusted to read the letter "Why Live Here?". My children and grandchildren went to school here, graduated college and are working right now. My husband made a nice living until we retired. We love it here. Maybe he needs an attitude adjustment.

If this person is so unhappy, why doesn't he get on the turnpike and go home. If this is his home, then stop complaining and do something to make it better. If we all worked together, this would be a better place, but for me and my family, it's heaven.

Christmas is almost over... then what?

Now that the holidays are almost over and everyone got their feel good by helping some less fortunate kid get a free meal and a toy, now what?

People, you didn’t fix anything, you just put a cheap band aid on others peoples mistakes. In this town you can see the devastation of poverty and they keep producing so that they can get more money out of an already cash strapped government. The welfare system is just like our immigration policy; completely broken. It needs to be scrapped. The democrats want all this so they can keep their great benefits while the rest of the country suffers at the expense of people who are just parasites. I see young gals coming into the stores yelling at their toddler kids, and I might add very disrespectfully. These people shouldn’t have had the kids to begin with. Heck most of them never even got to high school. So, how are they supposed to help with the kids they produce to get somewhere in life. And when holidays come around they’re the first ones in line for free stuff. Why don’t they have job skills? They either were trying to trap a guy into child support or just to get into the public safety net called welfare. And their parents should be ashamed of all this to. Poverty should be a sign of, "I want better in life" our government is screwed up enough, we don’t need to add insult to injury with more welfare.

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