Change of speed

Recently the speed limit change on US1 starting after Heritage Ridge Blvd was changed to 45mph, so why is there a speed limit sign less then a1/4 of a mile before the Blvd going north say 55mph, then past the Blvd by new firehouse the speed sign says 45mph? Though the change in speed limit doesn’t seem to

mean much to many drivers anyway.

Still good people out there

We still have some wonderful people in our hectic world! I was in Wal-Mart the other day. I was in the line with my shopping cart full of groceries. Turned out that they only had one cashier, somehow I was on the scan line and I never scanned before. I started to feel sick and getting worse fast.The woman ahead of me noticed I didn't look so good. She scanned all my groceries, bagged them, went and found my car, loaded my things in the car. I was weak and dizzy, I could never have done it myself. She was so kind. I drank some water and sat for a minute. I felt I could drive home as I live nearby. She gave me her number and asked me to call her so she would know I got home. If she hadn't had an appointment she would have followed me home.

What an angel to spend all that time to help a stranger! I will always appreciate what she did, I was in pretty bad shape. What a wonderful, thoughtful person.

What happened to the Scouts?

Are we failing to teach the next generation common manners? You would think that at least Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are learning common courtesy, but you would be wrong if our local troops are any indication. I made a gift of certain collectibles to two different leaders. One leader at least acknowledged receipt and said that the scouts would send thank you notes but none were sent. The other leader did not even let me know that they had received them and ignored my email message asking if they had arrived. Each scout was given a gift valued at between $30 and $40 dollars.

If not even our Scout leaders are teaching proper manners how bad is the lack of guidance other children are receiving? Isn’t that sad?

To the Moon America!

It's going to cost 93 Billion dollars to go to the moon again. Yet there are people in Mississippi this week who have no water to drink, cook with, clean with or flush their toilets with. And there are many changes happening to our own planet Earth right now that need our attention or are we going to ignore them until its too late and we need the Moon or Mars? They arent very pretty, there are no oceans, forest, animals or even air to breathe. We should be ashamed and realize, not just intellectually but actually how wrong this is.

I am an Astrologer and know it would be more of a benefit to Americans to know how the Moon's position in their birth chart affects their lives rather than spending billions of dollars exploring another rock we wont take care of.

I think we should send all the people who think this mission is a good idea " To the Moon!"

Military in crisis

l am very proud of my 25 years of service and my son's 30 years of service. I believe it is every American duty and responsibility to do service for our country.

Unfortunately we have a crisis. Patriotism is at a low. Military recruiting is abysmal and military strength is at the level it was in 1939. Education that does not promote citizenship and honor our countries past. Our educational system perpetuates the narrative echoed by parents that my child is too good for the lowly live of military and other lowly professions like the trades. Unfortunately, the service policies and recruiting don't help.... Trying to sell military a socially equitable place to make money, free education, and promoting all kinds of socially popular political ideas. Additionally in visiting military installations and units I have seen the destruction of the military life style, where unit cohesiveness and discipline have been eroded. Family housing and other facilities turned of over to outside contractors who encourage off post rentals and sales, opening golf courses and other facilities to civilians, clubs run my civilian housing, and dining facilities run by contracts In stead of being controlled by the unit commander, Significant reduction in unit level intermural sports and other recreational activities soldiers, airmen and sailors go to work. Each day and then go home. They lack the support of their Conrad's, and their leaders. There is no unit cohesion.

Another big issue is how we recruit... Boys don't want an easy job and free education, etc. They want a challenge. They want to hear we only want the best this is a tough life you probably can't cut it.

I loved my time in service and am very proud to have served but I honestly have difficulty selling service to the young. My military doesn't exist any more. I pray it recovers.

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Rich Larson

Disagree that educators dissuade students from serving. I am a high school counselor and admire as well as encourage service. Get off the blame educators for everything band wagon. That's fantasy and mean spirited and a false narrative.

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