Usually, as each Father's Day comes along, I'm clueless as to what to get my dad to show my appreciation for everything he's done for me and my family.

The presents are simple, and I have a bad habit of making last-minute drives to Walgreens to buy a funny card and a gift card to Lowes. Since we live around the corner from this home improvement store, and my dad is constantly driving back and forth to pick up items for his projects, it’s a handy gift to give.

Lately, as our local businesses re-open to the public again, it’s more important than ever to support our community. Throughout the years, I’ve seen many business owners support our high schools, our Scouts of America, and local sports teams by making donations during fundraising efforts.

The least we can do is step up our support for our local businesses by shopping local this Father's Day and for more to come. Brevard County has a plethora of businesses that can offer great gift ideas for your loved one, whether that's for a special holiday coming up, birthday, anniversary or as a “just because” gift.

After brainstorming some different gift ideas for my father, I thought I'd share some tips for your own gift giving:


Pamper your dad with a gift certificate to a local massage parlor. He may not typically seek these out but he’ll definitely enjoy being treated to a massage.


If you’re looking to spend more time with dad, maybe try finding some new activity with him. I like to buy my dad a ticket to an escape room, Treetop Trek or mini golfing. You could also treat him for a round of golf at his favorite course.

If you’re 21 and older, you might enjoy visiting local breweries together and exploring the different flavors Brevard has to offer.


Brevard has many wonderful performing arts theaters that put on amazing shows. Although they may not be open for the time being, consider buying tickets to a future show so that you have something to look forward to later in the year.

Home improvement

You may be familiar with the big store names, but try doing some research to see what hardware stores are in your area. They may offer a gift certificate and your dad might appreciate not having to spend a lot of money next time he makes a trip out for tools.

Or, if your dad is a simple guy, get creative and make your own card, offer to make a meal to celebrate and take out some board games to enjoy the time you have together.

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